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Thread: Marvel or DC?

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    Didn't vote but DC guy here.

    Though I'm not a hardcore DC fan. Because I some what keep up on Marvel news or occasionally thumb through a Marvel comic at my local comic shop. And once Marvel got the star wars rights back I started to pick them up, because it came "official" cannonn.

    Also I'm picking up the Madballs comic from Lions Forge.

    Since I'm also a wrestling fan I'm picking up a Lions Forge's comic starring Chavo Guerrarro. Also comes in Spanish.

    If I was going to introduce someone to one of the big two I'd easily say hands down DC.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't think DC is perfect or vastly superior than marvel.

    Does one need the other to exist? No. But that's another topic for another time.

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    DC fan... but I read and support Marvel too and others. There is no line really between them only gray areas i guess

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    I am definitely a passionate DC Comics fan.
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    Can't vote. There's a neither option... but there needs to be a 'both' option. Marvel has Daredevil and Spider-man…. DC has Green Lantern and Superman... Really can't chose.

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