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Thread: Are you happy with the UNO figure?

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    Are you happy with the UNO figure?

    It has been asked several times in the forums now, so here we go. One simple question, two possible answers.

    Are you happy with the Unnamed One figure or not?

    After the poll, you may go on and describe what you like/donīt like about the figure, if you are pleasently surprised or underwhelmed with the figure and whatever.

    Have fun!
    Positivity, folks!
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    I voted No.
    I like the Figure as an evil Trollan. Released as Gorpo sometimes 2016 i could be pretty happy with him.
    But as the great myterious Unnamed One he is a letdown.

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    Plundor Promoter He-Dad's Avatar
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    Its not that simple for me so I can't vote. Im happy with the figure. He's awesome and amazingly detailed and sculpted with no QC problems at all. But he sucks as the Unnamed One. So yes...but no?!

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    I'm loving the way he looks. I don't really care about the bios and the storyline (although the comics are very fun and I hope we continue to get them) so none of that bothers me too much. My older brother got me into MOTU as soon as I was able to talk and, while it's now just a fond memory for him and he can barely remember the names of a lot of the characters, he instantly identified the figure as MOTU and got quite a kick out of him.

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    Heroic Warrior Stygian360's Avatar
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    Happy with the sculpt as executed by the Horsemen= Yes
    Happy with the character that is UNO as interpreted through Scott's "love letter" rose-colored lenses= No
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    Yep, I'm good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by He-Dad View Post
    Its not that simple for me so I can't vote. Im happy with the figure. He's awesome and amazingly detailed and sculpted with no QC problems at all. But he sucks as the Unnamed One. So yes...but no?!
    Same here. I need an "other" option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthKant View Post
    I voted No.
    I like the Figure as an evil Trollan. Released as Gorpo sometimes 2016 i could be pretty happy with him.
    But as the great myterious Unnamed One he is a letdown.
    Agreed. He's a great counterpart for Orko, but he was too expensive for such a small figure, and he will never be the Unnamed One in my eyes.

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    I have the unpopular perspective. I think it's a great idea that the UNO is a fallen trollan because to me it just makes sense that one of the factions was created by a traitor of the ones who control the power of the universe. So, do I like the idea of the UNO as released? YES

    However, I collect the Heroic/Evil Warriors, Evil Horde, Snake Men factions and exclude anyone who doesn't fall under He-Man, Skeletor, Hordak, or King Hsss - so that doesn't leave any room for the UNO in my collection.

    Therefore, I don't think I can vote.
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    Voted yes. The figure is very well made, IMO, and I've always loved Orko, so an evil counterpart to Orko is fine. About the only thing with him I found weak was the flight stand, but it turns out he fits just fine on Tamashi Nations stands, so even that problem was easily solved.

    I do find it interesting that so far, the three people who explained being "unhappy" still seem to think the figure itself is fine, they just don't like the story attached to it. Personally, I've always found the story or "canon" of a figure to be by far the most easily ignored aspect of them, and easily (sometimes gladly) replaced by my own imagination.

    Coming up with a new story for Gorpo? 10 seconds.

    Repainting Frosta to be actually white? Several days.

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    Evil Lord of the Deadlift Larry Waters's Avatar
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    As a physical object, it's pretty good.

    But as a character representation, figure, no...not even close. Pack-ins, story, placing in canon are all part of the "figure", and these are just bad. So, no.

    I'm sadly underwhelmed.

    Had he been another character (simply Corrupted Gorpo), part of a two-pack with, say, a Gorpo-deco Orko...even though I detest Trollans, I'd have been more accepting. I think he'd have made a GREAT Smeagol/Gollum to Orko's Frodo.
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    Heroic Warrior goluphi's Avatar
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    I think the problem most people have with The Unnamed One is that they hyped him up in their own mind, and their imaginations came up with something very specific for their ideal "Unnamed One." Of course, no matter what the Unnamed One was, it was going to be disappointing to a lot of fans because it didn't live up to their vision. It would be impossible to make a figure that satisfied everyone's secret wishes.
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    Heroic Warrior Ridureyu's Avatar
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    Yeah, I've gotta agree with Goluphi on this one.

    With this fandom, the secret approach isn't always the best - look at Horde Prime for example (although I'm glad it WAS a secret).

