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    Random Items for Sale or Trade

    If you are interested in anything I have, please send me your e-mail address via pm. Thanks!

    My Wants from the Masters of the Universe Classics line:

    Kevin Kosse original He-man head
    Horder Troopers
    Sky High w/ Jet Sled
    Talon Fighter
    Rotar and Twistoid
    End of wars weapons pack

    Thanks for looking.

    Prices come from market research, not by taking the highest number I see the items going for and asking for that price. I will hear other offers, but if your offer is not within reason, don't expect me to bight. Shipping: I do combine shipping and I always purchase insurance for orders over $50.00. I will knock off $5.00 per Star Wars lot, if you order multiple full lots.

    Newly Added

    I have a Tekken 5 joy stick, nearly complete. It comes with the box, the collector's case (sealed), and the joy stick. The only thing missing is the game itself. The collector's case consists of an outer case, with an inner fold out slip with a disc holder and specialized image for each Tekken game up to 5. It doesn't come with those games, just a place to store them all together if you already have them.

    If you've never played on this stick, then I can tell you it is awesome. I have two, but I'm only selling one. The movement of the stick itself is very tight and accurate, allowing for a MUCH better play experience. This is commonly known as a Japanese stick, due to the fact that most American made joy sticks have a lot of play in the movement of the stick, making their playability very wonky and sometimes inaccurate.

    This is for PS2, and I'm not sure if or how it is compatible with PS3 or 4, but for those of you who enjoy an arcade experience, and want the best of it, then this is for you. I'm really not over selling this thing either, it's amazing, if you know what you're looking for. I really don't want to get rid of it, but with the Battle ram coming out (today as of one and a half hours ago) as well as the BF/CM sale looming, I need to downgrade my joy stick collection, in favor of MOTUC. Since I don't really want to get rid of this, it will be disappearing at some point: probably once November and it's sale dates have ended, depending on my finances at the time.

    Shipped it will be $75.00 plus exact shipping. I have two, and if you buy both the total will be $130.00 plus exact shipping.

    Star Wars

    Item description: You are looking at figures from my personal collection. These were stored in light proof, heavy duty electronics cases with mold killing packets, immediately after purchase. They come from a pet free, smoke free environment. These will not be pieced out individually, they will be sold as lots.

    Lot #1 includes:
    P = photo H = Hologram sticker.
    Greedo P $4, H $3,
    Sandtrooper P $4, H $3,
    R5-D4 P $5, H $4,
    Death Star Gunner P $5, H $4, J
    Jawa P$6, H $5.
    Total = Discounted price $43.00 shipped. No discount on individuals (ask for shipping quote on individuals).

    Lot #2 Includes:
    Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead) Photo = $3.00
    Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead) Hologram = $4.00
    Luke Stromtrooper Photo = $4.00
    Luke Stromtrooper Holo = $5.00
    Luke Hoth Photo = $4.00
    Luke Hoth Holo = $4.00
    2-1B Medic Droid Photo (of left side) = $5.00
    2-1B Medic Droid Holo (of right side) (medium crush on top of bubble, see pics)= $3.00
    AT-ST Driver Photo = $4.00
    AT-ST Driver Holo = $4.00
    Total: Discount price $40.00 shipped. No discount on individuals (ask for shipping quote on individuals).

    Lot #3 Includes:
    Hoth Rebel Soldier Photo: $3.50
    Hoth Rebel Soldier Hologram: $3.50
    Han Endor Photo: $3.50
    Han Endor Holo: $3.50
    Bossk Photo: $5.00
    Han Bespin Holo: $3.50
    Cantina Band Member mail away (sealed): $5.00

    Total: Discount price $32.00 shipped. No discount on individuals (ask for shipping quote on individuals).

    Single vehicles:

    AT-AT MISB, modern era POTF, green box = $100.00 shipped (transaction pending)


    Future Spawn has been opened, displayed, and placed back in the box, so it will display nicely as a MIB edition to your collection that you can also open if you feel so inclined. There is some bubble yellowing on Violator II's chase version, as well as a slit in the bubble, at the bottom right hand side. I tried to take a picture of the slit, but you really can't tell there.

    Lot #1 assortment of series 3 figures Includes:

    Future Spawn = $6.00
    Cosmic Angela = $4.00
    Ninja Spawn = $5.00
    The Curse = $4.00
    Violator II = $5.00
    Violator II chase version (mechanical limbs, and series 4 card back) = $5.00

    Total: $41.00 shipped.

