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Thread: MOC classics figuers for sale buy 4 get 5th free!! Free shipping!!

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    MOC classics figuers for sale buy 4 get 5th free!! Free shipping!!

    I'm trying to unload the last few figures I have remaining. I'm trying to avoid selling one figure at a time because I'm loosing too much money on shipping. So I'm offering a buy 4 and get the 5th figure free. If you buy 3 figures I can prob offer a slight discount off the total price.

    All figures are MOC with white mailer, if they originally came with the white mailer. If they didn't orig come with the white mailer then they will come in a zoloworld case. All figures are the very first release. Prices include shipping in the US. Prices are for a paypal "gift" purchase only, if not then the buyer will have to cover the paypal fees. I hope these prices are fair. I went off of a low average of what they are selling for on ebay. Plus on ebay a lot of the sellers are charging $10 plus for shipping.

    PM me to purchase. 1st come first serve. I can not hold figures until they are paid for unless we make special arrangements. Sorry not interested in any trades at this time for the figures.

    Here's my feedback on ebay

    Fisto 95 SOLD
    Tri-Klops 49 SOLD
    He-man with zoloworld case 40
    Teela 100 SOLD
    Sorceress 85 SOLD
    Whiplash 75 SOLD
    Moss Man Flocked 65 SOLD
    Moss Man unflocked 35
    Mer man with zoloworld case 25 SOLD
    Stratos with zoloworld case 25 SOLD
    Faker with zoloworld case 33 SOLD
    King Grayskull SDCC mib 135 SOLD
    Man at Arms with zoloworld case 33 SOLD
    Beastman with zoloworld case 65 SOLD
    Wundar with map 75 SOLD
    Webstor 31 SOLD
    Roboto 1st release but has the orig burst on it 54
    Clawful 31
    Man-e-faces 28 SOLD
    Snout Spout 27
    King Hisss 27
    Orko sdcc 45 SOLD
    Orko matty 35 SOLD
    sy-klone 27
    Battle armor he-man 35 SOLD
    King Randor 52 SOLD
    He-ro sdcc signed 40 SOLD
    He-ro matty green 28 SOLD
    Zodac with zoloworld case 30 SOLD
    Zodak 35 SOLD
    Scareglow 60 SOLD
    Evil Lyn 27 SOLD
    Kobra Kahn 53 SOLD
    Stinkor 43 SOLD
    Spikor 30 SOLD
    Hordak with zoloworld case 29
    Hurricane Hordak 21
    Green Goddess 27 SOLD
    Adora 28 SOLD
    Thunder Punch He man 33 SOLD
    Trap Jaw 38 SOLD
    Grizzlor 27 SOLD
    Leech 27
    Skeletor with zoloworld case 42
    Buzz off 27
    Weapons rack 23
    Wind Raider 50 SOLD
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