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    The MOTUC Index

    MegaGearMax is passing the baton to me as the upkeeper of the MOTUC Index. It is a place where one can find easy access to related MOTUC threads, both ones we have and others we want, as well as knowledge on these characters. So i ask registered members to help by sending me thread links to add to this massive list, as well as adding this knowledge with the encyclopedia we have so that is the definitive place to find information on Heman and the Masters of the Universe.

    The idea for the MOTUC Index came about when Meagearmax and The Fallen talked about putting all of the stuff that they knew in one big location. Some of us reference some of these characters and brand manager/Mattel quotes all of the time, so we thought that this thread might do some good as a sort of "quick find" thread. Mad props for coming up with the idea!

    Collectors Choice

    Wave 1 Update

    Wave 1 Arrival

    Not ordering Wave 2. Why Not?

    Wave 2 Pre Order and Discussion

    Wave 2 Progress/Updates

    Super 7 Collector Choice Wave 3

    Top 10 Unique Filmation Characters

    Who is Classics #300

    Top 3 figures we got because of MOTUC

    MOTUC at Gamestop

    Is collector choice done

    100 Unique Collectors Choice Figures

    After the 2019 movie collection, whats next

    Super 7
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    1 Help/Information
    Official 2011 Club Eternia Subscription Discussion
    Official MattyCollector General Help & Information Thread

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    MOTUC Checklists
    Want to know exactly who came out or how many characters are left to make? Then this is the section for you! Included are great visual checklists, as well as text threads detailing and documenting various release data.

    Soundwavempl's MOTUC Visual Checklist (to compare with link below)
    Soundwavempl's Vintage Era MOTU Visual Checklist (to compare with link above)
    Kei Liger's MOTUC Visual Checklist
    The Official MOTU Classics Checklist 2008-? for all MOTUC Releases; Upcoming, Rumored, Trademarked Thread
    The Official Who's Left in MOTUC Thread (the remaining figures/characters)
    The Official Trademarks List Thread
    The Official "Original" Packaging Visual Guide Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC General Information
    1• What characters are in the MOTUC list and you don't know who is it!
    The Official "How to pronounce ......." Thread
    The MOTUC Font
    MOTUC Sell-Out Times
    The Official MOTUC eBay Sales Report Thread
    The release order is planned; similar parts aren't clues to upcoming figures
    Improving re-issues can't be changed; changed "re-issues" need a development slot
    A-List variants to have new tooling; won't be cheap repaints anymore
    No removable helmets as they throw off the head proportion
    Sub-exclusive figures will not be re-issued
    MOTUC at retail is only a thought right now
    Bobbleheads are being worked on (circa, 2/26/2010)
    Very few people order more than 2 or 3 figures at once
    Mattel's Re-Deco Master List pretty much has most characters on it

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    MOTUC SDCC and NYTF Reveals
    SDCC and NYTF are like the Super Bowl or Wrestlemania of MOTUC fandom. Each show, we get more reveals for upcoming figures.

    Official NYCC 2008 Thread: MOTUC Revealed!
    Official NYCC 2009 Thread: Hordak, Tri-Klops, Man-at-Arms and Teela Prototype Revealed
    Official SDCC 2009 Thread: Trap Jaw, Goddess, King Randor, Scareglow, Zodak, Battle Armor He-Man and Adora Revealed
    Official Gallery 1988 MOTU Art Show Pics Thread: Optikk Revealed
    Official 2010 NYTF Thread: She-Ra, Keldor, Count Marzo, Whiplash, Tytus and Gygor Revealed
    The Official WW Philly 2010 Thread: Chief Carnivus Revealed
    SDCC 2010: Bow, Vikor, Roboto, Buzz-Off, King Hssss, Eternian Palace Guards, Pre-Eternia Disguise He-Man, Battle Armor Skeletor, Shadow Beast and Battle Ram Prototype Revealed
    C2E2 2011: Catra's Bio and Revised Faceless One Revealed
    SDCC 2011: Icarius, Wind Raider, Snout Spout, Battleground Evil-Lyn, Bubble Power She-Ra, Swiftwind, Demo-Man, Sorceress, The Star Sisters, Fearless Photog, Fisto, Kobra Khan and Draego-Man Revealed
    SDCC 2011: MOTUC Walkthrough Video with ToyGuru
    2018 Mattell SDCC Reveals
    SDCC 2017
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    MOTUC Conventions
    Power-Con 2011
    Grayskull Con 2011

    2016 Power Con non attendees arrival

    Power Con 2017 Non Attendees Exclusives Discussion

    Pixel Dan review 2017 Power Con Exclusives Lord Gr'asp, Ter-roar, Plasmar

    Designing Master of the Universe Classics 2018

    2018 Attendees and Non Attendees receive figures

    Power con 2018 returning

    2018 Power Con Reaction figures exclusive

    Power-con 2019


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    MOTUC Display/Collection Pictures
    Post Your MOTUC Display & Collection Pictures!
    Post your "MIX & MATCH" MOTUC figure Photos!!
    Epic Battle Photos

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC Reviews
    The Fwoosh MOTUC Reviews, Photos and Pictures
    AFI MOTUC Reviews, Photos and Pictures
    Poe Ghostal MOTUC Reviews, Photos and Pictures MOTUC Reviews, Photos and Pictures
    Pendragon's Post MOTUC Reviews, Photos and Pictures
    Electric Porcupines Reviews
    TMR Reviews
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC vs DC Universe 2 Packs
    DCUC vs MOTUC Aquaman vs Mer-Man Video Review by Pixel Dan
    DCUC vs MOTUC Hawkman vs Stratos Video Review by Pixel Dan
    DCUC vs MOTUC Green Lantern vs Zodac Video Review by Pixel Dan
    DCUC vs MOTUC Bizarro vs Faker Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official DCUC vs MOTUC Wave 2 Sightings Thread
    The Official She-Ra 1.0 vs Supergirl Thread
    MOTU/DC two-packs listed on Thread
    Dream DC vs MOTU 2 Packs
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __ Poll Results
    2018 Poll results

    2017 Collector Choice character results

    2016 Collector Choice Character results

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Pre-Filmation MOTU (1982-1983)
    Pre-Filmation MOTU is the original MOTU canon. Darker and more barbaric, it existed for a year and a half before Mattel decided to make He-Man and his world more more kid-friendly, starting with the DC Comics 3 issue limited mini-series.

    The Official Pre-Filmation Era in MOTUC Thread
    The Official Mini-Comic Characters Thread
    More Quite a few Mini-Comic Characters are planned in the next few years
    Vote Vintage Thread

    Pre-Filmation MOTU Mini-Comics
    He-Man and the Power Sword
    King of Castle Grayskull
    Battle in the Clouds
    The Revenge of Skeletor
    The Power of...Point Dread
    He-Man Meets Ram Man
    The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces
    The Terror of Tri-Klops
    The Menace of Trap Jaw
    The Tale of Teela
    The Magic Stealer
    The Power of Point Dread/Danger at Castle Grayskull

    Oo-Larr (Jungle Barbarian He-Man)
    The Official Barbarian He-Man Thread
    The Official Oo-Larr Thread
    How will they merge the early mini comic He-man with the modern bio of He-man?

    Mini comic Stratos
    The Official Mini-Comic Stratos Thread

    Spirit of Grayskull (Smoking Skull Cloud)
    The Official Spirit of Grayskull (Smoking Skull Cloud) Thread

    Blonde Hair, Long Ponytailed Alcala Teela
    How would you justify a Blonde Teela Variant/Redeco?
    Charger and Teela 2.0 Pak ...Alacala Beast Man and complete Alcala Skeletor????
    Is Pre-Filmation Teela Truly Blonde???

    Bride of Skeletor Teela
    The Official Bride of Skeletor Teela Thread

    Teela's Golden Charger
    The Official Golden Charger Thread
    Charger and Teela 2.0 Pak ...Alacala Beast Man and complete Alcala Skeletor????

    Red Beast Man
    The Official Red Beast Man Thread

    Blue Mer-Man
    DCUC vs MOTUC Aquaman vs Mer-Man Video Review by Pixel Dan

    First Appearance Tri-Klops
    The Official Mini-Comic Tri-Klops Thread

    Green Trap Jaw
    The Official Green Trap Jaw Thread
    Mini-Comic Trap Jaw

    The Official Damon Thread

    The Official Tarrak Thread

    The Official Ceril Thread

    Prince Dakon
    The Official Prince Dakon Thread

    Princess Rana
    The Official Princess Rana Tread

    Garn (Mini-Comic)
    Garn vs Garn

    The Official Lodar Thread
    I think Lodar SHOULD be the 2011 Sub figure and here's why...

    The Official Geldor Thread
    IT'S OFFICIAL! 2013 MOTU Sub a go!!! Geldor fan slot winner!
    Now That We Know All The "Fan Choice" Slots, Who Are You Voting For?

    The Official Procrustus Thread
    MOTU Classics Procrustus Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Procrustus Arrival Thread
    Procrustus & Granamyr delayed

    The Obelisk Warriors
    The Official Obelisk Warriors Thread

    Mini-Comic Monsters
    The Official Mini-Comic Monsters in MOTUC Thread

    Tugg O Wharr
    The Official Tugg O Wharr Thread

    Rudy Obero box art characters
    The Official Rudy Obero Box Art Charaters

    The Rock People- :Bould-ar and Pebblass
    The Official Granita Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Vintage MOTU (1983-1988)
    Chances are this is the era that most fans are familiar with. While it's not the first MOTU canon, it is the most popular, thanks to Lou Schiemer's Filmation cartoon that turns the MOTU mythos into a family-friendly household franchise.

    Will The Classics line replace the Vintage Line?
    MOTUC Character Selection: Too Predictable/Not Exciting Enough?
    Too many vintage MOTU figures in Classics so far?
    Can Matty please finish the first few waves???
    I’m Ready For The “Classics Line” To Stick With The Classic Toy Line
    Is Classics the Final Appearance of Many Characters?

    The Masters/Heroic Warriors
    What should the Heroic Warriors be called?
    Were the Heroic warriors allies before or after Adam became He-Man?

    MOTU Classics Re-issue He-Man Review by Pixel Dan
    MOTU Classics He-Man Photo Review by Pixel Dan
    How does MOTUC He-man compare to his other versions?
    He-Man (and MOTUC Revealed
    The Official He-Mullet Thread
    He-Man's Hulk Hogan-esque Tan in MOTUC
    The Official "Filmation" Power Sword Thread
    He-Man's belt doesn't match his bracers because the 4H updated him
    Seems there are TWO different MOTUC He-Man heads
    Do you consider "Classics version He-Man" to have any super-powers?
    How do you feel about two-tone boots on He-Man?

