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Thread: RESULTS for Fan Poll 4 of 7: Did you like the new DC MOTU comics released in 2013?

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    RESULTS for Fan Poll 4 of 7: Did you like the new DC MOTU comics released in 2013?

    Here are the results for the second poll. 804 people voted. Thank you to everyone who participated! And please click here to vote in the 5th poll.

    Did you like the new DC MOTU comics released in 2013?
    DC has continued to bring us new MOTU comics. 2013 included an on-going series and the start of the DCU vs MOTU comic. How do you rank the following aspects of the comic on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

    Overall, how do you rate the story in the current on-going DC MOTU comic?
    20% - 1 (Worst)
    17% - 8
    11% - 10 (Best)
    11% - 7
    9% - 5
    8% - 6
    7% - 9
    6% - 2
    6% - 3
    5% - 4

    Average to Best total: 54%
    Poor to Average total: 46%

    Overall, how do you rate the art in the current on-going DC MOTU comic?
    18% - 1 (Worst)
    11% - 7
    11% - 8
    11% - 5
    10% - 6
    9% - 10 (Best)
    8% - 2
    8% - 3
    7% - 4
    7% - 9

    Average to Best total: 48%
    Poor to Average total: 52%

    Overall, how do you rate the story in the current DCU vs MOTU comic?
    24% - 1
    13% - 8
    11% - 7
    11% - 10
    11% - 5
    7% - 6
    7% - 9
    6% - 2
    5% - 4
    5% - 3

    Average to Best total: 49%
    Poor to Average total: 51%

    Overall, how do you rate the art in the current DCU vs MOTU comic?
    18% - 8
    14% - 1
    13% - 7
    11% - 10
    11% - 5
    9% - 9
    8% - 6
    6% - 3
    6% - 2
    4% - 4

    Average to Best total: 59%
    Poor to Average total: 41%

    How are the costume designs for the MOTU characters in the DC comics?
    30% - 1
    10% - 10
    9% - 5
    9% - 8
    9% - 7
    8% - 2
    7% - 6
    7% - 3
    6% - 4
    5% - 9

    Average to Best total: 40%
    Poor to Average total: 60%


    Thanks to the ever amazing Adam Ty-Nor, we have our 2013 year-end polls ready for your input!

    This is poll #4 of 7. Each poll will run a week and is open to the public. You do not need to be registered to He-Man.Org to vote. This poll ends Sunday, February 16th at 8:00pm PST / 11:00pm (23:00) EST.

    This fan poll asks:
    Did you like the new DC MOTU comics released in 2013? DC has continued to bring us new MOTU comics. 2013 included an on-going series and the start of the DCU vs MOTU comic. How do you rank the different aspects of the comics on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

    Please click here to vote. Please share this poll with any He-Man and She-Ra fan you know in case they want to vote and share their feedback. And please feel free to speculate on the results and, if you want, reveal your choices here in this thread. Thanks!

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    These comics are bad. They have almost nothing going for them at all.

    The writing is terrible (maginally better in series 2 - but still not good) and the artwork so variable that the characters never look the same from issue to issue or even panel to panel.

    Worst of all are the new designs for He-man and Skeletor. What kind of eejit takes an iconic and universally-recognized design and replaces it with something that was plainly designed by a cuckoo focus group?

    There's no interest or love gone into any of them. This is a cheapo half-hearted effort by journeymen who don't care. And it shows in whats produced.

    After waiting over ten years since the last 200x comics - which were great - these are a complete let down and waste of time.

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    I haven't read any of the comics. But from the anecdotal stories that I've heard, I'm not too thrilled about the direction of the story.
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    He-Man's look is awesome. Stratos' is boring and Skeletor's just looks like a temporary armor upgrade or something. Hopefully. It's good for a power-up but I don't want it to stick around. I really like He-Man's look though, especially how his sigil seems to glow.

    The art is where it falls apart for me. I just don't care for the scratchy style of the main comic. Th DC vs MOTU book has a "normal" art style and I like it much better.

    The writing is a comic book. It's fine. I don't expect a lot from comics.

