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    Motu rpg

    I eventually want to post some of the completed stories from our collaborative fanfic here in this thread. The best part? You can play, too.

    Watch this space.

    In the meantime, join He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in their quest to protect Castle GraySkull and all of Eternia from the evil forces of Skeletor and his Evil Warriors. Or if you prefer conquest and cruelty, join Skeletor and his Evil Warrios in their total conquest of the powers hidden within Castle Grayskull and all of Eternia. However, Eternia isn't the only land in peril. Etheria is under siege by Hordak and his evil Horde. Join the Great Rebellion or the Horde to either protect or dominate Etheria.

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    EXTREMELY neat concept

    Travel down the Rabbit Hole into my take on the Eternian Mythos:

    Direct link to the Google Slides -

    Link to my Thread in the Fan Fiction Forums -

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