View Poll Results: Which version of He-Ro II (Dare) do you want in MOTUC?

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  • Filmation Barbarian look (similar to He-Man)

    68 43.87%
  • New Adventures He-Man repaint look

    38 24.52%
  • I do not want either

    49 31.61%
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Thread: Which Version of He-Ro II Do You Want?

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    Which Version of He-Ro II Do You Want?

    If He-Ro II (Dare) is ever released in MOTUC, which version would you want?

    Would you want the Filmation concept (Barbarian look) or the NA He-Man repaint (silver instead of gold armour)?

    Filmation He-Ro II:

    NA Concept version:

    I'm not great at photoshop (If someone CAN photoshop this picture for me, that would be amazing), but imagine NA He-Man's armour silver, his ponytail hair brown, with He-Man furry boots and Vy-Kron's bracelets/gloves:

    WARNING! This is a page of The Unnamed One Mini-Comic. It's the only time we have EVER seen this New Adventures version of He-Ro II:

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