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Thread: Behold - Ballax, the Doomrider!

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    Behold - Ballax, the Doomrider!

    One Barbarian does not a warband make, so I give to you the second member of MY "Fighting Foe Men":

    Ballax, the Doomrider!

    "Barbarian Warlord with a terrible secret".

    This guy is pretty straightforward and archetypical in his design, as far as I'm concerned - to me, it all blends together really well, though.

    (yes, a little PSing was involved here )

    I imagine this dude riding a chariot (called - you guessed it - "Doom"), but I don't really see myself getting around to ever making that one.

    Can you guess what his secret might be?

    FACE DEATH, Mortal!

    The bush will have to go, naturally (is that safe enough for a public forum? ) - so far, this is just a mock-up until I receive my second Demo-Man.

    I tend to treat Vikor, Vykron, the FFM etc. more like a separate continuity rather than the "history" of MotU - so another skullheaded villain does not pose as much as a problem as he naturally would. It's more "proto MotU" to me, which can be taken in any direction I see fit.

    Feel free to comment.
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    VERY cool!

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    Amazing looking figure my friend.

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    Great job!
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    Now THIS is what Keldor should've looked like; a badass barbarian-prince.

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    well done!
    looks like he could have been one of conan's enemies...someone between thulsa doom and toth amon.

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