    Battle Armor He-Man
    MOTUC Battle Armor He-Man Video Review by Pixel Dan
    How does MOTUC Battle Armor He-man compare to his other versions?
    The Next MOTUC He-Man Variant Speculation

    Thunder Punch He-Man
    The Official Thunder Punch He-Man Thread
    Shouldn't Thunder Punch He-man have a closed fist?

    Pre-Eternia Disguise He-Man
    MOTU Classics Preternia Disguise He-Man Review by Pixel Dan
    Pre-Eternia Disguise He-Man Packaged Pics and Bio Revealed
    The Official Pre-Eternia Disguise He-Man Thread
    Why make Pre-Eternia Disguise He-Man?

    Santa He-man and Relay
    The Official Santa He-man and Relay Thread

    Prince Adam
    The Official Prince Adam Thread
    Prince Adam originally had a sword holster
    A Carded Prince Adam wouldn't include Orko as an accessory
    Prince Adam does have a bio that we haven't seen yet
    Prince Adam's bio wouldn't have much new info
    Prince Adam's Vest IS Removable!
    How do you feel about Prince Adam being packaged with Orko?

    Battle Cat
    MOTUC Battle Cat Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Battle Cat wins Best Figure Awards from and MTV

    The Official Cringer Thread
    So what about Cringer, then?

    MOTUC Man-At-Arms Reviews and Pictures
    The Official Man-At-Arms 200X Arm Cannon Thread
    What rank is Duncan (Man-At-Arms)?
    Why do writers want Man At Arms to be evil?
    Save Man-At-Arms
    Why is Man-At-Arms so pricey on the secondary market?

    Snake Man-At-Arms
    The Official Snake Man-At-Arms Thread
    Petition! PUT OUT OF Monthly Subscription Snake Man-at-Arms
    Changes for Snake MAA

    The Official Stratos Thread
    The Official New Stratos SKU Thread
    The Official Stratos and Zodak Thread
    DCUC vs MOTUC Hawkman vs Stratos Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Stratos' wings need a development slot so wings aren't glued
    Stratos' didn't have a development slot II
    Stratos' wings are unable to be changed currently
    Stratos Wing Fixing Thang
    Making Stratos look up; altering joints
    The Official Helmetless Stratos Thread

    MOTU Classics Teela Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Underwater Armor Teela Thread
    The Official Sorceress Teela Thread
    The Official Snake Teela Thread
    The Official Teela's Snake Armor Thread
    The Official Staff of Ka Thread
    So...who's getting two Teelas? One for Teela and one for The Goddess?
    Should MOTUC Teela's tag line be "Heroic Warrior Goddess"?
    Teela's articulation
    Can Teela's dress fit onto BG Teela's body?
    Teela's Booty
    Teela's Hair: Up and Red or Down and Blonde?
    TIRH/TIBH:Where Do You Stand? (Teela hair color discussion)

    Battleground Teela
    MOTU Classics Battleground Teela Video Review by Pixel Dan
    First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics Battle Ground Teela
    The The Official Battleground Teela Thread
    Guesses On What The "Big Plans" Are For Battleground Teela
    The "I Want Battleground Teela To Be Someone Other Than Teela" Thread!
    The Create-A-Character-Outta-Battleground Teela CONTEST!
    BG Teela as Vikor's companion
    Furry Shorts for Females support thread
    Blonde Bikini Teela is a great A-list refresh
    BBT wins IAT’s 2010 Most Requested Figure!
    Should Blonde Bikini Teela Be a New Character?
    Now That Battleground Teela Is Said To Be The Original Teela, What Is Your Opinion?
    TIRH/TIBH:Where Do You Stand? (Teela hair color discussion)
    Would you want a redhead Battleground Teela with silver bra?
    Should Battleground Teela come with Teela's cobra armor?
    For Reference: BG Teela's Entire Outfit Can Be Removed In One Piece
    Can Teela's dress fit onto BG Teela's body?
    Battleground Teela Almost Gone
    Battleground Teela Sold Out
    MOTUC Mini-Comic: Teela's Destiny
    Teela's Future

    Filmation Teela
    The Official Filmation Teela Thread

    The Official Stratos and Zodak Thread
    The Official Cosmic Enforcer Thread
    Zodac Packaged Pics and Bio Revealed
    Zodac vs Green Lantern MOTUC vs DC Universe Wave 3 two-pack revealed
    Zodac's feet changed because a development slot was available
    Zodac is done and can't be changed
    Zodac: The official deconstruction
    Where does Zodac fit in with your personal canon or universe?

    MOTU Classics Man-E-Faces Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Man-E-Faces Thread
    The Official Man-E-Weapons Thread
    Why Man-E-Faces uses that suit?
    Man-E-Faces' Sample Figure: Does His Orange Costume Meet Expectations?
    Optikk = Man-E-Faces! (He can't be too far off...)
    Man-E-Faces comes with a secret accessory
    No Secret Accessory for Man-E-Faces Review Either

    Ram Man
    The Official Ram Man Thread
    MOTU Classics Ram Man Video Review by Pixel Dan
    MOTUC Ram Man
    The Official Ram-Man Orange and Red Variant Thread
    Ram Man and Leech would be close to unique sculpts
    What are Ram Man's legs - and how would you like to see this reflect in his bio?

    How does MOTUC Orko compare to his other versions?
    The Official Orko Thread
    Orko's Packaged Pics and Bio Revealed
    Orko's head is removable
    I actually never saw Orko as cheezy "comedy relief"
    Do You Like Orko???
    Would fans like it if ORKO freed someone?

    MOTU Classics Mekaneck Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Mekaneck Thread
    Mekaneck Arrival Thread
    Mekaneck Metallic Silver He-Man boots or brown?
    The Official Snake Mekaneck Thread
    Snake Mekaneck-Do you want him in MOTUC?

    MOTU Classics Buzz-Off Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Buzz-Off Arrival and Talkback Thread
    How does MOTUC Buzz-Off compare to his other versions?
    Buzz-Off, Stingrad and Queen Andreeno
    Buzz-Off and Sweet Bee

    The Official Fisto Thread
    No Ab-Crunch for Fisto???
    The Official Fisto's 200X Sword Thread
    Fisto & Jitsu: How big should their right hands be?
    Should Fisto come with 2 Hands?
    Which origin for Fisto in MOTUC
    Vac Metal Fist for Fisto!

    The Official Stridor Thread

    MOTU Classics Roboto Video Review by Pixel Dan
    How does MOTUC Roboto compare to his other versions?
    The Official Roboto Thread
    The Official Mini-Comic Roboto Variant Thread
    Roboto--which models do you want?
    Robot's shoulders are backwards!
    Mattel admits to missing Roboto's switched arms
    How to fix Roboto's shoulders
    Fans that have Roboto with correct shoulders

    MOTU Classics Sy-Klone Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Sy-Klone Packaged Pics and Bio Revealed
    The Official Sy-Klone Thread
    Sy-Klone revealed
    April 2011 guesses leading to Sy-Klone's eventual reveal
    Sy-Klone's Big Red Ring is removable and his sticker is lenticular
    Sy-Klone does have an ab-crunch
    Sy-Klone's arm attachments are attached to the top part of the arm

    Moss Man
    MOTU Classics Moss Man Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Moss-Man, how to unflock...
    Moss Man's pine scent is mixed into the plastic
    One year later...Does your Moss Man still have it's scent?

    MOTUC Zodak Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Cosmic Enforcer Thread
    Should MOTU Classics have a Zodac (1980s) and Zodak (200X) Figures?
    Is Zodac and Zodak 2 separate enties or the same person? Same or different bios?

    Stonedar & Rokkon
    The Official Rock People Thread
    Rokkon and Stonedar are the 2013 SDCC MOTUC Exclusives

    Rio Blast
    The Official Rio Blast Thread

    Snout Spout
    MOTUC Snout Spout Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Snout Spout Thread
    Snout Spout Arrival Thread
    Any Questions about Icarius, Snout Spout, BG Evil Lyn or Bubble Power She-Ra?
    Wooden Log Tossing Contest, A "Good" Challenge for our Tusky Heroes

    Clamp Champ
    The Official Clamp Champ Thread
    Clamp Champ is Decker's grandson debate
    Clamp Champ petition for an unpainted belly with abs

    The Official Extendar Thread
    Extendar Packaged Pics and Bio

    The Official Rotar and Twistoid Thread
    Rotar and Twistoid to be reissued

    MOTUC Gwildor Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Gwildor Arrival

    King Randor
    MOTUC King Randor Video Review by Pixel Dan
    How does MOTUC King Randor compare to his other versions?
    The Official Filmation King Randor Thread
    The Official Pink Haired King Randor from Mantenna's mini-comic Thread
    Elderly Randor from early mini-comics is available
    King Randor has his bad knee from MYP in Classics

    Queen Marlena
    Which version of Queen Marlena do you prefer, and why?
    Should Queen Marlena be from Earth?
    The Great "Where is Queen Marlena From" debate
    Marlena: From Earth?
    Why have Queen Marlena come from Primus instead of Earth
    Should Marlena's bio reveal that Queen Marlena knows The Secret?

    Eternian Palace Guards
    MOTU Classics Eternian Palace Guards Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Official Eternian Palace Guards Guards Arrival and Talkback Thread
    The Official Eternian Guard Thread
    The BIGGEST Palace Guard army?
    Eternos Guard Multi-Choice Poll--Which do you want in Classics

    The Sorceress
    MOTU Classics Sorceress Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Sorceress Thread

    Temple of Darkness Sorceress
    MOTU Classics TOD Sorceress Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Temple of Darkness Sorceress Thread

    Any interest in a giant Zoar and Screeech?
    Is Zoar male or female?

    The Goddess
    MOTUC Green Goddess Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Goddess Packaged Pics and Bio Revealed
    The Official Goddess Thread
    The Official Goddess 2.0 Thread
    Problems with The Goddess - loose joints, brittle plastic, etc
    Does anyone know how to fix Goddess's wobbly head?
    The Goddess and The Sorceress are two different people
    There are no current plans to retool The Goddess
    Why is the Goddess a "Pass" Or "Must Have?"
    Goddess/Sorceress: Same person or not?

    The Official Meterob Thread
    Meteorbs In MOTUC?

