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Thread: WANT TO [BUY OR TRADE] for MOTUC parts

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    WANT TO [BUY OR TRADE] for MOTUC parts

    I WOULD LIKE TO [BUY OR TRADE] for the following MOTUC parts...
    x3 Full [v1] Zoda[c] figures/or entire upper half of buck with full arms "no head or armor or weapons needed"
    x3 full faker figures*****s with heads an all body parts "no armor needed"
    x3 Faker orange power sword
    x3 Faker Orange Axe
    x3 Faker Orange shield
    x2 [set] of all 3 blue He-Man gear items from the Ultimate BattleGrounds Weapons Pak
    x2 Boot sets from === Grizzlor
    x3 loincloths from === Skeletor
    x1 full armor set [ armor, chain, and full Dragon] from === DragonBlaster Skeletor

    I can pay via paypal, or I also have TONS parts available for direct trade as well.

    Please PM or reply here if you can help.

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