Jason firestorm loose 18 shipped in us
Gold captain atom loose 24 shipped in us
Silver capt atom 32 loose shipped in us
Despero cnc 50 shipped
Black lightning loose 27 shipped
Blue beetle kord 22 shipped
Booster gold 22 shipped
Guardian 20 shipped
White Mary marvel 18 shipped
Atrocitus 27 shipped
Spandex clad cheetah 20 shipped
Kamandi 15
Bronze tiger 20 shipped loose
Modern boomerang 18 shipped
Carol star sapphire 20 shipped
Black hand 22 shipped
Red robin 27 shipped
Superbly prime 25 shipped
Omac 17 shipped
Jemm 17 shipped
Validus complete 70 shipped
Animal man 60 shipped
Bwanba beast 60 shipped
Buy them as set 90 shipped loose

All have good paint and correct parts. They are from my own collection and I was super picky when selecting figures with great quality control