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Thread: IN MY CANON™, or: The Hadleyverse vol. 1: Ancients and Preternia

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    IN MY CANON™, or: The Hadleyverse vol. 1: Ancients and Preternia


    The most ancient beings of the five dimensions:
    ETERNIA - Hordak - Being of avarice and domination (Ruthless Leader of the Horde)
    INFINITA - Torpor - Being of death and change (Vengeful Spirit of Decay)
    DESPONDOS - Demo Man - Being of insanity and anguish (Evil Embodiment of Despair)
    TROLLA - Cosmos - Being of neutrality and justice (Overlord of the Cosmic Enforcers)
    NAMELESS - The Nameless One - Being of chaos and destruction (Evil Lord of Chaos)

    The Star Seed is the jewel in the crown of the Universe: Planet Eternia. It is hidden in the core of the planet, protected by the god Procrustus. Nobody knows how the Star Seed got there. Was it created by some deity? Is it a natural phenomena? What IS known is that there are five dimensions; alternate universes split between the ether like the layers of an onion. As it happens, almost all the most ambitious beings of each dimension happen to also be evil and greedy. Through the passage of time, these beings learned the secrets of the universe: immortal each of them, they all have their plans for the Star Seed.

    Hordak is the most ancient and single most powerful being in throughout the dimension of Eternia. As ruthless leader of the Horde, his empire rises undetected by Hssss and the Nameless One on planets within the Eternia dimension, but distant from Planet Eternia itself. Before long, the Horde is both mystically and technologically advanced, spreading from planet to planet. Rather than being content to consume the riches of worlds, the Horde is always searching for more. More wealth, more resources, more power. Hordak chooses one of his chief strategists, Annilus, to be named Primarch of the Horde Empire while Hordak gathers the might of the military to march on Eternia.

    Cosmos is an overlord of Trolla given life directly by the force which created the five dimensions. Unique among these ancient beings, Cosmos’ ambition is to protect the dimensions from themselves and the forces that would seek to dominate the universe. To act as his avatar, Cosmos calls forth a Cosmic Warrior. This warrior is given the might and the compassion of Cosmos in the form of a sword and the Spell Stone. Cosmos names him He-Ro, which means Power and Honor in the language of the spirits. He is assigned a legion of Cosmic Enforcers to go forth and deliver justice unto the Five Dimensions.

    The Demo Man is a semi-lucid, semi-sentient, semi-conscious force of nature in the body of a demon. It torments the inhabitants of the hopeless dimension of Despondos, moving from world to world to crush the spirits and dreams of any unfortunate being it comes across. In one of its rare, lucid moments the Demo Man learns that it can exert its horrible will on all life across the infinite universe if it comes to Eternia and claims the Star Seed for its own. If the Demo Man is successful, every soul in all five dimensions will fall under his control.

    Of all dimensions, the least is known of Infinita and its inhabitants. Torpor is the avatar of demise; the force that causes the leaves to fall and for new life to bloom. In his wake is a swath of decay and ruin. However, without life’s end, there is no room for new lives to begin. Neither good nor evil, Torpor’s goals seem severe. Witnessing the war and strife caused by those who wish to claim or defend the Star Seed, Torpor aims to wipe out all sides. To him, the optimal outcome to all these struggles is to destroy anyone who even knows of the existence of the artifact. He has come to Eternia to mete out his form of cruel justice.

    The Nameless One, having destroyed all he could in his home dimension, creates an army to invate the others. His army was made up of Snake Men, genetically engineered for war. He chooses a leader for his assult: Hssss of Clan Viper. The Nameless One stays at his seat of power within the Nameless Dimension and sends his army to Eternia.


    Hssss does not know how to find the Star Seed, or indeed if it is a physical object to be claimed. He eventually all but forgets about the Star Seed, content to conquer Eternia by subjugating its people and treating them like cattle. Hssss cuts off communications with the Nameless One, and names himself King of Eternia, as he rules for three millennia.

    During Hssss’ rule on Eternia, Devann of the Gray Skulls tribe fights for humanity’s freedom. Devann’s resolve was made unbreakable when he witnessed his brother be devoured alive on the battlefield by Snake Men. He embarks on a quest to unite the many isolated, nomadic tribes of humans and to earn the counsel of any wise sages they may encounter along the way. Successful in this task, he is named the leader of the Free Peoples of Eternia. Now known as King Grayskull, he becomes a symbol of freedom. His wife, Queen Veena, rules at his side.