    The Official Songster Thread
    Should Mattel make SONGSTER into an action figure?

    Fearless Photog
    The Official Fearless Photog Thread
    Fearless Photog Has ARRIVED thread
    New QC issue... Photog lens cracks?
    Fearless Photog's logistics are no longer in play
    Should Mattel contact Bitner about PHOTOG and work something out?

    Castle Grayskullman
    The Official Castle Grayskullman Thread
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Skeletor's Evil Warriors
    Heirarchy Of The Evil Warriors
    Evil Warriors under new leadership

    MOTU Classics Skeletor Photo Review by Pixel Dan with Guia X photos
    How does MOTUC Skeletor compare to his other versions?
    The Official Havoc Staff Thread
    The Official Throne of Bones Thread
    Skeletor Revealed
    Skeletor Packaged
    MOTUC Skeletor Face Differences
    Alcala style Skeletor's head!

    Battle Armor Skeletor
    MOTU Classics Battle Armor Skeletor Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Official Battle Armor Skeletor Arrival Talkback Thread
    Battle Armor Skeletor Packaged Pics and Bio Revealed
    Battle Armor or purple feet?
    Battle Armor Skeletor has a purple He-Man axe

    Dragon Blaster Skeletor
    MOTU Classics Dragon Blaster Skeletor Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Dragon Blaster Skeletor Thread
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor Sneak Peak
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor loincloth in MOTUC
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor Dragon Head. Do you like it?
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor Arrival Thread

    MOTUC Keldor Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Keldor Thread
    Keldor's Redemption
    What Era Is Keldor From?
    Keldor/200X Skeletor double-sword: Mattel are going to do it!

    MOTU Classics Evil-Lyn Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Evil-Lyn Packaged Pics and Bio Revealed
    Evil-Lyn Revealed
    Evil-Lyn's real name (Evelyn Morgan Powers) was from the original 1983 story bible
    Evil-Lyn's staff: display long or short?
    Evil-Lyn = Pandora
    A possible explanation for Evil Lyn's skin colour
    Evil Lyn: Yellow or Not?
    What are you doing with your first edition Evil Lyn?

    Battleground Evil-Lyn
    MOTU Classics Battleground Evil-Lyn Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Battleground Evil-Lyn: Neither 200X nor Filmation
    Petition to Repaint Battleground Evil-Lyn in Filmation Colors
    Support to change BG Evil-Lyn's furry boots to the 2.0 boots!
    The Official 200X Evil-Lyn Thread
    200X Evil-Lyn wouldn't be a repaint
    200X Evil-Lyn to have "quite a few new tools"

    Beast Man
    MOTU Classics Beast Man Photo Review by Pixel Dan
    How does MOTUC Beast Man compare to his other versions?
    It's started to bug me how SMALL Beast Man is!
    How do you pronounce Raqquill Rqazz?!

    The Official Mer-Man Thread

    MOTU Classics Tri-Klops Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Atari Tri-kolps and Beastman

    Trap Jaw
    MOTU Classics Trap Jaw Video Review by Pixel Dan
    How does MOTUC TrapJaw compare to his other versions?
    The Official Trap Jaw Tread (the latest)
    The Official Trap Jaw Thread (the earliest)

    How does MOTUC Faker compare to his other versions?
    The Official Leo Faker Thread
    The Official Battle Armor Faker Thread
    How different do you think MOTUC Faker should look?
    How powerful is Faker in your universe?
    Why no love for Faker????

    How does MOTUC Whiplash compare to his other versions?
    Re-issue Whiplash Sold Out
    Clash of arms Variant Whiplash

    The Official Jitsu Thread
    Jitsu bio/packaged shot up!!
    Jitsu: Would you like to see a removable 200X styled belt similar to Fisto?
    Should MOTUC Ninjor be Jitsu's head on Skeletor's body again?
    Rank Jitsu's Importance
    Evil Warriors under new leadership

    The Official Nightstalker Thread

    The Official Clawful Thread

    Stinkor Arrival Thread
    The Official Stinkor Thread
    Stinkor SOLD OUT!!
    About Stinkor and Odiphus...
    Stinkor: Odiphus or Nodiphus???
    Stinkor! He REALLY stinks!(??)

    The Official Two-Bad Thread

    The Official Spikor Thread (modern)
    The Official Spikor Thread (ancient)
    Spikor's lazy eye syndrome

    The Official Ninjor Thread
    Should MOTUC Ninjor be Jitsu's head on Skeletor's body again?

    Scare Glow
    The Official Karak Nul Thread

    The Official Blade Thread
    April sub figure BLADE arrival thread

    The Official Saurod Thread

    Draego Man
    The Official Draego Man Thread

    The Official Rotar and Twistoid Thread
    Rotar and Twistoid to be reissued

    MOTU Classics Panthor Video Review by Pixel Dan
    MOTUC Review – Panthor
    Panthor Packaged Pics and Bio Revealed
    The 4H preferred Panthor not to be flocked as it obscures the sculpt
    The Official Flocked Panthor Thread
    So will fans really boycott Panthor if he isn't flocked?

    Any interest in a giant Zoar and Screeech?

    MOTU Classics Shadowbeast Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Shadowbeast Packaged Pics and Bio Revealed
    The Official Shadowbeast Thread
    Army Building Shadow Beasts
    Shadowbeasts are really brown; lack of light makes them look black or blue

    MOTU Classics Griffin Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official MYP Griffin Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    The Snake Men
    Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Dig The Snake Men?
    King Hssss & the Snake Men: Eternia's version of V?
    Snake Men Staffs

    The Snake Men Trilogy Mini-Comics
    King of the Snake Men
    Snake Attack
    Revenge of the Snake Men

    King Hssss
    MOTU Classics King Hsss Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official King Hssss Thread
    Official King Hssss Arrival Talkback Thread
    King Hiss articulation general discussion
    King Hssss Packaged Pics and Bio Revealed
    King Hssss Steed in MOTUC Speculation
    King Hiss is now spelled "Hssss" with 4 "s"
    King Hssss will have an articulated jaw on the main snake
    King Hssss is final and he will have bendy snakes
    King Hsss's Snake Form needs to be improved urgently
    The Official King Hssss Has Reversed Shoulders Thread
    The Corrected Hssss Shoulders Thread
    King Hssss on a Preternia Disguise He-Man card
    The Official King Hssss Bruce Timm Maskless Head Thread
    King Hiss--which of his 3 skins do you want?

    Battle Armor King Hssss
    Where is 200x King Hsss SNake form
    The Official MYP King Hssss with Earl Norem Snakes Thread
    The Official MYP King Hssss Thread
    Idea to explain King Hsss's different look if/when we get a 200X version
    Battle Armor King Hsss Arrival Thread

    MOTU Classics Rattlor Video Review by Pixel Dan
    MOTUC Rattlor Discussion Thread
    An extending neck peg might be how they make Rattlor's neck
    Where will you display your Rattlor?

    Tung Lashor
    The Official Tung Lashor Thread (the latest one)
    The Official Tung Lashor Thread (the earliest one)
    MOTU Classics Tung Lashor Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Tung Lashor's Dragonfly Thread
    Tung Lashor-with 200x armor or not?
    Tung Lashor's tongue-vntage or 200x style?

    Kobra Khan
    The Official Kobra Khan Thread
    The Official Kamo Khan Thread
    The Official Khan's Pet Thread
    Kobra Khan: Evil Warrior of Skeletor's or Snake Man?
    Is Kobra Khan A Snake Man?
    Kobra Khan: Who wants toothless?

    The Official Sssqueeze Thread

    Snake Face
    The Official Snake Face Thread

    Snake Men Army Bulder I
    MOTU Classics Snake Men Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Snake Men Guards discussion
    What possible Snake Men army builder warriors from media?
    How many Snake Men 2-packs will you buy?
    Snake Men Army Builder Arrival Thread

    Snake Men Army Builder II
    The Official Snake Men Army Builder II Thread

    The Official Blast-Attak Thread
    Blast-Attak... would they have to change his back-story?
    Dragstor or Blast-Attak?
    Give your SOLUTIONS to make Blast Attak come apart. Let's hope Mattel is listening.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    The Evil Horde
    How Do You Like Your Horde?

    MOTUC Hordak Reviews
    Insight into MOTUC Hordak's lower torso
    Filmation Hordak Transformed figures

    Hurricane Hordak
    MOTUC Hurricane Hordak Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Hurricane Hordak Thread
    The Official Hurricane/Buzz Saw Hordak Thread
    Is Vac-Metalizing In MOTUC a Good Idea or Bad Idea?
    Leech and Hurricane Hordak revealed at WonderCon!
    The huge dial on Hurricane Hordak's back

    Etheria Invasion Hordak
    Filmation Hordak and Imp revealed at Matty
    Are you satisfied with Filmation Hordak's head being a repaint and not a new sculpt

    Shadow Weaver
    The Official Shadow Weaver Thread
    MOTUC Visions: Shadow Weaver
    Shadow Weaver Loophole?
    Is Shadow Weaver Possible?
    SHADOW WEAVER: Fans United?
    How would Shadow Weaver work as a figure?
    If We Ever Get A Shadow Weaver Toy, Would You Want Her To Have A Second Head?
    What accessories for Shadow Weaver
    Shadow Weaver: Fallen Overlord of Trolla that frees Hordak??

    MOTU Classics Grizzlor Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Grizzlor Arrival and Talkback Thread

    MOTU Classics Leech Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Leech Thread
    Show your appreciation for Leech!
    Leech revealed at WonderCon!
    Do you think Leech's head is too big?

    The Official Mantenna Thread
    Should Mantenna in Classics be like Vintage or Staction
    MOTUC Mantenna- which buck?

    The Official Modulok and Multi-Bot Thread
    Which Modulok should be in Classics?
    Which bio would you like Mattel to (possibly) use with Modulok in MOTUC?

    The Official Dragstor Thread
    Dragstor or Blast-Attak?

    The Official Mosquitor Thread
    MOTUC Mosquitor Teaser Thread
    The Official Mosquitor Arrival Thread
    Mosquitor Sold Out

    The Official Modulok and Multi-Bot Thread

    Horde Prime
    MOTU Classics Horde Prime Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Horde Prime Thread
    Does Horde Prime exist in your world?
    SPOILER! Horde Prime secret face!
    Alternate Heads: Does Horde Prime break Mattel's "rule"

    Horde Trooper
    Horde Trooper sold out contact Mattel to produce more
    The Official Horde Trooper Thread
    How many MOTUC Horde Troopers would you buy?

