Beast Man red Spiked arm Band X1
Beast Man Whip
Mer Man Chest Armor
Man At Arms Arm Armor
Mosquitor Gun
Extendar shield
Faker Sword
Jitsu Sword
Trap Jaw claw
Trap Jaw Gun
Two Bad Shield
Roboto Laser
TriClops Sword
Hordak Cape
Dragstor Ripcord
Snout Spout Axe
Stratos left red wing
Modulok Waist Front
Modulok Right Leg Green
Multibot waist piece (not middle)
Multibot Green Legs (R&L)
Whiplash spear
Wind Raider Left Wing

Buzz Off w/wings loose (no accessories needed)
Rattlor loose (no accessories needed)
King Hiss loose with all human pieces (no accessories needed)
Tung Lashor loose (no accessories needed)
Battle Armor He-Man loose complete
Night Stalker Loose Complete
Snake Face Loose Complete


MOTUC figs -

Adora MOC
Faceless One
Prince Adam
Chief Carnivus
Sir Laser Lot
Count Marzo
Eternian Palace Guard

MOTU 200X Stactions

Hordak MOC
Snout Spout MOC
Clawful MOC
Mantenna MOC
Clamp Champ MOC
Stinkor MOC
Grizzlor MOC
Mantenna MOC

Marvel Legends

Kingpin GONE
AXM Masked Wolverine GONE
Green Hulk GONE
Unmasked Daken GONE
BlackHeart GONE
Punisher GONE

Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends Showdown

Feel free to make offers. Most reasonable offers will most likely be accepted. I need to move these.

Red Spidey GONE

Human Torch GONE

Colossus GONE

Iron Man GONE

DC Universe

BAF Pieces

Arkillo torsos GONE
Arnim Zola Torso GONE