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Thread: BUY/TRADE list for Hunterjax

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    BUY/TRADE list for Hunterjax

    WANT TO BUY OR TRADE FOR (in order of priority)

    Fisto MOC or Loose complete

    Castle Grayskullman MOC

    Dragon Blaster Skeletor MOC or Loose with the Mini Comic

    King He-Man MOC or Loose with the Mini Comic

    Horde Troopers MOC

    Sorceress MOC

    Beastman MOC

    Thunderpunch He-Man MOC or just the Mini Comic Loose

    Trap Jaw MOC


    Ram Man MOC x2 and Loose/Complete x1 (or for sale MOC = $85 shipped)

    Horde Prime MOC

    Griffin MISB (maybe 1st issue, can't remember)

    Battlecat MISB (1st Issue)

    Zodac MOC (1st Issue)
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    Wants: Demo-Man, Grizzlor, Roboto, Fisto, Castle Greyskull Man, Horde Troopers

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