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  • Eldor

    64 68.82%
  • Sweet Bee

    42 45.16%
  • Battle Ram

    63 67.74%
  • Oo-larr

    66 70.97%
  • Tung Lashor

    71 76.34%
  • Arrow

    32 34.41%
  • NA She-Ra

    46 49.46%
  • Mermista

    58 62.37%
  • Spinnerella

    49 52.69%
  • Gwildor

    43 46.24%
  • Lizard Man

    53 56.99%
  • Ninjor

    71 76.34%
  • Snake Armor He-Man

    58 62.37%
  • Battle Armor King Hsss

    58 62.37%
  • Huntara

    54 58.06%
  • Skeletor's Hover Robots

    48 51.61%
  • Man-At-Arms

    20 21.51%
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Thread: Which SDCC reveals are you happy with?

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    Which SDCC reveals are you happy with?

    Subscriptions aside, out of all the Classics figures revealed during SDCC this year, which toys are you happy with as being a part of the Classics line? Those you do not select can be toys you don't want to purchase, or toys you feel should have been replaced with other figures.


    * I really want to like Ninjor, and I'm hoping he will look better in hand. He doesn't look quite close enough to the vintage toy, and the fact that he does not get a real chain for his nunchuck is a big bummer.
    * Eldor is growing on me. Not a fan of the extra detail, especially in his hood, which seems to perch precariously over his shoulders.
    * Skeletor's Hover Robots are my absolute favorite! Perfect sculpt, and I'm very excited for the stickers they're being fitted with! Classics wouldn't be the same without them.
    * Sweet Bee is one of my favorite reveals because the sculptors did a fantastic job capturing that cartoony Filmaiton look I can't get enough of. The colors really pop!
    * Oo-Larr I'm pretty excited about, since he could be considered a flagship figure for the mini comic side of Classics, a roster that is sorely in need of being fleshed out.
    * Battle Armor He-Man I like, except for that head sculpt. No interest in Battle Armor King Hsss.
    * Lizard Man I was never a fan of personally. Great sculpt, love me some Filmation. I'm sure he'll grow on me.
    * Gwildor's crazy head sculpt is going to take some time to get used it. No need for two Cosmic Keys. Wishing for a closed key sculpt.
    * Battle Ram...finally! Very surprised we're not hearing more excitement over it. Probably because of the price-tag and the unnecessary MAA figure and snake head sculpted Sky Sled.
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    My top five
    5. Oo-lar
    4. Ninjor
    3. Battle Ram
    2. Lizard Man
    1. King Hiss
    I want more army builders, Dragon Blaster Faker and world peace! And yes, I want them in that order.

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    Heroic Warrior Brasco's Avatar
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    I'm actually happy with all of them except for Arrow and Man at Arms.
    Stridor should have taken Arrow's spot and I would have been happy with any other figure with the battle ram than another variant
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brasco View Post
    I'm actually happy with all of them except for Arrow and Man at Arms.
    Stridor should have taken Arrow's spot and I would have been happy with any other figure with the battle ram than another variant
    Amen. With the line ending in 2015 and so many unmade characters this was an uneeded varient which could have been covered with just the alturnate head.
    I want more army builders, Dragon Blaster Faker and world peace! And yes, I want them in that order.

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    Heroic Warrior No-Ah's Avatar
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    I'm happy with them all.

    Top want list: Mask of Power Demons, Snake Goddess Teela, GITD Goddess, Snake Mountain Man, Dree-Elle & Montork, 200X Beast-Man, Red Beast, Ra-Jar, Great Black Wizard, Dragoon, King Torius, 200x Centaur Chief, Queen Andreeno.


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    Everything but Gwildor, Snake Armor He-Man and Battle Armor King Hsss!

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    Heroic Warrior H.A.L.9000's Avatar
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    Ba'hee Priss Dimmie Forever!!
    Everything except arrow, maa & hover bots
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    Heroic Warrior Dayvid's Avatar
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    Most things really! Eldor, Gwildor and MAA weren't necessary for me...

    Also, Mermista fell SO short of what I expected. Her torso is so freaking odd.

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    Pretty much everything but Oolar, a figure I'd hoped was cut from the roadmap. Oh well. Everyone else seems to like him enough.

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    My SDCC Top 5 (and also the only items I want from the list):
    1. Oo-Larr
    2. Battle Ram
    3. Tung Lashor
    4. Ninjor
    5. Eldor
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    Evil Apologist of Mattel Count Marzo's Avatar
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    Extremely happy with:

    Sweet Bee - She looks great. Love the Filmation influence.
    Battle Ram - BOUT DAMN TIME! lol
    Tung Lashor - Bad ass! Probably my favorite of the Snake Men.
    Mermista - Lovely! Amazing mermaid tail sculpt. Love that pearlescent sheen to her scales.
    Spinnerella - She looks amazing as well. Very pleased with almost all the PoP figures to date.
    Gwildor - Killer sculpt! Glad they added a movie accessory staff, but would have preferred the bucket o ribs. lol
    Lizard Man - Nice figure and AMAZING accessories.
    Ninjor - Was VERY looking forward to him and they killed it!
    Huntara - She is a bad ass PoP figure! Love her colors and weapons.
    Skeletor's Hover Robots - A necessary "Army Builder", but why a con exclusive?!

