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Thread: How many new characters have you created?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerobertschamp View Post
    ICEMAN i have seen all your characters in these past years and have loved the designs Uniquor and Sawnado two of my favorites by far. I thought you had a few more than that out there. Yiu have some great talent thats fir sure.
    Thanks man. I may have drawn some other people's characters, perhaps thats what you saw as well?
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    I don't think I created many. Usually, when I need a character I search for an existing one that fits the bill. Of course this has become a lot easier since I own the character guide.

    But there are a few ... let's see ...

    Morgan Powers, Evil-Lyn's mother. An astronaut on the Rainbow Explorer, separated from the ship when she went outside to study the rainbow coloured wormhole that had swallowed the ship. Of course she ended up in Zalesia. After the birth of her daughter she was swallowed by the wormhole again only to be freed years later on Primus and become the Neo Sorceress of New Grayskull.

    Snakeskin is a younger Snake Man who was created after King Hiss' return from the Void. At this point, Hiss learned to access the Void safely and control the flow of time inside, so he could have new generations of Snake Men grow up and be trained as soldiers for years while only days pass outside. He also started working with a mysterious masked Trollan. (Gorpo, who is, in my version, not the Unnamed One himself but occasionally his avatar. He is also Orko's father.) With the myterious Trollan's help, Snakeskin was created whose venom can turn other creatures into Snake Men. He doesn't have much of a personality since he is trained to be just a weapon in Hiss' arsenal.

    Red Coral is the daughter of King Hiss and Snake Teela. (Luckily, after being turned back, Teela doesn't remember much of her time as a Snake Man.) She grew up in the Void like Snakeskin and was trained to be a sorceress (which is the whole reason Hiss choose Teela as his mate, he noticed her innate though unused magical potential). After Hiss' death she married the next king of the Snake Men, Kobra Khan [who only got the position because the military leaders (Rattlor, Squeeze et cetera) thought he would be the easiest to control]. They have a daughter, Vipra.

    Zodaq is, like Zodak, a student of Zodac who named himself after his master. He is from the same species as Mantanna and his whole purpose in the story is to be killed by Hiss.

    Phantos is one of the Ancients. One of Eternia's moons is named after her. She is also Darkdream's mother.

    The Shamaness doesn't have a name, since Belots have no naming tradition. They only have titles. She is blind, appears to be rather young for her role and is mostly busy calming down Subternius to prevent a war between Belots and humans.

    Spectorus is kinda a canon character, but not really. He was the Shamaness' student and took a name when he decided to live among humans with his wife Rhea. His specialty became summoning spirits and entering the spirit realm himself, travelling far distances that way. He created a magical shield to help him. That's the "haunted shield of Spectorus" from BraveStarr, so I took a name from canon, but the character is actually new.

    Gragor, the Lord of Twilight, ruler of one of many underworlds. He only appears in my backstory for Angast and Demo-Man, because he is their father.

    Hasper Tan lived on Horde World about two thousand years before the present Horde Prime was born. He formed the first Evil Horde and was the first to name himself Hordak. The present Horde Prime and Hordak believe to be his descendents, but that was always only propaganda spread by one of their ancestors to cement his rule over the Horde Empire.

    Roine, daughter of D'Vann Grayskull, named after her father's friend Ro. She created the Sword of Protection (not a magical clone of the Sword of Power in my version). Since I decided to use He-Ra too, that makes her He-Ra's mother who is mentioned in the Guide, but the name and story are new. I might change it when more about Grayskull's daughter is revealed and turn her into a repurposed canon character instead of a pure fan character.

    Those are already more than I had thought ... and I probably forgot a few.
    Of course there are those who appear but remain nameless. Marlena's parents. The royal couple of Green Glade. The unicorn that came through the Moon Gate, gave Angella's ancestors the Moonstone and became the ancestor of Swiftwind's people. A Gar who rebelled against Shokoti and came to gard one half of the Sword of the Ancients. A few of said ancients. And lots of "background characters".

    However, there are no pictures of any of the characters, because I can't draw humanoid creatures at all. (Best I can do are ugly fish.)

    Edit: I completely forgot the characters I created for my version of "He-Ro, Son of He-Man".
    Catya is the daughter of Kittrina and Cringer, a humanoid cat with green fur and orange stripes.
    Thales is the son of Rhea and Spectorus, named after his grandfather, and therefore half-human and half Belot. He isn't as pale as the Belots, so he has a far more easy time living in the sun than his father does.
    Teela Na the younger is Teela's and Adam's daughter and (so far) the only biological child they have together. (Her older brother Dare is adopted and actually Adam's nephew, since his mother is Adora.)
    Marbella and Arlena are Adora's and Sea Hawk's twin daughters and Dare's younger sisters, though he didn't grow up with them.

    Looks like I actually created quite a lot of characters despite trying to avoid it. Well, I guess it can't always be avoided.
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    When i need a character I search for an existing one that fits the bill but i did not create many character. I completely forgot the characters I created for my version of "He-Ro, Son of He-Man".

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    Not many, but then with a crew as large as MotU and PoP I try to use existing characters to fill roles if I can.
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    I have over 150 characters at this point. You can see some of them here at this gallery

    they include SPY-FLY, THUG-BUG, ICKTHIA, Skaldor, UNICRA etc...

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