    Hordak and his forces storm Eternia. They unwittingly help the Free Peoples by appearing as an immediate threat to the Snake Men, allowing Grayskull to strike with precision, taking down key targets to undermine King Hssss’ rule.

    He-Ro attacks the Horde Homeworld with a legion of Cosmic Enforcers. The campaign to overthrow the Horde is a failure. Horde Primarch Annilus and his forces systematically stomp out the Enforcers. Annilus himself defeats He-Ro in battle. With his clawed fist, he injects He-Ro with a techno-organic virus which he used to augment himself. Without mastery of the virus, He-Ro’s mind is wiped and he is thrown into a vortex to Eternia. The two-faced Annilus does this to hedge his bets. If He-Ro regains his might and defeats Hordak, Annilus gets the Horde all to himself. If Hordak defeats He-Ro, Annilus' powerful foe is disposed of.

    Eldor, one of King Grayskull’s most trusted advisors, encounters He-Ro wandering the countryside of Eternia. His techno-organic viral infection evident, Eldor intially suspects He-Ro is a Hordesman. Upon closer inspection, he sees the compassion and kidness in He-Ro’s eyes and realizes that he is a victim and an ally. Convincing He-Ro that he can help him, Eldor leads him to a mystical pool where he cures him of the virus. He-Ro is introduced to King Grayskull and joins forces with the Masters of the Universe. Together they are able to restore He-Ro’s memory.

    Unfortunately for Eternia, the techno-organic virus is introduced to the Eternian water supply and starts to infect many beasts of the wilds. Tytus, one of the few remaining giants left on Eternia, lives a peaceful life herding dinosaurs. He emerges from solitude to find the source of this infection. Encountering He-Ro and learning the truth, he joins forces with King Grayskull to restore peace to Eternia.

    Whether by chance or intervention of Cosmos, many of Hordak’s soldiers are humans from other planets. Inspired by Grayskull’s rebellion and the story of He-Ro, the humans defect and join the Free Peoples, bringing technological advancements to the heroes’ cause, building weapons and vehicles. Grayskull’s new engineers, Gladiator and Bandwidth, build him mighty sword out of salvaged Horde technology.

    After years of three-way war between the Snake Men, the Horde, and the Free Peoples, a truce is signed. King Grayskull and his Masters of the Universe are distrustful of the Snake Men and the Horde, but the will of the people sway him to sign the truce. The Three Towers of Eternia are erected on a great plain. Tytus builds Grayskull Tower in honor of the King of the Free Peoples, King Hssss commands his Snake Men to build Viper Tower, and the Horde erects the Central Tower. Unlike everything else created by the Horde, it does not bear the grim visage of Hordak, but that of a great lion. It gives the people hope that he truly desires peace.

    King Hssss is convinced by a skull-faced sorcerer to betray Hordak. Thinking him an emissary of the Unnamed One, Hssss attacks the Horde, which re-ignites the great war. The Free Peoples and the Masters are unable to stay out of it; Grayskull Tower is a assaulted and the heroes are forced to return to war. It is revealed that Hordak built Central Tower where he did so he could use the tower as a great cannon and blast his way to the core of Eternia and claim the Star Seed.

    A mysterious hooded stranger appears, wielding a mighty sword. He befriends King Grayskull and informs him of the skull-faced sorcerer who had been meddling with the truce. The stranger receives Grayskull’s support in attacking the Snake Men and the sorcerer on the steps of Central Tower. While the stranger and the sorcerer do battle, Hordak attacks King Grayskull.

    He-Ro sacrifices himself to protect King Grayskull from Hordak’s magic. As Grayskull and Veena tend to He-Ro, Hordak runs into Central Tower and is followed by King Hssss. As He-Ro lay dying, he utters a spell which summons Cosmos. Cosmos passes the power from He-Ro's sword and Spell Stone into King Grayskull’s techno blade. The weapons dissolve to dust and He-Ro succumbs to his wounds. As they mourn their loss, Cosmos presents a green, skull-shaped stone to Queen Veena. He tells her to plant it in the ground when they face their greatest need and fades away.

