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Thread: TRADE LIST - MOTUC, Marvel Legends, Star Wars, SDCC Items, G.I. JOE... and More!

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    TRADE LIST - MOTUC, Marvel Legends, Star Wars, SDCC Items, G.I. JOE... and More!

    -Loose & complete figures are OK for trading.
    -Please notify me if your figures come from a smoking home.
    -Please let me know if you are located outside of the U.S. before trading.
    -When trading ship at the same time, with similar shipping methods please. If we're not shipping at the same time, lets clarify that beforehand please.

    RAM MAN MOTUC - MOC (in unopened white mailer)
    ***IN HAND***

    SELLING RAM MAN for $67
    + $10 Shipping in the U.S.
    Pay Pal as a gift, or add 4% of total being sent

    I am planning to ship him straight in his white mailer to keep shipping costs (hopefully) within the $10 range. If you're needing something more than that, let me know in advance, so we can work out what the cost will be in order to add an additional box for shipping.

    Batman Unlimited - Batman Arkham Origins (MOC)

    Marvel Legends (Captain America Mandroid BAF Series) - Agent of Hydra - MOC
    Marvel Legends (Captain America Mandroid BAF Series) - Soldier of A.I.M. - MOC
    Marvel Legends Ultimate Green Goblin BAF parts - Left Leg & Torso
    Marvel Legends Jean Grey - Rocket Raccon BAF wave - MOC
    Star Wars Black 6" Princess Leia (Slave Outfit) - MOC
    Thor Marvel Universe - Kurse - MOC

    Marvel Legends - Electro - MOC (Spider-Man Ultimate Green Goblin BAF Series)

    Star Wars Black 3 3/4" #18 Darth Plagueis - MOC

    MOTUC Icarius (MOC)
    MOTUC Sy-Klone (MOC)
    MOTUC Adora (MOC)
    MOTUC Catra (MOC)
    MOTUC Marzo (MOC)
    MOTUC Carnivus (MOC)
    MOTUC Man-E-Faces (MOC)
    MOTUC Moss Man - UnFlocked Ears (MOC) - GONE
    MOTUC The Faceless One (MOC) - GONE
    S.H. Figuarts Green Ranger (Dragon Ranger) - Japanese Release with American Flag Collar & Belt (MIB)

    Mattel Voltron Classics set complete with Sven
    Everything is sealed MIB except for the Red Lion / Lance. That has been opened, but was returned to their packages immediately. The rest of the set hasn't even been removed from their white mailer boxes.

    MOTUC Jitsu - Loose & Complete
    MU Wolverine (Loose) - From Sentinel Pack
    ROML Daken - Masked Variant (Loose)

    IM1 Iron Man mk2 (MOC *Damaged Card)
    IM1 War Machine (Stealth Operations Suit *Walmart Exclusive) (MOC *Damaged Card)
    WWE Mattel s3 Mickie James 1/1000 Belt (MOC)
    ROML Ultimate Captain America (MOC)
    LCBH Judge Death - Clear Variant (MOC) - GONE
    LCBH Judge Death (MOC)
    SW Unleashed Darth Sidious (MOC *Damaged Card)
    Dark Knight Movie Masters Joker (MOC)

    SDCC Battle Beasts Minimates 2 pack (MOC)
    SDCC GIJOE Jinx Red (MOC)
    SDCC GIJOE Jinx White (MOC)
    SDCC GIJOE Zarana Black (MOC)
    SDCC HALO4 Master Chief (MOC)

    MM Power Rangers SUPER LEGENDS - Lord Zedd (MOC)
    Square Enix Play Arts Kai - Street Fighter Akuma (Opened Complete in Package)
    SDCC Transformers Prime Zombie Cliffjumper (MIB)

    WWE Jakks Pacific UNMATCHED FURY - British Bulldog
    SDCC MOTUC Vykron (MOC)
    Marvel Legends ICONS - Dr. Doom (MIB)
    KRE-O - Optimus Prime (MIB package is in bad condition)
    SDCC Monsuno (MIB)

    Ultron - Iron Man Legends (Loose)

    Marvel Universe Nick Fury (MIB)
    (This is a stock image, the actual package has never even had the outer box opened.)

