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Thread: Uno -Overhyped or Just Right

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    Heroic Warrior Fisto69's Avatar
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    Uno -Overhyped or Just Right

    So now that Uno has been revealed, what do you think? Was he as amazing as promised, or are you feel underwhelmed after waiting so long to find out his identity, or somewhere in-between?

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    Illumina & Cat please! Darkspecter's Avatar
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    I feel he was EXTREMELY over-hyped. Whether one likes the figure or not, he doesn't answer any of the questions Mattel promised he would answer in their press release:

    - Why he comes with a second head
    - What wrongdoing what wrought by his magic blast
    - The visual cues he has that "tell his story"
    - How he's a love letter to fans
    - etc.

    Toyguru said the reason The Unnamed One was made for 2014, was because he was to tie up a lot of loose ends in the bios and answer questions. I don't feel we got any answers with him. So, yes, I would call that over-hyped.
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    The figure isn't completely awful, but the pile of bs that TG fed us is insulting.

    Even he, who does appear sometimes to be genuinely out of touch with the reality of what the customers want, can't possibly have believed that anyone would consider Gorpo a love letter to the fans. That claim is particularly annoying.

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    Heroic Warrior Zodak's new shoes's Avatar
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    This is not only a great character, but also the greatest action figure of all time. Future generations will look back at this love letter to the fans as the deciding moment in modern history.
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    Heroic Warrior RocketPunch's Avatar
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    While I do like the figure, he was definitely overhyped. The fact that he is so small and yet so expensive is really annoying. I would have been just as happy with Gorpo if they'd simply reused the Orko buck for him, and I feel those tooling dollars could have been better spent elsewhere.

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    Heroic Warrior He-Kal's Avatar
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    I'm not sure how to feel--I think he is fine as a figure, but it would have been better probably to just know who he was all this time and there wouldn't have been a backlash (as much) to him. A lot of the dismay over this figure is not that he is a bad figure in himself, but that people built him up in their minds to be this incredibly awesome menacing threat something more along the lines of an evil Lighthope esque figure. But, I am happy with him and will be glad to add him to my collection

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    Heroic Warrior Barezz's Avatar
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    Overhyped. Even if I like the figure, neither he nor the bio really provide any revelations nor really show why he is so important to the MOTUC story. His purpose is to push the Dare/Son of He-Man fan fic era on us.

    Beyond that, in the end I will always think that he was a bad 2014 sub exclusive, and that he violates the promise that 2014 and 2015 would be all star years without any concept characters. This guy is right up there with the Fighting Foe Men (and at least they had pictures). He would have been great in 2016, because there wouldn't have been any of this controversy.
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    Master of Nihility MOTU_Maniac's Avatar
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    Overhyped...hands question about it.
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    Shezar in MOTUC please! The All American's Avatar
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    Not a terrible figure, but he'd fit much better in the Care Bears Classics line as their Unnamed One.

    Whoever thought this would be a great addition to the MOTU mythos as the Unnamed One seriously does not have a grasp on what most people want.

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    Heroic Warrior Kreann'ot's Avatar
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    I actually really like the figure, but it was WAY overhyped. If we had just been told it was a fun figure with some cool accessories, and it would answer the mystery of "Who is the Unnamed One?", that would have been fine. I don't know what the deal is with that press release. It laid out a bunch of questions like a shopping list, then "promised" they would be answered. Not only were they not answered, but we are coming to find out that some of those questions didn't even have actual answers. They were just feeding the mystery.

    The blast is just a blast, the second head is just a head, both confirmed on Ask Matty by TG. So, why pose the questions the way they did? The wayward wickedness he was responsible for and his arc that is crucial to tying everything together...both promised to be answered by his reveal...? We're now told to reread all of the bios while keeping the UNO's story in mind.

    We we promised answers, not a decoder ring.
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    Shhhh... It's a Secret... Midwinter's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kreann'ot View Post

    We we promised answers, not a decoder ring.
    It's like in the movie The Christmas Story when Ralph gets his decoder and the message is to drink Ovaltine. I agree with you that the hype actually hurt the figure more than it helped it. I like the figure, but it was never going to live up to what was promised.
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    Clown Prince of Darkness Benedict Judas Hel's Avatar
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    Maybe just a tad over-hyped.

