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Thread: New Short Story: RARE BOOKS

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    New Short Story: RARE BOOKS

    There’s something strange in the neighborhood… because it’s Berkeley, which is always insane.

    When a local library becomes home to a malevolent and angry ghost, Lucy December is called to save the day – er, night. But she isn’t ready for an exorcism. Can Lucy find the right people and ingredients in time to solve this little problem, or is the library going to have to deal with the Grudge from now on?

    Click the image to read!

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    "And no, I’m not Yiddish. I’m older than Yiddish. Yiddish is the trendy new kid on a skateboard whose music I don’t understand. I’m older than the split between Orthodox and Reformed Jews."
    I think Lucy explains that she is not a Yiddish speaker (Yiddish is a language, not race).
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