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Thread: Looking for these 200X Figures and Accessories

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    Looking for these 200X Figures and Accessories

    I'm looking for the following 200X figures and stuff:


    Battle Armor He-man (Loose)
    Battle Armor Skeletor (Loose, Complete)
    Battle Tank He-man Figure (Star Symbol, Loose, Complete)
    Battle Sound He-man (Gold, Loose, Complete)
    Claw Attack Stratos (MOC or Loose, Complete)
    Dragon Walker He-man Figure (Tattoo, Loose)
    Faker (Loose, Complete)
    Ice Armor Skeletor (MOC or Loose, Complete)
    Keldor (Loose, Complete)
    Man-e-faces Repaint Snake Series (MOC)
    Mecha Blade He-man (MOC or Loose, Complete)
    Mecha Blade Skeletor (MOC or Loose, Complete)
    Moss Man (Loose, Complete)
    Mutant Slime Pit Warrior (Loose, Complete with All "Guts")
    Roboto (Loose)
    Samurai Skeletor (Loose)
    She-ra (Loose, Complete)
    Shield Strike He-man (Loose)
    Skeletor Blood Red Repaint (MOC,or Loose, Complete)
    Snake Teela (Loose, Complete)
    Sy-klone Red Repaint Snake Series (MOC, or Loose, Complete)
    Trap and Smash Orko (MOC or Loose, Complete)
    Tri-klops Green Repaint (Loose, Complete)


    Battle Armor He-man Left Shoulder Gun
    Evil-Lyn Dagger
    Kobra Khan Gun
    Kobra Khan Gun Missile
    Martial Arts He-man Ax attachment
    Martial Arts He-man Staff Section
    Mutant Slime Pit Warrior "Guts"
    Panthor Long Missile X 2
    Panthor Long Launcher
    Panthor Wide Launcher
    Panthor Wide Multiple Missile
    Skeletor Blood Red Repaint Havoc Staff
    Samurai Man-at-Arms Cannon
    Samurai Man-at-Arms Rocket
    Samurai Skeletor Rocket
    Shield Strike He-man Shield Missile
    Snake Armor He-man Sword
    Snake Armor Skeletor Shield
    The General (Rattlor) Snake Staff
    Tri-klop Doomseeker
    Tri-klops Doomseeker Stand


    Attack Squid (Loose, Complete)
    Battle Bones (MIB or Loose, Complete)
    Battle Hawk (Loose, Complete)
    Battle Ram Chariot (MIB)
    Battle Tank (Loose)
    Battle Tank w/ He-man Figure (Star Armor Symbol, MIB)
    Battle Station (MIB or Loose, Complete)
    Mecha-Bite Battle Cat (MIB or Loose, Complete)
    Mecha-Bite Panthor (MIB or Loose, Complete)
    Samurai Battle Raptor (Loose, Complete)
    Spitbull (MIB or Loose, Complete)
    Terrordactyl (Loose, Complete)
    War Whale (Loose, Complete)

    I would like to get as many in a lot to save on shipping.

    I have many loose, complete 200x figures and various weapons and accessories for trade if possible.

    US only, sorry.

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