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Thread: Do you accept the name changes?

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    Do you accept the name changes?

    I get that Double-Trouble and Galactic Guardian were not available at the time, which is fine, that's logistics, whatever.

    But do you like that they kept the meaning of the name in the change?

    Or do you wish they had gone with something that matched the spirit of the original name (rhyming and alliteration)?

    Thinking about the 200X Battle Fist, they kept Fist in the name, but could/should they have used Punch-Or (or something like that)?

    Just spitballing here, so Double Trouble gets changed to... Mischief Maker, or Miss Direction, or...?

    And Galactic Guardians become the... Guardians of the Galaxy?

    Or Primus Protectors, or Star System Soldiers...
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    It would have been nice if they'd used Double Trouble's euro name: Doublia

    But I don't pay attention to the placeholder names
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    As BCrDuke says my eyes see the placeholder names but my brain understands who it is.

    I know it says something different but absolutely no one thinks fisto's name was Battle Fist. Or Double Trouble is Double Mischief.

    Just as no one in Hasbro circles including Hasbro thought that Jazz's name was Autobot Jazz because they needed a placeholder name.

    Even within the media it is the proper name that is used, as in Fisto's cartoon appearances in 200x.

    I see where you are going with this, and it isnt a bad idea if in fact the names were supposed to replace the old ones.

    I wish they had done more like Icarius actually, because they used his Real Name and refrenced the nickname.

    I would have prefered for it to just call her by her Real Name on the front of the package and refrence that both sides say she is a Double Trouble (ha ha) instead of Double Mischief.

    But again, it's a placeholder, not her "real name" or even figure's real name. We all know the score. But then again they should have gone the Icarius route. ...

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    Tolerate? Yes.

    Accept? No.
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    It's a non-issue to me.

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    Personally I think it's stupid they are not allowed to use those names because of legal reasons. But whatever names they give them, the fans won't call them anything else than what they've allways called them.

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    Icarius was handled perfectly. I do sort of wish Double Trouble had been handled in such a manner, but oh well. maybe she is called both...?
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