    MOTU Classics Cy-Chop Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Cy-Chop Thread

    The Official Mantisaur Thread

    The Official Monstroid Thread
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC Vehicles
    Which one Vehicle do you wan to see FIRST in MotUC?
    Has it been confirmed that the vehicle that we're getting is NOT the Battle Ram?
    MOTUC Compatible with 80's Vehicles
    Filmation Vehicles
    Evil horde needs vehicles too

    Battle Ram
    The Official Battle Ram Thread

    Wind Raider
    MOTU Classics Wind Raider Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Wind Raider Thread
    So who is NOT buying the Wind Raider?

    Talon Fighter and Point Dread
    The Official Talon Fighter/Point Dread Thread

    Battle Ram Chariot
    The Official Battle Ram Chariot Thread

    Road Ripper
    Official Road Ripper Thread

    Laser Bolt
    The Official Laser Bolt Thread

    Official Bashasaurus Thread

    Dragon Walker
    The Official Dragon Walker Thread

    The Official Blasterhawk thread

    Attack Trak (toy version) or Small Trak
    The Official Small Trak Thread

    Attak-Trak (Filmation)
    The Official Filmation Attak Trak Thread

    Battle Bones
    The Official Battle Bones thread

    Zodac's Chair
    The Official Zodac's Chair Thread

    The Official Roton Thread

    Land Shark
    The Official Land Shark Thread

    The Official Spydor Thread

    Fright Fighter
    The Official Fright Fighter Thread

    The Official Collector Thread

    The Official Basher Thread

    The Official Doombuster Thread

    The Official Annihilator Thread

    Vintage Mini-Vehicles
    MOTUC versions of the Stilt Stalkers, Jet Sled, Tower Tools, Cliff Climber, etc?

    Beam Blaster and Artillray
    The Official Beam Blaster and Artillray Thread

    Tower Tools
    The Official Tower Tools Thread

    Bubble Carriage
    Bubble Carriage Standin
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC Playsets

    If you could have one more playset which one would it be

    Castle Grayskull
    The Official Castle Grayskull Thread
    Post here when you've successfully cancelled Castle Grayskull
    Castle Grayskull pak! Your suggestions
    Castle Grayskull Box Art Voting!

    The Official Grayskull Robot Thread
    No Castle Grayskull Connect and Connect
    MOTUC Castle Grayskull for 200 to 300.00 - Would you buy it?
    Real Castle Grayskull playset is more involving than Young Justice C&C Diorama
    The skull on Castle Grayskull - what does it mean or whom does it resemble?

    Crystal Castle
    The Official Crystal Castle

    Castle Chill
    Castle Chill Lookalike

    Eternia Towers
    The Official Eternia Towers Thread

    Eterian Moat Monster
    The Offical Moat Monster Thread

    Eternos Palace The Official Eternos Palace Playset Thread

    Snake Mountain
    200X Snake Mountain is fair game
    Snake Mountain Sent for Pricing
    Snake mountain revealed at SDCC 2018

    Fright Zone
    The Official Fright Zone Dragon Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Powers of Grayskull
    The Official Powers of Grayskull Thread
    The Eternia Towers Truce (the REAL reasons for the truce) Discussion
    Are The Pre-Eternia Bios Depressing?
    The unproduced Powers of Grayskull mini-comics are summarized in Pre-Eternia He-man's bio
    Oo-Lar, Wun-Dar, Vikor, He-Man: Clarification?
    Preternia Map Discussion
    Are we still going to get Veena, Gladiator, Eldor, and Beast Lord?

    He-Ro's spell stone isn't She-Ra's stone of Protection
    Who exactly is He-Ro?
    Do you think He-Ro is "alive" in this canon
    He-Ro and King Grayskull... brothers?
    Has He-Ro been in any of the comics of cartoons before?
    Turbodactyl IS He-Ro's steed

    The Official Gray Thread

    King Grayskull
    MOTU Classics King Grayskull Video Review by Pixel Dan
    MOTU Classics King Grayskull Re-Deco Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official King Grayskull Thread
    Anyone else not really care about King Grayskull?

    Queen Veena
    The Official Veena Thread

    The Official Eldor Thread

    The Official Sharella Thread

    MOTU Classics Tytus Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Tytus Thread
    Tytus is a little over 12 inches tall
    Tytus comparison size question, which do you prefer?

    The Official Megator Thread
    The Official Zombie Megator Thread
    Megator Bio and Packaging Revealed
    Megator's Secret Accessory Revealed
    Megator, Whos side is he on?
    What villain group will you display Megator with?
    What "Megator" are we getting?

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Powers of Grayskull Dinosaurs
    Powers of Grayskull Large Scale Beasts thread

    Binotops should be SLL's Stead

    Turbodactyl IS He-Ro's steed

    Tyrantisaurus Rex
    The Official Tyrantisaurus Rex Thread
    Using JW T-rex for Tyrantisaurus Rex

    The Official Gigantisaur Thread
    Castle Grayskull would come first, if they were to tackle something so big

    Battle Raptor
    The Official Battle Raptor Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Characters of the Past
    Too Much concept figures in MOTUC?

    MOTU Classics Vikor Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Infinite Hollywood's Vikor Review
    Official Vikor Arrival and Talkback Thread
    The Official Vikor Thread
    Vikor's chains are from a dungeon or from being captured by the Fighting Foe Men
    Did Vikor fight alongside King Grayskull & co?
    Is Vikor's face better than He-Man's?

    Post here when you got Vykron!

    The Official Demo-Man Thread
    Demo-Man appears in the art book

    Torak In MOTUC

    Lord Choloh
    The Official Lord Choloh Thread

    Red Beast
    The Official Red Beast Thread

    Fighting Foe Men
    The Official Fighting Foe Men Thread
    Characters On Box Art

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Princess of Power (1984-1987)
    Princess of Power is the literal sister franchise of MOTU. Now that POP has joined forces with MOTU in MOTUC, fans can finally get the iconic Filmation (Mattel style guide) character designs that they have watched on television and DVD's.

    The Official Extra Rooted Head Thread
    The Look of PoP in MOTUC...It's Up to the Four Horsemen!
    Adora, female figures, POP ... I'm converted!
    Does She-Ra & POP Belong In MOTUC?
    Will POP be the downfall of MOTUC?
    Toyguru's A-List Princess of Power: Could he have picked better choices? [RUMOR]
    Which POP characters do you think are the most important?

    The Great Rebellion
    Princess of Power Logo maintains better Classics feel than Great Rebellion Logo

    A very very special Shera is coming
    MOTUC She-Ra 1.0 Video Review by Pixel Dan
    How does MOTUC She-ra 1.0 compare to her other versions?
    Official She-Ra 1.0 Arrival and Talkback Thread
    She-Ra Packaged Pics and Bio Revealed
    The Official She-Ra 1.0 vs Supergirl Thread
    Why She-Ra isn't packaged with her more familiar head
    Multiple She-Ra Speculation Thread
    She-Ra isn't designed to be displayed with her headgear off
    She-Ra still has her epic-level super strength in Classics canon
    200X She-Ra sword in Classics is possible, but isn't on their "to do" list
    She-ra figure vs Filmation License Guide
    Would you support a She-Ra "sword transformations" Weapons Pak?
    She-Ra will never ride again!

    Bubble Power She-Ra
    MOTU Classics Bubble Power She-Ra Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official She-Ra 2.0 Thread
    Bubble Power She-Ra Arrival Thread
    Bubble Power She-Ra is Sold Out!

    MOTUC Adora Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Adora Thread
    The Adora Anticipation Support Group
    Will MOTUC Adora Be The Alter-Ego To Your She-Ra?
    Now we wants a 2.0 Adora too!
    The Official Horde Captain Adora thread

    MOTU Classics Bow Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Bow Packaged Pics and Bio Revealed
    The Official Bow Thread
    Bow Discussion!
    Bow Playing Card Arrow Abilities Speculation
    The 4H added slots for fans who wanted to add a string to his bow
    Bow has "Green Arrow" ball joints
    Black Bow

    The Official Glimmer Thread

    Queen Angella
    The Official Queen Angella Thread

    MOTU Classics Castaspella Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Castaspella Thread
    Castaspella's blue and gold variant is possible

    MOTU Classics Frosta Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Frosta Thread
    Mattel: Frosta's arms incorrect. Sub holders get a free gift apology item

    The Official Mermista Thread

    The Official Peekablue Thread

    The Official Flutterina Thread

    Double Trouble
    The Official Double Trouble Thread

    The Official Perfuma Thread

    Sweet Bee
    The Official Sweet Bee Thread
    Buzz-Off and Sweet Bee

    The Official Spinerella Thread
    The Spinerella/Netossa Thread

    The Official Netossa Thread
    MOTU Classics Netossa Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Spinerella/Netossa Thread
    Which Version of Netossa do you prefer??
    The black stain on Netossa's net

    Kowl is possible, but not with Bow at $20

    The Official Loo-Kee Thread

    The Star Sisters
    MOTU Classics Star Sisters Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Star Sisters Thread
    Star Sisters Review on
    The Official Jewelstar Thread
    Which Star Sisters Do You Want For MOTUC?
    Let's Talk Star Sisters Repaints/Variants & What They Could Come With
    The I wish The Star Sisters would go away thread!

    MOTU Classics Catra Video Review by Pixel Dan
    First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics Catra
    Official Catra Arrival and Talkback Thread
    Catra: "Almost Gone"
    Catra - SOLD OUT
    Catra's Bio revealed!
    Catra revealed as May 2011 figure
    The Official Catra's Whip Thread
    The original toy Catra could come one day
    Catra's masks snap-on
    Catra's masks are two different molds
    Catra's sword is made from the same plastic as the whip to keep costs down
    Cat form is too expensive to pack in with figure
    Where will you display Catra when you get her?
    Catra's hand tg responds
    Shower Power Catra

    Starburst She-ra
    The Official Starburst She-ra thread

    Shower Power Catra
    The Official Shower Power Catra thread

    Scratchin Sound Catra
    The Official Scratchin Sound Catra Thread

    The Official Entrapta Thread

    MOTU Classics Swift Wind Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Swiftwind Thread
    Swiftwind Arrival Thread
    Would you buy Swift Wind?
    Mattel is unsure what to call Swiftwind:"Swiftwind" or "Royal Swiftwind"
    Swiftwind vote results *SPOLIER*
    A Plea to Mattel - Please Fix Swift Wind/Spirit!
    Holes in Swift Wind/Spirit's Sides
    She-Ra will never ride again!
    Swiftwind is Sold Out!
    Now That I Have Swiftwind...
    Bubble Power She-Ra and Swifty are mine! w00t!
    It's the backwards shoulder thing AGAIN, but with Swiftwind's front legs!
    The 'I requested a replacement for my faulty Swiftwind' thread
    Swiftwind's right wing
    Front of Swift Wind box is a sticker with "The Original" underneath!
    How Big Is Battle Cat, Compared to Swift Wind?
    Battle Cat vs. Swiftwind

    Spirit seperate from Swiftwind?
    Can Adam change Spirit into Swiftwind?
    Spirit: What would YOU want to see?

