Looking to buy or trade for 1 pair of Mattel WWE Elite Demolition forearm gauntlets , one set of LOD shoulder pads and 1 pair of LOD forearms pads...

I have lots of motuc stuff for trade..as well ss a few other thing...(see below)

Please PM me if ya wanna work something out.. THANKS!


Figure/buck haves

SDCC ver Barbarian Pack-out Vykron MOC w mailer

BG teela loos comp(would like to trade for a Netessa)

Moss man un flockd ears full figure both heads and bag (no knife)

Sir Laser lot buck(no loin-or boots)

Cringer loose

tru Zodac torso w loin (no arms legs etc)


Vikor helmet w hair
Snout spout (sm tear)
Royal guard snakeman(no helmet)
Royal guard Guru, Clamp Champ
Mo-larr x 2
Faceless one
TP He-man
Slush head x2
Young Dekker
Old Dekker
Merman cat
Merman fishy
Snake man open mouth yellow
Snakeman open mouth dark yellow
Horde prime UK
King grayskull NO HAIR
Whiplash (vintage)

Vintage Blackstar head
ML Black Widow(toybiz)


Spector x2
Bg teela(slit up the side
200x stratos (slit up the side)

MOTUC WEAPONS & body parts Etc HAVES:

BG teela Bra

Beastman shins

Carnivous shoulder pads(detached from armor)
Carnivous shield
carnivous sword

Catra cape
Catra boots
Catra sword
Catra whip

BG teela boots x2

Bow left hand
Bow feet
Bow arrow

Cy-chop shoulders

Dekker mace
Dekker legs
Dekker loin cloth

DK batman upper calves

Demo-man sword

He-man Upper calves
He-man boots x2
He-ma shield x 3
He-man axe x3

Icer ice spear
Icer boots

Hordak legs
Hordak Shoulder w bicep
Hordak left forarm w hand
Hordak cape w OUT collar
Hordak feet clear blue casted
Hordak Imp

Horde Prime Helmet
Horde prime feet
Horde prime hood
Horde prime crossbow

King Hiss helmet(sans head)

MAA feet

Marzo sword( broken tip)
Marzo sword
Marzo Medallion
Marzo thighs
Marzo boots

Merman Armor
Merman Sword
Merman shins

Mighty Spector thighs
Mighty Spector Cosmic key forearm
Mighty Spector Legs
Mighty Spector chest w neck peg removed

MO-Larr Jacket
MO-Larr Dentist tools

Randor legs(1st ver)

Royal guard legs
Royal guard shild

Scareglow feet

Slushhead gun x2
slushhead tentacles set x 2
slushhead shins x2

Skeletor shins
Skeletor shoulders

Spirit Hordak white crossbow (will only trade for a priority or 3 horde armbands)

Sorceress Wings (vintage colors)

Sky-high wings

Thunder Punch He-Man harness

Vykron helmet/hair piece

Zodak Right forearm w hand
Zodak Left forearm no hand

weapons pack stuff

Whiplash weapon

Clawful mace

Spymonkey Haves

Demon blade in yellow comicon special (early style)

200x haves

200x Stratos loin cloth slit up the side
wolf he-man shield
Skeletor sword x 2
he-man hair piece
battle sound skelly hood
shield striker he-man shield
whiplash weaponx2
skystrike stratos wings and controls(hollowed out wrist cuffs for motuc)
200x trap jaw arm,claw
catapult and ram from BATTLE-STATION


Snake mt bridge (both sides) great cond...NO RAILING
Stridor good cond no accs

[U][B]GI JOE HAves)

Joecon Black Major & Interrogator w whip and helmet

Bags of JOE fodder mostly RAH..pm for deets..

MU/ marvel

Deluxe Lightning Thor mip
Asguardian Glow ODIN mip
Future Foundation Spider man (white) MOC
Shadowland Dardevill MOC

Marvel Baf parts:
Apocalypse(blue) chest/head, torso,left leg
Apocalypse(black)R leg
Giant man thigh
blob arm
imperilux le