    Cool with the rest of the stuff, but I'm not as pumped as the things mentioned above:

    Eldor - Understand his importance, but was never really excited for him. He looks like a bum with a bible.
    Oo-Larr - Nekkid He-Man, meh. The extra head almost makes up for it though.
    Arrow - Unexpected and kinda cool, just not really mandatory imo.
    NA She-Ra - She's alright. I think I would've preferred her in gold to match the NA He-Man that I don't like at all.
    Snake Armor He-Man - Another He-Man variant, never really cared for this one though. Looks alright.
    Battle Armor King Hssss - Looks damn cool, but I'm stuck in the past on the originals. The snakes are way better though!
    Man-At-Arms - unnecessary Man-At-Arms but acceptable. I think I would have preferred a gunmetal/black movie-style MAA as the next MAA figure if there was to be one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by No-Ah View Post
    I'm happy with them all.

    I suppose the only thing I am unhappy with is that there was no announcement of a New Adventures add-on sub.

    Otherwise, this was a stellar SDCC for Matty!
    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

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    Im happy with at of the reveals but my top 5 favorites in order of preferences:

    1- Battle Armor King Hsss (I was really hoping for a new 200x King Hisss)
    2- Snake Armor He-Man (Now we need an Ice Armor He Man)
    3- NA She-Ra (Not a big NA fan but I really wanted to see this figure)
    4- Skeletor's Hover Robots (I love armies and Skeletor needs one ASAP)
    5- Tung Lashor (This figure is awesomeeeeesee!!!!! and my snakes needs more figures)
    6- Oo-larr (2 big reasons to like this figure... 1- The vintage He Mans head, 2- I want to display him with my Goddess figure)
    7- Battle Ram (Im not really into vehicles but this is an awesome addition to my collection)
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    I wish I could have voted twice for Oo-Lar!

    SA He-Man, 200x Hssss, Ninjor, Lizard Man (finally!), Battle Ram!

    I like the POP figures a lot and think they all look great, but they're not necessary for me. Mermista, however, is super, super tempting. I have a suspicion she will be mine one day.

    Really, the only meh items for me were Arrow and the Hover-Bots.
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    Loked it all apart from NA She Ra. I like NA, just hate all the new crap they keep wedging in the line. Especially when every slot is needed.

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    I don't want to buy Arrow, NA She-Ra, Gwildor, Lizard-Man, Snake Armor He-Man and Man-At-Arms.
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    I was pretty happy with everything. I'm easy to please lol. I was disappointed that they used Oo-Larr as the exclusive... That had been rumored for a while, and I think he would have been better with the Battle Ram. The MAA that comes with the Battle Ram is a waste, in my opinion .

    My favorites were:

    5) Gwildor
    4) NA She-Ra
    3) Spinnerella
    2) Sweet Bee
    1) Mermista
    A Want List: Starburst She-Ra, Ghost, Mini Comic Tri-Klops, Mini-Comic/Vintage Toy costume Catra, The Enchantress, Kayo, Joya, Lt. Andra, Storm, Twiggets, Melaktha, Sagitar, Spirit, Kothos, Master Sebrian, Weapons Paks, Fuerza T figures, 200X Sorceress, King Miro, Dree-Elle & Uncle Montork.

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    I agree with BCRDuke. Oo-Larr should have come with the Battle Ram instead of that MAA variant.

    I find it funny that Toyguru says they didn't want to use slots on another Catra variant, but Man-At-Arms will get one, with is not that far off from the original figure. That 200X inspired head could have come in the head Pak scheduled for 2015.

    If Lizard Man was the sub exclusive, I think that would have been better. Or, have the Hover Robots as the exclusive. People want to army build those, they'd be more inclined to buy a sub to get them. Or, have Starburst She-Ra in the PoP add-on sub and NA She-Ra as the 2015 exclusive.

    Then Lodar could have been the Traveling Exclusive.

    I also think Arrow should have been Stridor.
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    Heroic Warrior
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    I like them all. All these characters/accessories need to be made eventually, and since were in the twilight/gravy phase of the line I don't care what order they come out in.

    Another green/orange MAA is weird, Filmation deco or not. His helmetless head was definitely needed, but will we ever see a silver or gray armored MAA? I guess it's best he doesn't come in an expensive vehicle pack if we do...

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    I was happy with everything excepting Arrow. He was realized very well, and cleverly. I however had no interest in Arrow, though I did expect him years ago if only to reuse the Horse Sculpt. This late in the game though I admit I was disappointed though not surprised at his inclusion.

    Once in hand I will probably sculpt a Horn for him in the visage of Teela's Charger and give him to Battle Ground Teela. That will be pretty cool.

    I loved everything else, though Man at Arms thrilled me the most, with OoLarr being a pleasant surprise.

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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    3.Snake Armor He-Man
    4.Battle Armor King Hsss
    5.Tung Lashor
    7.NA She-Ra
    10.Lizard Man
    11.Skeletor's Hover Robots
    Sweet Bee
    Battle Ram

    Not happy with: Man-At-Arms
    Skeleton-Warriors, Ra-Jar, Spinwit, Rock Golem, General Tartaran, Hawke, Slob-Boar, King Agho, Hunga the Harpy, Sh'gora, Masks of Power Demons, Nocturna, Lizzor, Sagitar, Crimson Fury, Lodar, Vizar, Angast, Negator, King Miro, Melaktha, Crystal-Man, ABC Giants, Stridor, Road Ripper, Land Shark

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