    Arrow (Filmation)
    The Official Filmation Arrow Thread

    Crystal Moonbeam
    The Official Crystal Moonbeam Thread

    Crystal Sundancer
    The Official Crystal Sundancer Thread

    The Official Storm Thread

    The Official Clawdeen Thread
    Clawdeen Thoughts...

    POP Horses
    The Official POP Horses Thread

    Fantastic Fashions
    Fanatasic Fashions
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    New Adventures of He-Man (1989-1992)
    Despite fans believing that NA flopped, New Adventures didn't flop at retail as fans would believe. NA was a successful toyline and lasted for four years. It just wasn't the overwhelming success that MOTU and POP was.

    General NA Theard
    NA Mini Sub Speculation
    The Official New Adventures Thread
    The next NA figure will be a Galactic Protector
    What do you think of NA in MOTUC now?
    Will we get all the New Adventure characters?
    I can NOT believe that I'm going to say this...(NA related)
    Looking for help with vintage New Adventure Bios
    Cosmic Key NA idea and open letter to Mattel from Jack Olesker!
    Tying NA into MOTUC
    NA fans, Mattel just killed NA IMHO
    I'd prefer not to see NA figures in the MOTUC line

    Galactic Protectors
    What Galactic Protectors would you like to see in MOTUC?
    Do you wanna see more actor likenesses on Galactic Protectors?

    Galactic Protector He-Man
    The Official NA He-Man Thread
    MOTU Classics Galactic PRotector He-Man Video Review by Pixel Dan
    4H says New Adventures He-Man isn't scheduled
    NA Power Sword for the Classics Line
    Should NA He-Man Have A Ponytail?
    NA He-Man Arrival Thread
    Cartoon accurate NA Heman

    Galactic Protector She-Ra
    The Official NA She-Ra Thread
    NA She-Ra coming?

    The Official Captain Hydron Thread

    Flipshot (Icarus)
    The Official Lieutenant Flipshot Thread
    Official Icarius Arrival and Talkback Thread
    Question about Icarius Design
    Prediction: Icarius will take the longest to sell out to date
    Val Kilmer at Wizard World this weekend at Columbus, OH. Please bring him Flipshot!

    The Official Tuskador Thread

    The Official Darius Thread

    The Official Kayo Thread

    The Official Nocturna Thread

    The Official Vizar Thread
    Vizar Thread

    Spinwit (Tornado)
    The Official Spinwit Thread

    The Official Artilla Thread

    Sagitar (Tharkus)
    The Official Sagitar Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    The Space Mutants
    The Space Mutants are the villains of New Adventures. From their home base on Nordor, the moon of the Mutant's homeworld of Denebria, the Space Mutants launch constant attacks on the human populace of Primus.

    Intergalactic Skeletor
    The Official NA Skeletor Thread
    Why New Adventures Skeletor MUST be the 2012 Q3 Variant...
    Intergalactic Skletor Packaged Pics and Bio

    Battle Blade Skeletor
    The Official Battle Blade Skeletor Thread

    The Official Flogg Thread
    Flogg Packaged Pics and Bio

    Slush Head
    MOTU Classics Slush Head Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Slush Head Thread
    Slush Head is Almost Gone now too!
    Do you plan on filling your Slushhead's dome?

    MOTU Classics Optikk Video Review by Pixel Dan
    MOTUC – Optikk
    The Official Missile Launcher Optikk Thread
    Optikk revealed
    May Figure Revealed At Art Show Tonight
    Im more excited for Optikk than Tytus! Anyone else?
    The arrival of Optikk really makes "Classics" official
    Optikk 'Silver' RePaint?? With a 'Red' and a 'Blue' eyeball heads?

    The Official Karatti Thread

    The Official Quakke Thread

    The Official Lizzor Thread

    The Official Hoove Thread
    The Official Concept Hoove Thread

    The Official Staghorn Thread

    The Official Butthead Thread

    The Official Cyrstollar Thread
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    NA Versions of Characters Who Weren't In the Original Line

    NA Battle Cat
    Battle Cat is on Eternia while He-Man is in space
    The Official NA Battle Cat Thread

    NA Hordak
    How would you Imagine a (MOTUC) NA Hordak or NA Hssss ???

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Filmation Characters

    The Official Filmation Updates for Main Characters Support Thread
    The Official Filmation Rights in MOTUC Thread
    The Official 'Obscure' Filmation Characters in MOTUC Thread
    If Mattel could do Filmation, which characters would you want as toys?
    Filmation Fans: Do You Want Toys In MOTUC Or A Separate Line?
    Which Filmation character do you think we'd get first?
    What would be different if Mattel had the Filmation rights from the start?
    When will Matty admit they already OWN the Filmation rights
    Could 'Classic Media' Release Filmation Characters as Toys?
    SDCC 2010: Farewell Filmation rights and characters?

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Filmation MOTU Heroes

    Lizard Man
    The Official Lizard Man Thread I
    The Official Lizard Man Thread II

    The Official Hawke Thread

    The Official Kittrina Thread

    Dre-elle and Uncle Montork
    The Official Uncle Montork and Gark Thread
    Montork and Dree elle Discussion Super 7

    The Official Granamyr Thread
    MOTU Classics Granamyr Video Review by Pixel Dan
    SDCC Granamyr vote
    Join the Crusade for Green Granamyr: Alcala Idolators unite !!!
    How much would fans be willing to pay for Granamyr?
    Granamyr Arrival Thread
    Since it's not part of the subscription, anyone passing on Granamyr?

    Kodak Ungol
    The Official Kodak Ungol Thread

    The Official Melaktha Thread

    Chef Allen
    The Official Chef Allen Thread

    The Official Garth Thread

    The Official Malik Thread

    Garn (Filmation)
    Garn vs Garn

    Kol-Darr and Shadowmaster
    The Official Kol-Darr Thread

    Queen Elmora
    The Official Queen Elmora Thread

    The Starchild
    The Official Starchild Thread

    The Official Illeena Thread

    The Official Michi Thread

    King Stefan
    The Official King Stefan Thread

    The Official Cambro Thread

    King Tamusk
    The Official King Tamusk Thread

    The Official Skytree Thread

    The Official Zanthor Thread

    The Official Gleedel Thread

    King Helios
    The Official King Helios Thread

    The Official Celice

    The Official Vokan Thread

    The Official Zagraz Thread

    The Offiicial Pookie Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Filmation MOTU Villains

    The Official Shokoti Thread
    MOTU Classics Shokoti Video Review by Pixel Dan
    So, who's going to give us the scoop on Casta and Shokoti's bios...?

    The Official Masque Thread

    The Official Strongarm Thread

    Fang Man
    The Official Fang Man Thread

    The Official Icer Thread
    Official Subscription ICER Arrival thread!

    The Official Batros Thread

    The Official Nepthu Thread

    The Official Plundor Thread

    Skeletor's Robot Knights
    The Official Skeletor's Robot Knights Thread

    General Tataran
    The Official General Tataran Thread

    The Official Negator Thread

    The Official Angast Thread

    Morgoth the Terrible
    The Official Morgoth the Terrible Thread

    The Enchantress
    The Official Enchantress Thread

    The Official Darkdream Thread

    The Official Kothos Thread

    The Official Tauron/Nazghal Thread

    The Official Jarvan Thread

    The Official Hexon Thread

    Game Master
    The Official Gamemaster Thread

    Slave Master
    The Official Slavemaster Thread

    The Official Aremesh Thread

    Tycor and the Tycons
    The Official Tycons Thread

    The Official Kraggox Thread

    Crackers the Clown
    The Official Crackers the Clown Thread

    Lady Valtira and Lord Tyran
    The Official Lady Valtira/Lord Tyran Thread

    The Official Raven Thread

    The Official Dragoon Thread

    Daimar the Demon
    The Official Daimar the Demon Thread

    The Official Colossor Thread

    The Official Sh'Gora Thread

    The Official Molkrom Thread

    The Official Yog Thread

    The Grimalkin
    The Official Grimalkin Thread

    Shadow Wing/Morningstar
    The Official Shadow Wing/Morningstar Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Filmation Princess of Power Heroes

    Madame Razz and Broom
    The Official Madame Razz and Broom Thread
    Who wants a sexy Madam Razz vs Filmation Razz?

    The Twiggets
    The Official Twiggets Thread
    Warrior Twigget anyone?

    Sea Hawk
    The Official Sea Hawk Thread
    What if Sea Hawk was the next PoP figure?
    Are You OK with Bow Replacing Sea Hawk?

    Red Knight
    The Official Red Knight Thread

    General Sunder
    The Official General Sunder Thread
    General Sunder = Modern Wun-Dar?

