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  • Excellent! Couldn't be happier!

    17 8.85%
  • Good surprise! Sort of what i was expecting

    18 9.38%
  • Good surprise! I was expecting something different though ...

    36 18.75%
  • He's ok ...

    43 22.40%
  • Bad! Disappointed with this figure

    24 12.50%
  • Very Bad! Totally opposite with what i was expecting!

    44 22.92%
  • This options don't make it for me, read what i wrote bellow

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Thread: your feelings about the Unnamed One reveal

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    your feelings about the Unnamed One reveal

    How do you feel about the Unnamed One reveal ?

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    Heroic Warrior
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    Cool figure. But I do not picture this being the all powerful Unnamed One. I mean really, do you see King Hsss taking orders from him? I never had a clear vision of what he would look like. I was expecting him to have more of an imposing and powerful appearance. If this is what he looks like I would be more afraid of Demo-Man than I would of the Unnamed One.

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    Other. This is pretty much what I expected from the hints that had been dropped ... but I'm not impressed with it as the Ultimate Evil of the MotUverse.

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    I actually like it. I was hoping they would use this to tie in Blackstar, but knew it was a long shot. I like him a lot more than Horde Prime.
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    After all the speculation and hints, this makes total sense. I think I like it. Remember, if you are powerful enough, it doesn't matter what you look like. Nobody though Walter White looked threatening either.
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    There is absolutely no defending this. Unless you either:

    A. Already hedged your bets and stocked up on this figure and need to unload him. B. Like Trollans and are excited to have tons of fodder bucks to make customs with now.

    I already posted my thoughts here.

    I am not going to go fanboy bananas, but I am going to be resolute with my opinion and wallet. From Cyber Monday till now, the MattyCollector model and Scott Neitlich has lost me as a future customer.

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    I voted he's OK.

    I don't give a thing what the bios say anyway so, no biggie.
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    I had no expectations to be elated or disappointed with the figure and it certainly delivers on those expectations. So I voted he was okay...
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    it's a cool figure if youre into vintage ninja turtles line.
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    good! sorta what I was expecting. Excited to read the bio & see what the other stuff in box is. Flight stand, I hope, included.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Straight Edge View Post
    by keeping the sub exclusive a secret, Scott took a potential sub lure and turned it into a "surprise"... which makes me think it's lame. So lame that he knew it might do the sub more harm than good, so he turned a potential snoozer into a marketing project, letting the "secret" sell him to the subbers...
    This was my impression of the "secret figure" concept in the last poll about this figure. The reveal is exactly what I expected.

    It'll be on my shelf. But I feel Scott's promise that 2014 was for A-list, major characters only. This thing is a continuation of a dead concept... and it's not even based on the original Son of He-Man pitch, it's just stuff he's making up. Cute as it may be, this isn't what we were promised in 2014.
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    Simply judging by what we can see in the package, he's an okay figure at best. Maybe the 2nd head and other accessory will make me like him more, but from what I can see, he's pretty meh and not what I'd expect as the new big bad of MOTU.

    My final verdict concerning the Unnamed One will come when we get to read the full bio and hopefully see him in upcoming mini-comics. If there's good media for him, I will probably warm up to this version of the Unnamed One.

    When it comes to bringing mysterious characters to life in plastic, I much prefer Horde Prime over the Unnamed One.
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    I think he makes a really great-looking toy, and now kind of puts Orko to shame. It harkens back to that great detail on the 2002 Orko. Plus it looks like he's got a really awesome wand, a fun magic-blast hand attachment, is packed with a comic, and has two other things in there that we can not see. People complaining about the price have me scratching my head here. He looks bigger than Orko and is sporting some cool stuff in this package. It's a fun surprise. And while I was fully expecting a "Snake Mountain Man" type of concept for the character, I can't say that I'm disappointed here. I can totally see this little devil whipping up a spell that creates the Snake Men, and yet don't necessarily think this fellow is the be all and end all of Evil Things in the realm of MOTU. Sure, he's probably one of the first baddies, but in my mind Skeletor will be the one to go down in history as causing the most trouble and posing the biggest threat there had ever been. It will be neat to see how this all plays out, bio-wise. I'm sort of into the idea of this guy resurfacing in the Son Of He-Man era and perhaps forcing Skeleteen and He-Ro II to put aside their differences (as others have speculated) and join forces to go head to hat with this "new" cuckoo threat.
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    I think he's a cool looking figure, just not what I pictured for the Unamed One. I think when they planned this figure someone said, wouldn't it be funny if? It was probably Toyguru, which is not a dig, he probably thought that. And hey, NON of us were there, so non of us can blame his intentions. I say this because I feel people will be lighting the torches soon. Again, I think it's a really cool looking figure, just not what I imagined.
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    Stupid....I would just leave it at that, but I need to make the post longer.
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    Wow--talk about a 50/50 vote--the votes a literal mirror

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    Not what I was hoping for but then again this is off the idea I had no idea what it would be. I do like the previous post contrasting Walter White cause it is true Evil comes in all sizes but in the case of the Ultimate bad in a MOTU; I think I just wanted a little more.

    I've posted before that YES I think it's cool; Orko now has a nemesis and on the omega level of power.

    It will be real interesting to see if Pixel Dan receives a review sample now for damage control...
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    I'm disappointed, my expectations were for something impressive and imposing. Unfortunately while it's not a bad figure it in no way invokes what I would perceive as impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by He-Kal View Post
    Wow--talk about a 50/50 vote--the votes a literal mirror
    Text book bell curve.

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    sometimes i hate the internet, I would have looked but someone (posted it on facebook) Totally uncool

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyCruel View Post
    Wow! Along Nepthu, Cy-Chop, Photog, Sir Laser Lot and of course the Lousy Spector is one of the worst MOTUC figures ever!

    I'm happy for all the people that can't afford a subscription, they can save their money!
    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyCruel View Post
    We already have a cute character that's evil... and his name is Plundor... you can't make the same joke two times.
    It isn't funny anymore.
    A supreme evil character should be like Horde Prime...
    This thing can't even be like a filmation Mantenna... this thing is like Imp... it isn't evil, it's just a pain in the neck...
    The Unnamed One should be somethin' like this mock-up:
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    love the figure, but Im a little disappointed that he is the unnamed one.
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    He's okay as a villain. But I wouldn't have made him the Unnamed One.

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    Yup! thats how I feel!

    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    He's okay as a villain. But I wouldn't have made him the Unnamed One.
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