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Thread: Is the bulky armour an issue to you?

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    Is the bulky armour an issue to you?

    Based on this thread:

    I'm opening a pool to know how the ORG feels about this "issue"

    Let's save Intergalactic Skeletor from obesity !!!

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    I voted third choice. Much like the shoulder issue, I'd rather it not happen, but it's not like I'm not going to support the line over it.

    I'd rather the torsos not have that underarm bulk, but at the end of the day, I dont care that much about it either. Figures are still awesome.

    I'll say what I dont want. I dont want sculpted torsos on guys who are wearing armour. For instance if I had a choice of say Hydron how he is, with removable armour, or a sculpted torso of his look, I'd choose removable armour. Everyone else has this, I'd rather just stick with it, even with bulky underarms.

    Do I think maybe they could figure a way to have removable armour without that? Probably. But again, not a huge deal. Hope they keep looking into it though.

    Most of the figures are perfect, and even the ones that are less than perfect are pretty damn amazing. I cant complain, though I dont mind, and admire, continued improvement.

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    I'm shocked at the current results, so far this is not an issue to anyone? Seriously, look at this pictures of goat-man, hydron and picture all future figures, Flogg, NA Skeletor looking bulky like that.

    I've had it all, minor paint defects, bad ankles, glue on figures, swapped parts, all things you can fix, but this is a DESIGN issue, there's no way around it! Old figures could rest their arms down, these new ones look like they are wadding across a river

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    It is an issue, but sadly too many are content to get whatever comes. I'll buy the figures because I want them, but the crap ass workmanship needs to improve in the design department. I'd hate to put my name to some of the stuff that happens to these figures.
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    Like the female crotch flap issue, this problem started as a non-issue for me, and has gotten progressively uglier and more obvious with every figure. I would rather have non-removable armor than continue as they are.

    However, like the female crotch flap issue, I guess unless someone else is going to start making a comprehensive, compatible line of He-Man figures, I'm still going to buy them. Too late in the game for me to start pulling the plug.

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    In general, these types of issues have never bothered me, but this particular problem actually needles me quite a bit. Sky High looks like he should be carrying watermelons.
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    Great photos to illustrate this design/engineering problem. This is a MAJOR issue for me as it is a twofold problem; aesthetics and articulation/posing.

    I hope we can all focus our energies positively on this issue. I feel like the female skirt issue got so negative that even if they wanted to fix it they won't now.

    The good news is that it can be fixed. They just need to decide to put forth the effort.
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