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    Well, in space terms, it's a quarter of a million miles...
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    Evil Master of Ducks Squishy Duck Man's Avatar
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    Overhyped. It's almost fully tooled yes, but it is half the size of a standard figure at the same cost. The bio is an enormous letdown and I don't feel that I got a love letter, just some spam mail.
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    Got Filmation? shadowfall1976's Avatar
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    Overhyped, I was expecting a full sized normal figure, I didn't want to pay $25 for an evil Orko with 2 heads, hell I payed $25 for Orko with Adam....something is off.

    I'll reserve final judgement upon his arrival in a few days, but as for the hype over him....yeah....not really worth the wait.

    I get an evil My Buddy doll coming to life....but a floating robe with a hat the ultimate evil? Not seeing that.
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    President of Primus Ornclown's Avatar
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    Definitely a little overhyped.....

    On the whole though, I think I'm one of the few fans who actually thinks UNO is the perfect "Ultimate Bad Guy!"

    Very unsuspecting..... kind of like Yoda if he were a Sith Lord instead of a Jedi.

    I would have liked his bio to go a bit more in depth about where and how he became so powerful. I feel that many questions were raised, but few were actually answered...
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    Heroic Warrior evenflow's Avatar
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    I enjoy the figure but very much over-hyped.
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Jul 2013
    I said overhyped. I actually don't care about the hype at all, and didn't really put much stock in what Scott or even the Horsemen were saying about it (as far as I'm concerned, the simple fact is until I actually see the figure, there's always a chance I won't like it. This is even true for established, vintage and filmation characters, let alone brand new designs). However, there is no denying that Scott said a lot of things about how important this guy would be that just didn't end up happening, so he was obviously [i]trying[/] to boost people's expectations for the figure (and apparently succeeded to a large degree).

    I really don't understand the point of upselling a club exclusive so much. Subscribers are getting him anyway, and non-subbers aren't paying Mattel for him even if they do decide to get him. Scott definitely could have managed people's expectations better.

    I do agree that he is overpriced, but I also think the idea he should have been an accessory for someone else is pretty ridiculous. This guy is much more intricate and detailed than any accessory we've gotten with a standard figure. Rather, they should have included something else with him (which could have been just about anything; a spellbook, the Ruby Skull, some sort of minifigure, another Filmation item just for the sake of making a Filmation item, etc.)

    Edit: I do want to say that I actually like this guy a lot. I think he is very well sculpted, and I'm actually all for an evil Trollan. The 2nd head is... weird, but could go vary well with several of the blue skinned figures we've already gotten. I am totally happy to get him, I just think he's a bit light for his price. And yes, Scott simply oversold him.

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    Heroic Warrior gbagok's Avatar
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    For me as a fan, the figure itself and especially its second head is over-hyped. I have no idea how it looks on the business end though. Even accounting for negative reactions it may be doing very well because controversy sells. The mini-comic lives up to more excitement in my mind however.
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    Heroic Daddy to Hermione! Uki's Avatar
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    Love him. I love his story, his appearance, his accessories and second head, and especially how he irritated so many. I may be Mr. Nice-Guy, but I love it when a character comes and rattles the cages.

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    Heroic Warrior Teacher of Madness's Avatar
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    I think it's fine. I've never been against non-threatening or goofy looking things being evil or powerful like some people here are, so I'm fine with his story, his look, etc. The "Loveletter to the Fans" comment was a bit much maybe, but whatever. If I started letting Scott's hyperbole upset me then I'd go get a new hobby.

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    Heroic Warrior Liber skull's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    I'm glad I didn't wait until it arrived to be surprised, because I would have felt like this....


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    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Arkangel's Avatar
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    the only thing i learned from this experience is that i never want to go through this sort of wait in the dark thing ever again

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    Yuengling danielsan52's Avatar
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    Overhyped, but by the fans, not necessarily Mattel

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    Shezar in MOTUC please! The All American's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by danielsan52 View Post
    Overhyped, but by the fans, not necessarily Mattel
    I have to disagree. Fans were more apprehensive than anything. We were all hoping it wouldn't suck. Like anything here, we talk it to death, but that doesn't mean it was hyped up by the fans.

    This surprise and project is Mattel's baby. Unfortunately we all have to bring it home.

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    Voted somewhere in between. Not "just right" because I dont really like Hype to begin with, so there is no "right" amount of hype.

    I think it was appropriate to hide him until release. I think it is a great idea, and a great figure. I certainly think it was "over hyped" in as much as I just stated I dont like any. Just leads to someone being dissapointed.

    But really it was a fine way to release him. Could have just left it a mystery, and that would have been fine. Personally I feel pleasantly supprised.

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