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    I haven't seen much of anything yet that holds my interest. The art is horrible now, at least before in the early issues it was decent, now it's nothing more than crap. And people called Filmation bad, Filmation May have limited animation and non detailed characters, but at least it was consistent and well done for an 80's cartoon. This however is 2014 now and to have this cartoony abstract stuff is just horrible. I would rather watch 200X, easily more than this stuff to try to read it while dealing with the art.
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    I actually feel more attracted with original characters stories such as Sir Lasor Lot, Randor etc...
    I don't know, i think script writers get way more efficient when they focus on a single individual at the time.

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    I do not like them at all and I shall not renew my subscription.

    I find the new designs incomprehensible and pointless. Why have they done this? Who wants it?

    The writing is of a low, low standard (and English is not my mother tongue - but even I can tell this without difficulty.) And the characterization is - laughable. It is so very weak and shallow.

    This seems to be to be a false turn for MOTU - a mistake. But I expect that too many egos are mixed up in it (at Mattel) for the error to be admitted to.

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    1st series - OK - not much happened, art was average

    Ongoing series - better story but still slow paced, art is better but very inconsistent, one issue in particularly was illustrated badly IMO.

    One-off character comics - Pretty good, but some of the art let them down.

    DC vs MOTU - I love this series and is the best thing about the DC comics so far - also I love the redesigns and would buy them in figure form.

    So overall, I'm glad we have them but there is definitely room for improvement.
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    I tried. I really tried to like the DC books but they're just horrible.

    The writing is just pathetic. The art isn't that bad. The redesigns though are mostly bad but there are a few that aren't terrible.

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    Im a big comic & MOTU fan, but it did not appeal to me.

    If you want real good MOTU comics look at 200x's MVC & Image comics.
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    I love the comics. I truly do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hadley View Post
    I don't expect a lot from comics.
    Wait, WHAT? You are joking right? That would be like saying "Music? Yeah ok, but not impressed" Sandman, Starman, Swamp Thing, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Y: The Last Man, The Walking Dead, Invincible...Superman Red Son, All star Superman the entire works of Moebius, Lone Wolf and Cub Maus! I'll save it, because you must not have read many comics/Graphic novels/Manga in order to be able to say such a thing. Start with that last one and then think about that statement again.

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    I pretty much ranked everything low, with the highest ranking being the monthly comic's art. I read the comic with high interest as they do have some good ideas (Despara--the idea that Adora committed atrocities while with the Horde), but the book is mostly a miss.

    I think their whole "Filmation is too kiddie, so we'll darken MOTU" strategy has made for a MOTU that is so far from MOTU that even hardcore fans cannot read it. I'm far from a Filmation fan, but the comic is so contrary to what we know that it affects everything else in MOTU. We've got redesigns from iconic looks (He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Hordak, etc.) and warped attitudes (Teela) for the sake of having them--basically shock value. The jury is still out on Orko because he could be ensorcelled or something.

    A huge problem was that they started an altered reality story without establishing the regular status quo. Fans were lost because they didn't know what was "normal" in this reality. Everyone knows that Adam is He-Man, even his enemies. Teela was a blonde before she died her hair. Marlena was on Eternia. And so on.

    Man, DC is just collecting a paycheck adapting TG's plots. I know some of these comic creators KNOW better.

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    I haven't enjoyed any of them even though I keep buying it in the hope it will improve, which it has a bit. Though as the story got better the art got far worse. Really don't like the new designs. I think I could take the new outfits if the characters were still the same but the combination of a new look and characters I don't feel are written right makes it feel like I'm not reading a MOTU comic.

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    Marked everything 1's and 2's. I was so excited to get these and then have, at best, tolerated them as I've read them. Now when I see them in my pile of comics, I cringe that I bought it. I'll read it because I bought it, but after issue 12, I'm done. I'll pick the ones I miss for $0.10 a piece in a few years.

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    Wish I could vote on the designs only since I do not read the books but the poll requires that we fill out all the fields.

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    As a regular comic book reader i consider myself open minded enough to new ideas but with an important condition, that these ideas have a sense and being well executed. So i really wouldn't mind to see a "darker" version of MOTU, actually i believe that an alternative version of MOTU (not the official one but an alternate reality much like how the Ultimate universe is to the main Marvel Universe) could work as a Dark Fantasy world. But the problem with the DC MOTU comics, is that the whole concept was executed so bad that makes really hard to support them.

