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Thread: Any interest in a Thundar the Barbarian toy line by Mattel?

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    I would definitely be onboard for some Thundarr action figures; I missed the three that came out around 2004 (Ookla, Thundarr, and P. Ariel), and those go for big bucks on the secondary market these days.

    It would actually be great to see a whole line of Thundarr figures; there were so many cool mutants/magicians/aliens in the cartoon that I can easily see a full-fledged & extensive series of figures with multiple waves. Maybe it could be sold exclusively online and/or to specialty toy stores. Sure, there may not be a huge market for this but I'm sure there is some demand. There are a lot of us older collectors/fans out there who still have fond memories of this series.

    As a kid back in the early '80's, I really enjoyed the vastly underrated Thundarr the Barbarian cartoon. I liked that it took place on a post-apocalyptic Earth, and obviously was "inspired" to a great extent by Star Wars, Conan the Barbarian, Dungeons & Dragons, etc. This cartoon definitely stood out among most of the other Saturday morning cartoon wasteland.

    A while back, I saw all 4 DVD's of the entire series, and these brought back a lot of great memories; I liked how the show explored the remains of various U.S. cities - the fantasy element was strong as well. It was interesting to see all of the aliens/mutants & both advanced/primitive tech. It's also worth noting that Thundarr was one of the first sci-fi post-apocalytpic (PA) TV shows out there, and one of the only cartoons. Though since then we've seen a lot of PA TV shows since that time, Thundarr was definitely a fore-runner.

    One of the most interesting aspects of the show was seeing Thundarr & his group (Ookla the Mok, Princess Ariel) go to a ruined U.S. city and being able to recognize which one it was; i.e., in one of the first episodes they went to "Manhat", which was obviously Manhattan (with the statue of liberty in the background, the subways, etc.). IIRC, in another episode they went to the ruins of Las Vegas, etc.

    The show was actually better than I remember on my recent viewings, much of which was because, via the DVD's, I was able to see all of the episodes in chronological order - and, the cleaned up/remastered picture & sound was amazing - this was obviously much better than seeing the show on an old, pre-cable CRT TV set back in the day.

    Here's an interesting youtube video looking back at this great cartoon:

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    Of course I would be interested in a THUNDARR line. I've always wished there was a THUNDARR comic book.
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    We all should make some noise and try to get their attention.

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    Not mattel, but s7 on motuc bucks.

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