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    Motuc - wtt

    Hey guys.

    I have a Preternia Disguise He-Man that i bought on impulse. It has a few marks on the card.. but is MOC.

    I'm thinking of maybe trading it for something? - But i don't know what! - Let me know if you need him and we can talk

    If anyone wants him MOC or maaaybe loose jut let me know!

    I also have a...
    MOC Catra (1st release)
    MOC Leech (1st release)
    MOC Octavia (1st Release)
    MIB MOTUC Minis - Need to get rid of these!!

    I do need 1st release of Adora, He-Man and Skeletor. - If i get these i have "The original" versions to trade/sell too.
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