    Let see the whole thing from the beginning:

    First of all the mini series. Intead of trying to introduce to the reader the world of Eternia and its characters and making him understand that this is a different, darker world in comparison to the regular MOTU universe, it gave us a stupid plot with Skeletor triumphant (but not so brilliant it appears, since even with the knowledge that Adam is He-Man, he left his archenemy free, just erasing his memory) and we spent the rest of the series with Adam (not He-man) and Teela's adolescent adventures, while trying to remember who they are. At the end we had Skeletor killing the Sorceress (apparently another stupid move from Skeletor since he killed the only person with the knowledge of Grayskull's secrets, even Filmation Skeletor was clever enough to not do such a thing, but Giffen apparently believed that death of a major character only for the shock value equates "dark". Sorry mr Giffen but a story could have a darker plot without pointless deaths, and Skeletor can be a portrayed as a Dark Lord without being a moron). Oh and of course we had the introduction of the "majot twist" the Dark Orko Saga.

    The digital issues, some of them were better than the mini series especially Laser-Lot's Man At arms, Battlecat's and Despara's issues but other like the Trap-Jaw's and Orko's one were horrible. The origins issues were mediocre (with the Hordak's one being the worse).

    The ongoing now, the first arc has some good ideas and plots the Despara's story, the relationship between Adora and Teela, the fight of the Eternians for their freedom against the Horde, but the dialogue and the execution were bad and the characterizations, well we already discussed this. I would only to point out how emotionally neutral He-Man appears, at everything happened around him (the revelation that he Despara is his twin sister, the destruction of Grayskull ).
    The current arc by Dan Abnett is the better writen story so far. Even if it has a slow pace, still it has the feeling of the epic fantasy, it feels like a MOTU story. But unfortunatelly it was accompanied with one the worst art i' ve ever seen. The last issue though has a much better artist. We will see how the story will unfold from now on.

    The DC/MOTU crossover was ruined with the Dark Orko revelation.

    And of course the new designs are not helping at all . Even if the Despara's and Teela's "at Arms" are decent, He-Man's and Skeletor's are really a disaster. I mean i dig the idea that at He-Man could serve a new armor against the Horde (like the MYP Snake Armor served him against the Snake Men), but why ever he would ever steal IronMan's suit. And why Skeletor is looking like a bad version of Juggernat. If Mattel thinks that having He-Man and Skeletor cosplaying as super heroes could help reviving the interest for the franchise well guess again.

    Overall the DC comics for the most part are a disappointment and a lost chance, because it faills to what it seems was their major intent. To introduce and build a "more adult or even darker" version of MOTU universe.

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    I haven't read any of the comics.
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    The stories and designs are fantastic. I love He-man's new look. Skeletor's is a little questionable but I don't actually dislike it. I agree with everybody on the art; it's been inconsistent and even straight up bad here and there. Sometimes I cringe at the dialogue, but it doesn't take me out of the story. Overall I am very pleased and look forward to the releases every month. I can't wait to get figures from the series.

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    i kind of like the dc vs motu comic, story is pretty interesting and artwork is good. however, the main monthly is serious is total garbage. terrible character designs, stupid story, and putrid artwork.

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    I enjoyed the digital one shots and the six issue mini-series. I still need to check out MOTU vs DC, but I'm not a huge fan of the main series. This may sound dumb, but as much as I don't like He-Man's armor change, I could have lived with it had they left the design of the Power Sword alone.

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    I'm SO glad I didn't miss this poll! I missed the others.

    There are very few things I like in the new comic. Despera and her story is pretty much it. The 'God' Hordak design is pretty cool and Axel Jiminez and Pop Mahn do nicely drawn issues...but there have been a few (by different artists), that looked like they came from a kindergarten art class. Things need improving...which I *thought* they were, until Evil Orko showed up. Ah hell no!
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    I can't answer the poll because I never read the comics. I never had a desire to read them.
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    These new comics are terrible. Truly terrible.

    The script and dialogue is poor. The artwork isn't much better and the new designs are very hit and miss.

    I thought Kyle Higgins did a good job with his Evil Lyn and Trap Jaw character issues, however they aren't included in this poll.

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    The questions should have allowed us to rate on a scale of "0-10"...that crap doesn't deserve a "1".
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