Selling the following super powers as a set, all offers are welcome. If you want to see pics just drop me a line. It's faster to get a hold of me via email ....


1. Clark Kent (Loose)
2. Superman AFA U90
3. Batman AFA U90
4.Robin AFA U90
5. Green lantern AFA U85
6. Flash AFA U85
7. Aqua Man AFA U90
8. Hawk Man AFA U90
9. Wonder Woman AFA U90
10. Lex Luthor AFA U85
12. The Joker AFA U90
14. Darkseid AFA U95
15. Martian Manhunter AFA U90

Also, don't forget to ask about my Matchbox Voltron, it has its original box but it's been opened and is the very rare Taiwan version made with lead paint.

- - - Updated - - -

Make me an offer on the entire lot and watch how low I can go