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Thread: WANT- an assortment of 1990s Playmates Star Trek figures

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    WANT- an assortment of 1990s Playmates Star Trek figures

    I managed to put up one more shelf, giving me some extra room for my collection. Here's the deal- I honly have so much free shelf space. If it's not on the list I don't currently want it because I won't have room for it.

    I'd prefer either MOC samples or loose but near mint toys- no play wear. Loose toys do not need their stands nor most accessories(unless specified). I would prefer MOC toys to be de-boxed and shipped loose for minimum postage, you may open them after you are paid. Prices are negotiable, but I'm generally offering around $2 apiece for loose figures and $4 apiece for MOC.

    This list is up to date as of 3/19/14

    You can PM me here, or send me a direct email-

    I will only buy from US-based sellers as I can't pay foreign postage costs. Please email me to discuss prices of what you want to sell.

    Images are MOC samples for reference. I have split the list into 2 sections "must have" and "not too picky"-


    Dr Pulaski- offering $5

    Gorn- offering $8

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    Updated for now
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