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Thread: custom set up for the new motuc grayskull

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    custom set up for the new motuc grayskull

    ok people is doing custom stuff to gray skull . here is what I was thinking . the 2000x gray skull has lights and sounds. so I took the whole computer out of the 2000x gray skull and took my old gray skull to match it up till I get my motuc gray skull. so here in the pic it will show you a rough likeness of how it would look in the new gray skull.

    1 like on the dungeon there is the little door with eyes so in the back of the motuc gray skull. it would be cool it would light it up
    2. the lights that do the eyes on the 2000x would work great to light up the dungeon and they flicker on and off and you can get then to stay on to
    3. the computer makes like 4 sounds that is cool and lights up
    4. the laser gun sound from the 2000x well go good with the new gun with gray skull
    5. there is a sound that the 2000x make of a monster where the door opens so now it can be the sound for the dungeon monsters
    6. there is a sound of the door of the hall of wisdom that makes a clashing sound so there you could use it as he man fighting the battle stand

    so here is some pic using my 80's gray skull till I get my motuc one let me know if u think its ok or a waste of time but I was thinking its cool thank

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    I think this is a great idea. I did love my 200x castle. But really it wasnt the real castle. Anyway the inside addtions were really the greatest thing and I loved all the light & sounds. The new bits.

    So for the MOTUC to be the best castle ever, we should have all those bits included. In the years to come, I can imagine having to add these things to my MOTUC castle. If they can be incorporated to not be exposed. Wires & such.

    So yeah, I cannot wait to see what you accomplish, and I thank you heartily for the idea.

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    yes the 200x was cool for the lights and sounds. but I to did not like the way the gray skull came out. so with the motuc gray skull I can add the lights and sounds to it and make it just right for me.

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