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    Heroic Warrior Danavas's Avatar
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    I didn't vote because, as a figure, I'm okay with him. As the UNO I would have liked something far more epic. A mystery character along the lines of Dragoman would have been good, that would have been epic. But not this.

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    Of course I am. I had zero expectations for UNO. Much like alot of what is basically new or concept stuff I really wasnt aware of it to begin with. And as I got aware of it there was so little to feed it that it could have been anything.

    as people started suggesting Gorpo, I warmed quickly to the idea of that. If I havd one complaint about UNO it's that the second (armoured) head should have been traditional Gorpo and that his armour should have been removable to reveal the G so you could make traditional Gorpo.

    But still it's a great looking figure. I like the idea of it, and the execution. The snakeblast. The flight stand. The wand. I even appreciate the armour head and what you could put it on (keldor, Dactys, ect)

    So other than now wanting a more traditional Gorpo which I feel could have been implimented design wise in the UNO figure, much like my love for Songster I guess I'll just have to be patient and most likely prepaired for dissapointment.

    But I do so hope I'm getting that Songster. And at the end of the day, I can make a Gorpo.

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    i kind of have the opposite opinion from everyone else i guess?

    i actually don't mind the whole uno idea... but i think his design is far too detailed and far too 200x for me to love this figure.

    i come from a place where i appreciate the simplicity of the 1980's toys. when too much paint and detail is added it becomes too realistic. i like my toys to look like toys.

    i am happy to add the uno to my collection but to be perfectly honest it is probably one of my least favourite motu figures ever made.

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    Court Magician Raves's Avatar
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    No, i'm not happy.

    First, Gorpo can't be the ultimate really a ridicolous idea.
    I was expecting something much more magnificent, not like Chtulor one, just the size of standard Motuc, but detailed like Light Hope i mean.
    The figure itself isn't bad, but the name Unnamed one dosen't fit with it.
    It would be called Gorpo. And also it's too expensive compared with a standard Motuc.
    So, Second: like Orko + Adam, Gorpo must have as secret accessory the real Unnamed One!
    Gorpo indeed is the careless assistant of Uno, like Orko for He-man or Imp for Hordak.
    Maybe we can find the real Unnamed One like an accessory in the next Weapons Pack!
    I hope it!

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    Heroic Warrior Jeevesosiris's Avatar
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    We just need to face facts... The Unnamed One was NOT the ultimate evil after all. People just thought he was. He was a powerful mage who created the Snakemen - possibly an infinity ago (time might work weird where he is) and they subsequently went on to become an unstoppable force that worshipped him, they told the stories of their god and over a millennia he became this myth, this legend. An ultimate unspoken evil watching from beyond the dimension.

    Think The Wizard Of Oz.

    I am fine with that honestly. it is a bit of a readjust but I am fine with it.

    The figure is fine so yes, I am happy.
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    Well that was dumb! Is-rael's Avatar
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    No! Seems to be a big waste not a big bad evil character. I feel like they stole my money on this one no matter how TG tries to justify it.
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    Heroic Daddy to Hermione! Uki's Avatar
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    Perfect as a figure and as the Unnamed One.
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    Heroic Warrior sirsniffy's Avatar
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    Yes, I am happy with him.

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    NA mini-sub Supporter ! Arkangel's Avatar
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    can't wait to get mine !

    And resell it asap !

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    Heroic Warrior H.A.L.9000's Avatar
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    didn't like it at first... but warmed up to him,...i like the 2nd head a lot...

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    Widget todd1729's Avatar
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    Just my 2 cents here, but I think the poll should be "Are you happy with this figure AS the UNO?" I like the figure itself just fine, but it will never be the Unnamed One to me. The hardest part for me isn't even that after years of waiting I was disappointed with what I was given. The hardest pill to swallow is that now that I've been given it, it can't be taken back. I would've much rather waited forever wondering IF I would ever get an UNO than be given one I have to pretend is a different character. Making Gorpo a different character works only to better HIS figure. It doesn't solve the bigger problem that I have. Instead of always wondering, now I KNOW I will never get 'my' UNO figure, no matter how long I wait.

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    As a figure, he's good. As a major bad guy, not so much.
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