    His greatest ally fallen, King Grayskull rushes past the stranger and the sorcerer into Central Tower after Hordak and King Hssss. He finds a stairway open before him. He follows it down and finds Hssss and Hordak doing battle before a great four-armed giant in the very Core of Eternia. Sensing that Grayskull is more powerful than ever, Hssss breaks off from Hordak to attack him, desiring to consume him just as he did Grayskull’s brother and gain his strength.

    Left alone, Hordak attacks the giant, Procrustus, who protects the Star Seed. Hordak knows this, and knows that the giant is the only thing now standing in his way. Unable to best him in hand-to-hand combat, Hordak casts the Spell of Separation to crack Eternia itself in half. Distracted, Procrustus uses his great strength to hold the planet together.

    In the final battle between the Kings of Eternia, King Grayskull defeats King Hssss by casting him down a chasm opened up by Hordak’s spell. With no time to celebrate, Grayskull notices how close Hordak is to complete victory. He rushes Hordak, whose pride forces him to gloat rather than simply claiming victory.

    Finding himself close enough to the Star Seed to touch it and claim all the power in the universe to himself, King Grayskull instead touches his sword to it, commanding it to give him the power to defend Eternia and its people.

    The Star Seed reacts. With a bright beam of energy, it casts both warriors out of the Core of Eternia. Hordak finds himself in his own stronghold among his generals. King Grayskull is delivered to Grayskull Tower, where his closest friends have gathered to grieve the loss of He-Ro. The Snake Men who were caught in the Star Seed’s beam vanish; though many others scatter to the wilderness. The masked stranger and the skull-faced sorcerer are nowhere to be seen.

    Within Grayskull Tower, the Masters regroup. Hordak and his generals do the same. By dawn, both armies find themselves on the battlefield before the Three Towers yet again. Before the first blow is struck, Eldor utters a spell which causes the Three Towers to sink into the plains. Seeing all his plans fall apart before him, Hordak is enraged. He focuses every bit of magical power he has left at King Grayskull. The King raises his sword in front of himself in defiance.

    Shouting the words, “I have the power!”, King Grayskull and his sword reflect the magic back at Hordak. The energy envelops the Horde, removing them from Eternia. As the power dissipates and the dust settles, King Grayskull sinks to the ground. With his friends and his wife, Queen Veena surrounding him, King Grayskull utters a magical phrase that passes his very life force into his sword. His sword, with its hilt now broken, its blade now chipped, and its edge now dulled, pulses with power. The Horde is banished. The Snake Men are destroyed. King Grayskull is dead. Eternia is at peace.

    In mourning, Queen Veena and the remaining members of King Grayskull's Masters of the Universe travel to a dark, secluded forest. Far from prying eyes and scheming interlopers, a suitable place for Cosmos’ Power Skull is chosen. Veena buries the skull as Eldor speaks an incantation. With a rumble in the earth, the Power Skull grows to enormous size. Intuitively, Tytus leads the Masters to begin building around the skull. Before much time passes at all, a fortress is completed around the Power Skull, with its jaw as the gateway. A castle. Castle Grayskull.

    Eldor and Queen Veena take King Grayskull’s sword into a chamber of the castle. A chamber that the castle seemed to build itself, as it built all of its own interior. As if knowing its purpose, an orb sits on a pedestal. Eldor and the Queen chant, and as they chant, the power of the sword is tranferred into the orb. Cosmos appears again, taking form in the dust and particles in the air. Cosmos praises Veena and Eldor; they have done well to prevent the Star Seed from falling into Hordak’s hands. He cautions them to remain vigilant. He warns the Queen that she must live within the castle as its sole inhabitant, as caretaker of the great power that dwells within.

    Already resigned to a life of solitary grief, the Queen accepts her charge. Cosmos informs Veena and Eldor that the Power Skull contained his own life energy, and in using it, he has given his very life to Eternia. His corporeal form begins to collect into the orb, which how holds the combined power of Cosmos’ life force, the might and compassion from He-Ro’s sword and Spell Stone, as well energy of the Star Seed collected from King Grayskull.

    Cosmos speaks his final words to Queen Veena. Only those of King Grayskull’s bloodline shall be able to access this power should Eternia be threatened again. And it will be. She smiles, realizing that the bloodline of her husband will continue and she won’t be alone for long.

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    This is really cool. Very good read. I like your story ideas.

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    Thanks Skelly! As often as people cite their own head-canons, I thought I would start collecting my own. I'm glad you thought it was a good read.

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    This is some awesome stuff. I'm really digging this canon.

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