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Thread: Looking for an Orko related favor...

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    Looking for an Orko related favor...

    Hey all,
    So, I'm putting up my figures on a shelf until I start on the table display. And am weighing the option of replacing my classics Orko, with a 200X version. I was wondering if I could ask any of you guys-n-gals who have the 200X Orko to put him in a group with any classics you have and grab a pic for me. I'd kinda like to check it out before I try and buy one. Thanks in advance.

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    I was actually doing this till I picked up a classics Orko from big lots. don't know if I took any pictures when I still had him, I might have one in MOTUC picture thread. A basic surmise, it puts Orko as a bit taller over all but the kind of problem is the way the 200x line had the figures almost looking down.

    Here found the shot
    MOTUC colection part two by ~wyldman11 on deviantART Some other stuff in there, now that shelf is full of MOTUC figures.
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