    Granita and Facet
    The Official Granita Thread
    Granita Support Thread

    King Micah
    The Official King Micah Thread

    King Ahgo
    The Official King Ahgo Thread

    The Official Kowla Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Filmation Princess of Power Villains

    The Official Scorpia Thread

    A note about the debate on Octavia in MOTUC
    MOTU Classics Octavia Video Review by Pixel Dan
    Subscription Octavia has ARRIVED!
    Octavia vs Horde Octopus Woman

    The Many forms of Imp Thread

    Hunga the Harpy
    The Official Hunga the Harpy Thread

    The Official Huntara Thread
    MOTUC Huntara Video Review by Pixel Dan

    The Official Dylamug Thread

    The Official Vultak Thread

    Inspector Darkney
    The Official Inspector Darkney Thread

    Duke Dreer
    The Official Duke Dreer Thread

    False Face
    The Official False Face Thread

    Admiral Scruvey and Squall
    The Official Admiral Scruvey and Squall Thread

    Col. Blast
    The Official Col. Blast Thread

    Ferros, Repta and Rachney
    The Official Ferros, Repta and Rachney Thread

    Horde Dark Riders
    The Official Dark Riders Thread

    The Official Acrobad Thread

    The Melog
    The Official Melog Thread

    The Official Syrax Thread

    Slime Pig
    The Official Slime Pig Thread

    The Official Spyster Thread

    The Official Mortella Thread

    Red Eye
    The Official Red Eye Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Filmation Variants in MOTU aka Club Grayskull
    Filmation Variants

    Heman and the Masters of the Univierse now called Club Grayskull

    First time Filmation Character in CG only

    Wave 2 Arrival

    Club Grayskull Holiday Figure

    Club Grayskull Wave 3 Preorder

    Club Grayskull Wave 4 Preorder info

    Club Grayskull roadmap predictions

    Packaging for Heman and the Masters of the Universe line

    Heman and the Masters of the Universe subscription information

    Filmation He-man
    Filmation He-man sold out

    Filmation Heman Arrival

    Filmation Heman availible again

    Improved ankles on Filmation Heman

    No more customer service stock of club filmation Heman

    Club Grayskull Filmation Heman Skeletor 2 pack

    Filmation Prince Adam
    The Official Prince Adam Thread

    SDCC 2018 CG Prince Adam Laughing Thread

    Filmation Sorceress
    The Official Filmation Sorceress Thread

    Filmation Teela
    The Official Filmation Teela Thread

    Filmation Man at arms
    The Official Club Grayskull Man at Arms Thread

    Filmation Man E Faces
    The Official CG Man E Faces Thread

    Filmation Fisto

    Filmation Ram man
    The Official Filmation Ram man Thread

    Filmation Roboto

    Filmation Stratos
    Stratos's Sword of Ennael

    Filmation Skeletor
    Changes to Filmation Skeletor- is it too late!

    Filmation Evillyn
    The Official Evillyn thread

    Filmation Beastman
    The Official Filmation Beastman Thread

    Filmation Mer-Man
    The Official Filmation Mer-Man Thread

    Filmation Trapjaw
    The Official Filmation Trapjaw Thread

    Filmation Tri-clops
    The Official Filmation Tri-Clops Thread
    Fixing Tri-Clops's Visor
    Did you break Tricolps head trying to change it

    Filmation Clawful
    Official Filmation Clawful Thread

    Filmation Chopper
    Super 7 Filmation Chopper Review

    Filmation Spikor
    Super 7 Filmation Spikor Review

    Filmation Shadow Weaver
    The Official Filmation Shadow Weaver Thread

    Filmation Grizzlor

    Filmation Mantena

    Filmation Horde Rattlor and Tung Lashor
    MOTUC Horde Rattlor and Tung Lashor

    Filmation Tung Lashor

    Filmation Modulak

    Filmation Multibot
    The Official Club Filmation Multibot thread

    Filmation Hand of Horde Prime
    The Official Hand of Horde Prime

    Filmation Evilseed
    The Official Filmation Evilseed Thread

    Filmation She-ra

    Filmation Castle Grayskull
    Official HMATMOTU Castle grayskull thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Jetlag Heroes

    NA Prince Adam
    NA Prince Adam is available

    NA Teela
    The Official NA Teela Thread
    Mother/Daughter 2 pack

    NA Sorceress
    The Official NA Sorceress Thread

    Master Sebrian
    The Official Master Sebrian Thread

    The Official Mara Thread

    Drissi and Caz
    The Official Drissi and Caz Thread

    The NA Scientists
    The Official NA Scientists Thread
    Brightmoon Guards vs. NA Scientists

    Primus Troopers
    The Official Primus Troopers Thread

    The Official Meliak Thread

    The Official Grot thread

    The Official Yolt Thread

    Gleanons and Galactimytes
    The Official Glactmytes/Gleanons Thread
    Gleanons and Galactimytes are obscure
    Gleanons/Galactymites as pack-in?

    Unproduced NA Concept Figures (Battle Beard, Battle Women, Sluggor, Kickor, Rocket Legs, Kickor)
    The Official Unproduced NA Concept figures
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Jetlag Villains

    The Offical Crita Thread

    Mutant Troopers
    The Official Mutant Trooper Thread

    The Official Andros Thread

    The Official Dreadator Thread

    The Official He-Slave Thread

    The Official Cruncher Thread

    Maxis and Zark
    The Official Maxis and Zark Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    The Second 200x Sub

    MYP Heroes

    Chief Carnivus
    Official Chief Carnivus Arrival and Talkback Thread
    Chief Carnivus Revealed
    Who thinks Chief Carnivus should be killed off?
    Why So Little Love From 2002 Fans For Chief Carnivus?
    Is it too late to flock Carnivus?

    Lord Dactys
    The Official Lord Dactys Thread

    King Ceratus
    The Official King Ceratus Thread

    The Official Hawke Thread

    Chobolah the Kulatak Elder
    The Official Kulatak Thread

    The Faceless One
    MOTU Classics Faceless One Video Review by Pixel Dan
    First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics The Faceless One
    The Official Faceless One Thread
    Faceless One's Bio and Packaging Revealed
    Faceless One with Black Hood Support Thread
    The Faceless One has a face because it's how the 4H interpreted him
    Faceless One held back; someone else taking his place
    Faceless One - I think it could've been done better

    The Official Dekker Thread

    King Miro
    The Official King Miro Thread

    The Official Veena Thread
    Queen Grayskull (Veena) revealed on MattyCollector!

    The Official Zeehlar Thread

    Battle Lion
    The Official Battle Lion Thread

    Council of the Wise
    Members of the Council of the Wise

    Council of Eternia
    Members of the Eternian Council

    Council of Elders
    The Official Council of Elders Thread

    The Official Illumina Thread
    Stumbled into the 200X forum, and now I really want Illumina in MOTUC
    Illumina can now be made in MOTUC Classics

    200x Royal guards
    The Official 200x Royal Guards Thread

    The Official Aquarius Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MYP Villains

    Count Marzo
    The Official Count Marzo Thread
    MOTUC Marzo is made as if he had a figure in the 80's
    Mini-Marzo couldn't be included with Count Marzo at $20
    Marzo's amulet is done in red plastic
    Evilseed and Count Marzo: Filmation or MYP version for MOTU Classics
    Count Marzo's Hounds

    Count Marzo's Hounds
    The Official Count Marzo's Hounds Thread

    The Official Evilseed Thread
    Evilseed and Count Marzo: Filmation or MYP version for MOTU Classics

    The Official Prahvus Thread

    The Official Callix Thread

    Horde Wraiths
    The Official Horde Sorceror Thread
    Horde Witch for MOTUC???

    Skeletor's Skeleton Warriors
    The Official Skeletor's Skeleton Warriors Thread

    The ABC Giants or MYP giants (Azdar, Beldar, and Chadzar)
    The Official Azdar, Belzar, and Chadzar Giant Thread

    The official Serpos Thread
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    200X Variants in MOTU
    In 2001, Mattel decided to revamp MOTU for a new generation. Utilizing the talents of the New Jersey based former Todd McFarlane sculptors The Four Horsemen, the 4H re-imagined the Masters of the Universe with McFarlane style high detail and all new sculpts for almost every figure. Not surprisingly, there are fans who wish to see Classicized versions of those designs.
    Second 200x Mini Sub
    The Official 200X Variants of Characters Support Thread
    The Official 200X Costumes in MOTUC Style Thread
    The Official 200X figures in MOTUC Thread
    Emiliano Santalucia character designs gallery
    Which MYP Characters do you want?
    Who doesnt want 200x style in MOTUC?
    Anyone else not really collecting the 200x characters in the line?
    200X versions of characters are still coming, but in Classics style
    B or C List variants of characters are fair game
    MYP Characters can be made in MOTUC
    Fan demand isn't enough; logistics and legal stuff holds stuff back
    200X cartoon isn't coming back with 3rd and 4th seasons
    Teela and Adam's Flying Disks are possible; need compelling figure to come with
    Why are people excited that some MOTUC figures will be coming with 3 toed-feet?
    Heads of 200x part DeuX
    Variants Subline-A MOTUC Type line that only Produces variants

    He-Man (200X)
    A real 200X He-Man is still coming; the King Grayskull kitbash was unintentional
    Coloring He-Man in 200X colors is possible, but no sporran or long hair
    200X He-Man would be repaint with new chest harness and Techno Sword
    200X He-Man's long hair translates into the Vintage Pageboy hair
    There are more exciting He-variants before 200X He-Man is made
    Do you consider 200x He-Man a variant, like BA, TP, etc?

    Snake Armor He-Man
    The Official Snake Armor He-Man Thread
    Snake Armor He-man Arrival Thread

    Ice Armor He-Man
    The Official Ice Armor He-Man Thread

    Wolf Armor He-man
    The Official Wolf Armor Heman Thread

    Prince Adam (200X)
    200X Adam & Vintage Adam in MOTUC

    Buzz-Off (200X)
    The Official 200X Buzz-Off Head Thread

    Roboto (200X)
    The MYP version of Roboto is possible, but nothing planned currently

    King Randor (200X)
    The Official 200X King Randor Thread

    Queen Marlena (200X)
    The Official 200X Queen Marlena Thread
    The Official 200X Battle Armor Queen Marlena Thread

    Sorceress (200X)
    The Official 200X Sorceress Thread
    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread

    Skeletor (200X)
    No plans for a MYP white skulled Skeletor right now

    Evil-Lyn (200X)
    The Official Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn Thread
    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    Now That We Know All The "Fan Choice" Slots, Who Are You Voting For?
    Young Evil-lyn

    Underwater Teela
    The Official Underwater Teela Thread

    Teen Evil-Lyn (200X)
    The Official Teen Evil-Lyn Thread

    Ambrosia Webstor
    The Official Ambrosia Webstor Thread

    Tuvar and Baddhra
    The Official Tuvar and Baddhra Thread

    The General (MYP Rattlor)
    Vintage Rattlor and The MYP General Should Be Different Characters

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Other Media

    The Official Wun-Dar Thread
    MOTU Classics Wun-Dar Video Review by Pixel Dan!
    Wun-Dar Arrival Thread
    MOTU classic Savage He-man?
    How should Mattel handle Wonder Bread/Savage He-Man
    Am I the only one that isn't happy the Wonder Bread He-Man is the 'mystery' figure
    Petition to have WUN-DAR also come with "correct" sword from MAA (Secret weapon?)
    Petition to have Wun Dar come with SLICED bread
    Wun-Dar's weapons
    Wun-Dar is made sooo Mattel has to now acknowledge the WB figue and this is why....
    Wun-Dar's Bio are you happy with it
    Will Wun Dar get a 2nd release?
    The lowdown on Wun-Dar...
    Who's thinking of selling their Wun-Dar?
    Did you see the Wonder Bread dots on Wun-Dar?
    Shouldn't Wundar have to 2 half swords?
    If Wun-Dar stand for Wonder Bread...

