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Thread: "The Coming of the Towers" - PoP + Motu webcomic series

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    Thank you!
    It took a while to get to the point but now we are ready to chronicle the battle for the Towers, and also their appearance in the age of Pretheria (a storyline which also explains all those Snake Women concepts, and the cameos of the First Ones).

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    Quote Originally Posted by L0rdGr1ml0ck View Post
    Act 14 of "The Coming of the Towers" features Leech, Hordak, Catra, Future Rio Blast, Future Spinnerella, Jitsu (?).

    While She-ra is busy at the Crystal Castle, things are happening elsewhere-- and she's totally missing them.

    This act has everthing: the Fright Zone, the Slime Pit, time travel, the Crystal Falls -- and the appearance of THE THIRD TOWER OF ETHERIA!

    Some suggestions would be welcome!

    So far, I've only considered the ever-burning fire of the altar (which is not a likely feature in a toy for kids), the weapons in the rack, and the Serpent Gate that leads to the underground room (the playset should split open in two halves and reveal the underground chambers where Queen Corala sits on a throne and the other Snake Women live).
    Well the Fire in the middle can be handled by an LED
    You have a prison cage
    that could be a set of stairs in the snakes mouth that turn into a slide(like in Scooby doo)
    the gray archway could be a portal or magic mirror
    you have a weapons rack
    those 3 snake heads could spin and spray water
    and the tombstone in the front could have some spring off when punched or kicked
    on the second level the stair would point one way but shift to the slide in the other direction and hey you have a slime pool
    the stairs lead to a lab with beakers, a cauldron, and some torture stuff like a rack and iron maiden
    probably through in a stables on level 2 also for a Tyrantsaurus Rex
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