Update: Sea Hawk, Geldor, Snake Face (Now $31), and Castaspella (Now $31), and DC Ra’s al Ghul (Now $25) prices have been lowered.

We have just listed Sea Hawk to a couple of bundle sets and are offering him to those interested in purchasing additional figures. Sea Hawk is a Club Filmation figure only available to subscription holders. Pre-Orders ship in the third week of November.

Most of the figures listed at our store have 1 left and we would appreciate the help in clearing out the remaining inventory!

The bundle set above will cost $150 and you get MOTUC Sea Hawk $55, Geldor $30, Karatti ($18), and Clamp Champ ($50). Savings of $3 from $153.

Below you get MOTUC Sea Hawk and Karatti for $72.

Prices do not include shipping and we would need to do a manual shipping fee for International buyers. U.S. customers can go ahead and place an order.

As always, thank you in advance and we hope to do business with you!