    Goat Man
    The Official Goat Man Thread

    The Official Gnoll Thread

    Grayskull Sentinal
    The Official Grayskull Sentinal Thread

    The Official Blastar Thread

    Evil Robot
    The Official Evil Robot Thread

    The Official Josh Thread

    The Seeress
    The Official Seeress Thread

    Joya-Bubble Carriage Girl
    The Official Bubble Carriage Girl Thread

    The Official Strobo Thread

    The Official Heroic White Ninja

    The Official X-bow Man Thread

    The Official Whiplash/Trapjaw/Rattlor/Mosquitor Guy Thread

    Lord Gr'asp
    The Official Clawhand Thread

    Snake Horde Trooper
    The Official Snake Horde Trooper Thread

    The Official Dyr Thread

    Trog Lrader of the Drawfs

    The Official Zodax Thread

    The Official Scrollos Thread

    Crimson Fury and Count Sneer
    The Official Crimson Fury and Count Sneer Thread
    Now That We Know All The "Fan Choice" Slots, Who Are You Voting For?

    The Official Skelcons Thread
    Flying Skelecons Official Thread

    The Official Kelcar Thread

    Anti-Eternia He-Man
    The Official Anti-Eternia He-Man Thread
    Anti-Eternia in MOTUC

    Anti Eternia Man at Arms
    The Official Anti Eternia Man at Arms Thread

    Anti Eternia Orko
    The Official Anti Eternia Orko Thread

    The Official Krrylak Thread

    The Official Satma Thread

    The Official Minox Thread

    Princess Kirma
    The Official Princess Kirma Thread

    Queen Zal and Bruar
    The Official Queen Zal and Bruar Thread

    Snake Goddess
    The Official Snake Goddess Thread

    The Official Gorgon Thread

    The Official Shezar Thread

    The Official Fuerza-T thread

    The Official Ka Thread

    The Official He-ra Thread

    The Three Terrors and Possessed Skeletor
    The Official Three Terrors and Possessed Skeletor Thread

    The Crimson Countess
    The Official Crimson Countess Thread

    The Official Waspus Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC Accesories

    Ultimate Battleground Weapons Pak
    Ultimate Battleground Weapons Rack Review by Pixel Dan

    Grayskull Weapons Rack
    MOTU Classics Weapons Rack Video Review by Pixel Dan

    Great Wars Weapons Pak
    MOTU Classics Great Wars Weapons Pak Video Review by Pixel Dan

    Great Unrest Weapons Pack
    What Would You Like Replaced in the Great Unrest Weapons Pack?

    End of Wars Weapons Pak
    End of Wars Weapons Pak Review by Pixel Dan

    Energy Bursts
    The Official Energy Burst Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTU-The 1987 Movie
    The Official 1987 Movie MOTUC Figures Thread
    Sideshow Collectibles and the 1987 movie figures

    MOTUC Karg - 1987 Comic Book? Could it be done?

    The Official Worruck Thread

    Pig Boy
    The Official Pig Boy Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC That Can't Be Made

    MOTU Concept Characters
    The Official Art Book Concept Characters Thread
    The Official Tomarts Concept Character Thread
    Most of the Concepts are Male
    *SPOILERS* Power & Honor Catalog Owners: Which 10 FIGURES Do You Most Want In MOTUC?

    The Official Spidra Thread

    The Official Hoarder Thread

    The Official Gorpo Thread

    The Official Sultra Thread

    Horde Mammoth
    The Official Horde Mammoth Thread

    Wrap Trap (Horde Mummy)
    The Official Wrap Trap Thread

    Lt. Andra
    Do you wanna see Lt. Andra in the new line?
    Lt Andra, advesary to Karg

    Mind Beast
    The Official Mind Beast Thread

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
    Modern MOTUC Mini Comics
    Modern Mini comic characters if they were made in the 80's

    The Great Black Wizard
    The Official Great Black Wizard Thread

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______
    The Evil Horde

    Snarll the Snow Thief
    The Official Snarll the Snow Thief Thread
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______
    Heroic Warriors

    Official Spinwhizzzz Thread

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______
    Masters of Preternia

    The Official Gladiator Thread

    Beast Lord
    The Official Beast Lord Thread

    The Official Bandwidth Thread

    Red Shadow
    The Official Red Shadow Thread
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______
    Cosmic Enforcers

    The Official Leviatha Thread

    The Official Karsack Thread
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______
    The Revenge Squad
    Revenge Squad

    Lady Slither
    The Official Lady Slither Thread

    Official Rajar Thread

    Major Header
    Official Major Header Thread

    The Official Muckman Thread

    Three Beast
    The Official Three Beast Thread

    The Official Bubblor Thread

    Gangstor disqualifed from CAC Runners-up
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______
    Defenders of Trolla

    The Official Compactor Thread

    The Official Netta Thread

    Eye Beam
    The Official Eye Beam Thread

    The Official Brainwave Thread

    The Official Jetpack Thread
    Grayskull Robot

    Hans Hammer Holder
    The Official Hans Hammer Holder Thread

    The Official Robowoman Thread

    The Official Man-Crystal Thread

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____
    The Snakemen
    Snake Men Mini Sub

    Official Fangor Thread

    The Official Goldenrod Thread

    Strettch Nek
    The Official Strettch Nek Thread

    The Official Vypor Thread

    Quick Flick
    The Official Quick Flick Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    He-Ro, Son of He-Man

    New MOTUC Mini-Comic Characters
    The Official Son of He-Man in MOTUC Thread
    Son of He-Man Interest
    2016 Idea Using Son of He-Man

    Dare, Son of He-Man
    The Official Dare, Son of He-Man Thread
    Why Don't We Ask To Change Dare to Filmation Version
    Dare figure in 2015 Yes-or-No

    King He-Man
    The Official King He-Man Thread
    A Quality Issue for King He-Man?

    Queen Teela
    The Official Queen Teela Thread

    Mighty Spector
    MOTU Classics Mighty Spector Video Review by Pixel Dan
    The Official Mighty Spector Thread
    Spector- a liberty too far from Toyguru?
    Will you buy The Mighty Spector?
    Illumina vs Mighty Spector
    Who fits in to MOTU more: Spector or Mo-Larr?
    Didn't get to vote on Spector? Vote here
    The Mighty Spector VS The Elusive Spector
    Mighty Spector is Sold Out Thread

    Sir Laser-Lot
    The Official Sir Laser-Lot Thread
    Sir Laser Lot Arrival Thread
    Geoff Johns is now head of DC and he loves MOTU--so what the hell are we waiting for?

    The Official Kay-La Thread

    The Official Airbag Thread

    The Official Forklift Thread

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________

    Son of Skeletor

    Official Odar Thread

    Official Sawtooth Thread

    Missle Toe
    Official Missle Toe Thread

    Official EverMean Thread

    Slob Boar
    Official Sloboar Thread

    The Official Bugeye Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    The New 52 DC MOTU Comics Figures
    Mattel wants feedback on Favourite DC designs
    DC52 Variants in MOTUC

    New 52 Green Goddess
    The Official New 52 Green Goddess Thread

    Sorceress of Horokoth
    Official Sorceress of Horokoth Thread

    The Official Despara Thread

    War Wraith
    The Official War Wraith Thread

    Official Gorto Thread

    Official Sayrn Thread

    Counsler Adi
    Official Counsler Adi Thread
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Heman/Thundercats Crossover

    The Official Mummator Thread

    Thunder Battlecatman
    The Official Thunder Battlecatman Thread

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________
    Ultimates in MOTUC

    Filmation He-man and Skeletor
    The Official Filmation He-men and Skeletor Thread


    The Goddess
    The Official Ultimate Goddess Thread

    The Official Ultimate Wundar

    Princess of Power
    The Official Princess of Power figures Thread

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________
    MOTUC Bios
    MOTUC Bios & Canon Discussion (updated as bios become available)
    MOTUC Narrative-Based on the Bios
    Irian's MotUC Time Line
    Mysteries (or Plot Holes) of the MOTUC Bios
    The Bios are done
    Do You Mind that the He-Man MOTUC canon got so 'Dark'?
    Mattel is proud of the bios and they aren't changing
    Keldor and Randor were dynamic duo during Great Unrest with sibling relationship
    Sword of He changes color depending on the bearer
    Adam only used the Techno Sword on his quest to acquire the Power Sword
    Although there were "He-Men" in the past, Adam was the only one to use the power
    Not all He-Men were known champions; some kept to themselves
    How Do You Feel About the MOTUC Bios???
    Do The MOTUC Bios Affect What You Buy?
    Masters Monday

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC Quality Control Problems
    MOTUC Quality Control Problems (Catch All Thread)
    Scott address QC issues
    So we're all more and more annoyed... is it time for us to do something about it?
    Is it time to scale back the MOTUC line due to continuing quality control issues?
    Should Mattel have polls before they decide to switch things on figures?
    Anyone Else Canceled their 2010/2011 Subscriptions/Orders Due to Ongoing QC Issues??
    New 2013 sub-line with corrected versions of previous figures. Would you buy it?
    Problems with The Goddess - loose joints, brittle plastic, etc
    The Official King Hssss Has Reversed Shoulders Thread
    Roboto QC Issues Pictures Only Thread (No Discussion)
    ROBOTO cracks are getting worse
    WARNING: Snout Spout's trunk breaks!
    It's the backwards shoulder thing AGAIN, but with Swiftwind's front legs!
    The 'I requested a replacement for my faulty Swiftwind' thread
    Are Your Swiftwind's Legs Assembled Correctly?
    The 2011 Fan Polls Results! (Official Swiftwind Legs Poll)
    The Official Wind Raider Thread
    New QC issue... Photog lens cracks?
    Stinkor's Forearms Discussion Thread
    Petition to Delay Stinkor's Release Until Forearms Corrected
    PROTECTED: Stinkor's arms: reasons fans hate them plus implications and solutions
    Do you think that the Stinkor Forearm issue will adversely affect DoS numbers?
    Spikor's lazy eye syndrome
    The Official Black Plastic Thread
    Per TOYGURU's Request: Photos of chipped, scraped paint on black plastic! POST HERE!
    Petition to End the use of Black Plastic - Protected Thread
    Mattel: Frosta's arms incorrect. Sub holders get a free gift apology item

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC Figure Feature Discussion
    The Official MOTUC Quality Control Problems (Catch All Thread) Thread
    The Official MOTUC Abdominal Sculpting Thread
    Mattel needs to look at Tygra's wrist....
    Vac Metal on MOTUC

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Emiliano's MOTUC Visions
    Since he doesn't have the chance to work on anything related to the new MOTUC toyline, Emiliano decided to post a new series of MOTUC figure concepts in the fan-art section for fun! The goal was exactly what the 4H had in mind: define an ultimate version of a classic figure, adding elements from illustrations, cartoons, and 2002 series as well, trying to nail down what fan would love to see.

