OK guys putting this one out there. Anyone going to SDCC? Wanna hook me up with a Filmation Hordak and Treasure Chest Imp? What I got, well here's the deal, I can pay either $$$ via Paypal (which I'd actually get you prior to the show) I'm willing to pay for the fig, shipping, and an extra 20 for your trouble! Like I said, ill gladly get you the $$ before sdcc. Or I can trade some stuff, see I accidentally double ordered goat man and loo-kee/kowl, and would gladly trade both of those straight up for the sdcc hordak and treasure chest imp, those I wouldn't send out until you had the hordak and imp in hand though. Anyone in the NYC or long island area? Don't even need to ship! I'd come pick it up (I'm in Nassau county work in Manhattan and spend 4 days a week in the bronx ) Just a heads up, the staff of avion in the goat man package is loose, the plastic holder must have separated from the card inside the blister during transit to me and is rattling around. So MOC collectors please know that in advance but if you're an opener, no worries! Or, ya know, $$. Thanks guys!