    Lot #2 assortment of series 4 figures Includes:

    Exoskelton Spawn (chase version) = $6.00
    She-Spawn (original version) = $6.00
    Shadowhawke (chase version) = $6.00
    Clown II (original version) = $6.00
    Clown II (chase version, yellowing bubble) = $6.00

    Total: $41.00 shipped.

    Lot #3 assortment of series 5 figures Includes:

    Viking Spawn (original version) = $6.00
    Viking Spawn (chase version) = $6.00
    Nuclear Spawn (original version) = $6.00
    Tremor II (original version) = $6.00
    Overtkill II (original version = $6.00
    Widow maker (original version) = $6.00
    Vandalizer (grey version) = $6.00

    Total: $55.00 shipped.

    Lot #4 assortment of series 6 figures plus movie Clown Includes:

    Super Patriot = $5.00
    The Freak = $4.00
    Clown (movie version) = $8.00

    Total: $29.00 shipped.

    Final Fantasy

    Item description: These were opened and displayed, they were not played with. Seymour's base was housed in a plastic bubble attached to the back of the inside of the box, but rather than ripping the package, I cut around the bubble leaving enough attached to allow for storage, but cut enough to remove the base. I am willing to piece this lot out if you want just one or a few.

    Lot includes:

    Iron Giant w/card (FFX) = 8.00
    Varuna w/card (FFX)= $8.00
    Ultima Weapon w/card (FFX) = $8.00
    Aenima (sp?) w/card (FFX) = $12.00
    Seymor (FFX) complete w/box and everything that came in that box = $40.00
    FF IX Daggar and Steiner two-pack, complete = $20.00
    FF IX Zidane and Steiner figurine set (vey nice peice) = $4.00
    and the DVD movie, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (free of charge .

    Total = Discount price $94.00 shipped. No discounts on individuals (ask for shipping quote on individuals).

    Final Fantasy Advent Children: These figures were bought new from the store, opened for display only. The boxes were opened from the bottom, so they still look MIB from the top when they sit on the shelf, if you choose to display them that way. They are all 100% complete, with box. I am willing to sell individually, or as a lot. Shipping for an individual FFAC figure will be $10.00, $12.00 for 2 and $15.00 for all three.

    Tifa Lockhart = $48.50
    Vincent valentine = $35.00
    Sephiroth = $48.50

    Total = Discount price for all three shipped is $130.00 if you buy them all, no discount for individuals (ask for shipping quote on individuals).

    I have every Stargate figure MOC, as well as the white Horus and Anubis opened, and also the cruiser vehicle, and the winged glider. The glider has been removed from package and the stickers have been put on. Both vehicles are in the box, and the Cruiser has never been opened. Total discount price is $80.00 shipped if you buy them all, no discounts on individuals (ask for a shipping quote for individuals).

    I also have several Star Wars paper back novels. $1.00 each, minimum of 5 books per order, as shipping and a trip out to the PO costs well more than $1.00. : / Discount for buying all 10 books will be a total of $8.00. Shipping will be $5.00 for 5 books, or $8.00 for all 10

    The original trilogy

    Jedi Search

    Splinter of the Minds eye

    The Han Solo adventures: (1) Han Solo at stars end (2) Han solo's revenge (3) han solo and the lost legacy

    Showdown at centerpoint

    The truce at Bakura

    Assault at selonia

    Ambush at Corellia

    Dark force rising

    Young Jedi knights: Jedi under siege

    Random manga books from working at Gamestop when they stopped carrying them and pennied out all of them. I can't vouch for the content: it's Japanese so expect violence and possibly nudity. $2.00 per book, minimum of 5 books per order. Buy 10 get one free. Buy all 16 and get 3 free for a total of $26.00 + $10.00 shipping. Shipping for 5 books will be $5.00, 10 books will be $8.00. More books than that will be based on the order.

    Chobits 1-7

    Petshop of horrors 1

    FLCL (1 of 2)

    Cowboy bebop (2 of 3) x2, (3 of 3), shooting star 2 / Total of 4 books (one duplicate)

    .hack: legend of the twilight 1

    King of hell vol. 2 & 3

    Dragon Ball Z: from Irwin/Jacks Pacific

    King Kai with Bubbles the monkey = $8.00
    Picollo (irwin re-issue of the original Bandai release) = $8.00
    Striking Fighters Picollo = $8.00
    Orange Gi Krillin = $7.00
    Future Trunks Energy Blasting missing sword and energy blast = $4.00
    Future Trunks Striking fighter = $7.00
    Sky Bike #341 (loose complete w/box) = $8.00
    Total = Discount price $55.00 shipped. No discount on individuals (ask for shipping quote on individuals).

    Also, see my sig for my MOTU related item for sale.

    Thanks for looking!!
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