    MOTUC Visions: Ram Man/Tataran
    MOTUC Visions: Rock People
    MOTUC Visions: Rotar and Twistoid
    MOTUC Visions: 200X Adam/Lizard Man
    MOTUC Visions: Orko
    MOTUC Visions: Sorceress
    MOTUC Visions: Hover Robots
    MOTUC Visions: Modulok
    MOTUC Visions: Shokoti
    MOTUC Visions: Fang Man
    MOTUC Visions: Icer
    MOTUC Visions: Water Rider
    MOTUC Visions: She-Ra
    MOTUC Visions: Bow
    MOTUC Visions: Glimmer
    MOTUC Visions: Frosta
    MOTUC Visions: Castaspella
    MOTUC Visions: Angella
    MOTUC Visions: Peekablue
    MOTUC Visions: Netossa
    MOTUC Visions: Perfuma
    MOTUC Visions: Madame Razz and Broom
    MOTUC Visions: Twiggets 3-pack!
    MOTUC Visions: Sea Hawk
    MOTUC Visions: Huntara
    MOTUC Visions: Filmation Hordak
    MOTUC Visions: Catra
    MOTUC Visions: Shadow Weaver
    MOTUC Visions: Horde Troopers
    MOTUC Visions: Horde Invaders
    MOTUC Visions: The three Prototypes by Roger Sweet
    MOTUC Visions: Wind Raider and Attack Trak Vehicle Pilots
    MOTUC Visions: Illumina
    MOTUC Visions: the Logo - Part 1
    Next POP MOTUC Vision? You chose!
    Did Emiliano know it all along??

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC Customs
    Spy Monkey Creations - Official Discussion/Photos Thread

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC Media
    The Official MOTUC Toyfare Ad Thread
    There isn't the logistics to do a comic currently
    There isn't the logistics to do a comic currently II
    History of MOTUC Deluxe Hardcover Book isn't planned currently
    MOTUC Resolute?
    MOTU Shattered Glass

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTU Modern Comics
    At long last, MOTU has comics once again! This entry showcases the modern mini-comics, which illustrate the new Classics canon, which merges the many existing era canons on the back of the packages.

    MOTUC Modern Mini-Comics
    The Official Powers of Grayskull (Part 1) Discussion Thread
    The Official Powers of Grayskull (Part 2) Discussion Thread
    SPOILERS MotUC PoG #2 spoilers for story and new information NO POSTING ART
    The Official Powers of Grayskull (Part 3) Discussion Thread
    Third Mini-Comic Cover Revealed
    No one has seen issue 3 of the 2012 mini comics
    Fall of Eternia Issues 8/9 Spoilers
    Mini comic #5 Fall of Eternia
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC Celebrity Figures
    This is when fans wish certain outside characters are apart of MOTUC. While the idea of crossover characters isn't for everyone, there are a wide variety of characters that fans would like to join the world of He-Man and She-Ra!

    MOTUC Crossover Possibilities
    Bravestarr in the MOTUC?
    What if Mattel did a crossover Twitch Character from Toy story in MOTUC?
    Speaking of crossovers - What about Voltron & MOTUC?
    Superman won't have a figure using the MOTUC buck
    King Arthur and the Knights of Justice in MOTUC
    Wonder Woman and the Star Riders
    Barbie in MOTUC General Discussion
    4H in MOTUC
    Official Moon Mystic and Sun Spell Thread
    The Official Byran Flynn Motuc Thread
    Galoob Girls MOTUC
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    The New 52 DC MOTU Comics
    This new series from DC comics is an all new canon altogether, with redesigned characters written and drawn by DC's current talent.

    New Masters Comic Series from DC
    Masters COMIC Cast - Podcast about 2012 MOTU Comics
    MOTU Comics Sales Rankings
    Who would you like to see “come out” as positive role models? [in DC/MOTU series]
    DC MOTU Comic - Anyone thinking about not reading any more?
    Next DC Trade Paperback (Origins + ALL Digital One-Shots!) Set For Mar 4 2014!!

    The Physical DC Comic Series
    Have questions for James Robinson, writer on new DC MOTUC mini-series? Post them here
    Newsarama interviews Philip Tan about the DC He-man Comic
    He-Man & The Masters of the Universe #1 - DC Comics - SPOILERS
    He-Man & The Masters of the Universe #2 - DC Comics - SPOILERS
    Oct 2012: DC Comics - MOTU: The Origin of Skeletor
    MOTU Comics presents: The Origin of Hordak

    The Ongoing Series
    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Ongoing #3 Talkback Thread - SPOILERS

    MOTU vs DC Comics Mini-Series
    The Official MOTU Versus DC Crossover Comic Mini-Series Thread

    The Digital DC Comic Series
    Masters of the Universe: Digital Comic #1 "Sir Laser-Lot" Comic Discussion SPOILERS
    Masters of the Universe: Digital Comic #2 "Man-At-Arms" Comic Discussion SPOILERS
    Masters of the Universe: Digital Comic #2 "Man-At-Arms" Comic Discussion SPOILERS
    Masters of the Universe: Digital Comic #4 "Randor" Comic Discussion SPOILERS
    Masters of the Universe: Digital Comic #5 "Evil-Lyn" Comic Discussion SPOILERS
    Masters of the Universe: Digital Comic #6 "Orko" Comic Discussion SPOILERS
    Sir Laser-Lot to Star in a SECOND "Digital First" Comic?

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC Merchandise
    The Official Icon Heroes Castle Grayskull Thread
    The Funko Masters of the Universe Thread (POP! Vinyl, Wacky Wobblers, etc)

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC Fan Threads
    The Official MOTUC Appreciation Thread
    The Positivity Thread
    The Official Quitting MOTUC Thread
    Is Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics the greatest toy line ever produced?
    How many people here are completist in the MOTUC line? Non-completists?
    When are you planning to stop buying?
    Yes, I'm a Cherry Picker
    Who would give up Ab Articulation for Action Features?
    Notorious for wanting certain characters and what's next after you get them?
    How do you seperate your MOTUC figures?
    Your own MOTUC storylines
    Fan Power Tier Rankings: Most Powerful to Least Powerful
    MOTUC Chuck Norris Facts
    The Sopinsky Apperciation Thread
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    MOTUC Soundtracks
    The 200X Soundtrack
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    Camden, NJ

    So I didn't have to email you EVERYTHING and have you cut and paste into a new thread!

    I'm sure facet will do a wonderful job keeping everything cataloged and organized!

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

    Sagitar (Jetlag) • Azdar • Belzar • Chazdar • 200X Evil-Lyn • 200X Teenage Prince Adam • 200X Teenage Teela • 200X Sorceress • General Rattlor (MYP) • 200X King Randor and Queen Marlena • 200X Battle Armor King Randor and Battle Armor Queen Marlena • Ice Armor He-Man • WMD Roboto

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    Got some work ahead but looking forward to taking on this task. Thanks for the opportunity

    Dorrman hooked it up very grateful for that!

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    I am looking for a list of the maps that came with the sub exclusives, but none of the checklists seem to have that information. Can someone help me out? I have all but one map (the only one I know who it came with ), but I have no way of knowing which of the others came with what exclusive. I know that Sub-Turnia came with King Grayskull.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholighkun View Post
    I am looking for a list of the maps that came with the sub exclusives, but none of the checklists seem to have that information. Can someone help me out? I have all but one map (the only one I know who it came with ), but I have no way of knowing which of the others came with what exclusive. I know that Sub-Turnia came with King Grayskull.

    Hey sorry it took so long heres your list
    2010 - Eternia map (with Wun-Dar)
    2011 - Etheria map (with Preternia Disguise He-Man)
    2012 - Preternia map (with Shadow Weaver)
    2013 - Subternia map (with King He-Man)
    2013 - MOTU Classics figure checklist (with Castle Grayskull - preorders only)
    2014 - The Horde Empire map (with Unnamed One)
    2015 - Castle Grayskull map (with Oo-Larr )

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    Quote Originally Posted by facet View Post
    Hey sorry it took so long heres your list
    2010 - Eternia map (with Wun-Dar)
    2011 - Etheria map (with Preternia Disguise He-Man)
    2012 - Preternia map (with Shadow Weaver)
    2013 - Subternia map (with King He-Man)
    2013 - MOTU Classics figure checklist (with Castle Grayskull - preorders only)
    2014 - The Horde Empire map (with Unnamed One)
    2015 - Castle Grayskull map (with Oo-Larr )
    Sa'bout time! Totally kidding. Thank you very much for that!

    I hate to do it again, but what about a list of which mini's came with which figures? I am working on (that's spin language for procrastinating on) a pretty exhaustive sellers guide, but I don't know which figures came with mini's.


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    ill look into tell you tonight

    - - - Updated - - -

    so the minis were sold separately from the regular figures, so i think you mean things like zoar, imp, glory bird, etc if im wrong let me know
    Zoar (original colors) came with Teela
    Zoar (Sorceress colors) came with Sorceress
    Loo Kee and Kowl (Filmation colors) carded together
    Glory bird came with the star sisters
    Screech came with evil-lyn
    Kowl (orignal colors) came with End of wars weapons pak
    Prince adam came with Orko (Color Change ORKO was SDCC version)
    Cringer came with Queen Marlena
    Imp came with Eternian Invasion Hordak (Imp chest came with SDCC Version)
    Broom came with Madame Razz
    Dragon came with dragon blaster skeletor
    Darkling came with Shokoti
    Temple of darkness Zoar in weapons pak "the great Unrest"
    Little lizard came with Kobra Khan
    I think that is it, couldnt think of any other ones i hope this helped

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