I am reluctantly selling these masterpieces by the Four Horsemen. My family is sending my son to Bradenton, Fl. for a baseball camp this November. He'll be 5 days training where the Pittsburg Pirates hold spring training. Back in late spring, when we decided to send him, the financial situation was stable. My wife has since had her hours cut in half over 2 months ago. We had already committed a good portion of the registration and they have a no cancellation fee. So, I am trying to raise the needed funds by selling these statues The prices on each are what I paid for them. If they sell, they sell. If they don't, than I will gladly keep them. Not trying to be a jerk at all, just that selling them would be bittersweet. I hope you understand my sentiment. Anyways, shipping is fixed at $10. I will secure the packages with great care. Especially JITSU who still has his ponytail attached. Combined shipping would max out at $13 with 2 or more statues purchased. The following is a list of statues for sale with price.

King Randor Con exclusive #1013 of 2000 $45
King Randor $45
Jitsu (ponytail is still attached and bubble is unglued a bit as pictured but never opened) $140
Sorceress (classic colors) $35
Sorceress (MYP colors) $35
Sssqueeze $50
(2x) Evil-Lyn (MYP colors) $35
Evil-Lyn (calssic colors) $35
Leech $100
Battle Armor He-Man $75

Now, keep in mind that shipping JITSU runs the risk of losing the ponytail in its travels. I can't be held responsible if it arrives detached but rest assured I will try my best to secure it.

I have a perfect rep as a seller on these forums and on ebay (EPIZO76) and I stand by it. I take paypal only. And ship to US only. I could provide more pictures upon request.

Anyways, thanks for looking. PM if interested. I really do hope these go to a good home