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Thread: Angry Birds Star Wars

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    Angry Birds Star Wars

    Are there any fans here of any of the Star Wars versions of Angry Birds? What do you think of the game?

    I recently got Angry Birds Star Wars for my Amazon Kindle. I don't think there are any directions for it though other than some pop up images from time to time. Are there any decent strategy guides or directions out there for the game? I couldn't come up with any good ones though some web searches. Are there ways to earn extra lives and various power ups besides paying for them? I accidently wasted all of mine early when trying to figure the game out. Is it easy to reset the game back to the beginning?

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    Heh heh, angry birds is so 2012.

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    To reset you have to uninstall. You can earn power ups but they take awhile. You gotta get lets of stars. Faster to microtransaction. Both one and 2 are fun. Enjoy!

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    I think they're a lot of fun - I've enjoyed the Angry Birds games a lot, and there's something hilarious about the Star Wars crossover (the Chewie bird cracks me up every time he shows up.) I think there are new levels coming out this week for the prequel game.
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