    SDCC Exclusive Hot Wheels Knight Rider KITT (MIB)

    can be loose, but must be complete and in great condition.
    Marvel Legends Infinite Black Widow
    Marvel Legends Infinite Winter Soldier
    MOTUC Shield Maiden Sherrilyn (need 3x with Horde Logo - No Head, No Weapons Needed)
    MOTUC Light Hope
    MOTUC Modulok
    MOTUC Gold Mer-Man Weapons Pack Accessories
    MOTUC He-Ro Sword
    MOTUC Thunderpunch He-Man Boots or regular He-Man Boots
    Play Arts Kai Batman 70's (Blue & Gray)
    Play Arts Kai Batman Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller style)
    Play Arts Kai Supergirl
    Mafex Spider-Man
    Revoltech Iron Man (any except MK4 or MK42)
    Star Wars Jarael & Rohlan Dyre
    Star Wars Deliah Blue & Darth Nihl
    Mattel WWE Elite Macho Man Randy Savage (nWo exclusive)
    Mattel WWE Elite/Legends Andre The Giant ( exclusive)
    Mattel WWE Elite/Legends Kevin Nash (nWo)
    Mattel WWE Elite Series 12 Kane Flashback
    Mattel WWE Elite Series 12 Papa Shango Flashback
    Mattel WWE Elite/Legends Series 6 Eddie Guererro
    Mattel WWE Elite/Legends The Rockers ( exclusive)
    Mattel WWE Elite/Legends Diamond Dallas Page ( exclusive)
    Mattel WWE Elite/Legends King Kong Bundy ( exclusive)
    Mattel WWE Elite/Legends Arn Anderson ( exclusive)
    Mattel WWE Elite/Legends Tully Blanchard ( exclusive)
    ROML Dani Moonstar
    ROML Red Deadpool
    ROML Blade
    Iron Man Hulkbuster (from Iron Man movie toy line)
    Mattel Golden Age Batman & Batmite
    Marvel Legends Nemeisis BAF complete
    Mattel WWE Elite/Legends Series 5 Bam Bam Bigelow
    Wolverine Legends Wolverine

    Over +110 Positive Trades. With 0 Negative.

    Studmuffin - Figure Realm
    Esbat - Figure Realm
    NITROCALYPSE - Figure Realm
    Black_Arachnis - Fwoosh
    Studmuffin - Fwoosh
    owen111 - Fwoosh
    Dougtron - Fwoosh
    coolca - Figure Realm
    CruzingQuinn - Fwoosh
    Archangelsr_uk - Figure Realm
    CardiacArrest - Fwoosh
    Dirty Dog Designs - Fwoosh
    HumanElement - Fwoosh
    pvtparts30 - Fwoosh
    robert - Fwoosh
    madcrazyone - Fwoosh
    MADDOG - Fwoosh
    markiemarky - Figure Realm
    13 - Toy Soup
    Buzzy Fret - Figure Realm
    Buttmunch - Fwoosh
    madcrazyone - Fwoosh
    TonyzCustomz - Toy Soup
    grimlenking - Figure Realm
    CustomCreator - Fwoosh
    Wushuboy - Fwoosh
    Venom2668 - Fwoosh
    13 - Toy Soup
    Kyle Robinson - Toy Soup
    madcrazyone - Fwoosh
    nort - Toy Soup
    demonsight - Figure Realm
    theDarkestKnight - Fwoosh
    Venom2668 - Fwoosh
    Savage_Hulk - Toy Soup
    firefly2121 - Fwoosh
    TheWhy - Fwoosh
    ftw-jedI - Fwoosh
    raydaimon - Fwoosh
    alarment - Fwoosh
    myersfarms - Fwoosh
    theDarkestKnight - Fwoosh
    ironlantern2814 - Figure Realm
    Weapon XIX - Fwoosh
    Maestro - Fwoosh
    grimace404 - Fwoosh
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    evanjones1 - Figure Realm
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    izdawiz - FanEx
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    wesitron - FanEx
    Johnny_E - FanEx
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    Daniel Sammons - Fwoosh
    darksword - Figure Realm
    majinite - Figure Realm
    Jedi_Kunle - MattyCollector
    Vlcan -
    J-West -
    MOTU_Maniac -
    mjharwood -
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    CAIRO -
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    Jimnarious -
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    Mindless-Focus - sourcehorsemen
    janson -
    Jaakub -
    ae_productions -
    McFlyToys -
    powerofGS -

    Karak Nul - eCRATER - snake at arms, Stinkor Gas Tanks, Blood Tanks, Wings
    poetmusician - - skeletor, he-man, stratos, demo-man, king hiss and the faceless one
    Deathstryder - - Vikor, Vykron, BA Faker, BG Teela
    Midwinter - - Preternia Disguise He-Man, Dekker, Fang Man, Castaspella, Modulok
    CapricornDefender - - Cy-Chop
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