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Thread: Eternians : He-Man - New printable figures released every week.

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    Eternians : He-Man - New printable figures released every week.

    Hello all, I'm happy to announce my latest project, Eternians.
    Fold Up Toys creates original and fan art paper crafts you can print, cut and fold together to create amazing 3D toys and scenery.
    Throughout 2017 Fold Up is focusing on its new Eternians toy range, with new characters from the beloved He-Man franchise as well as original characters being released every week.

    This weeks release : He-Man

    Etrn-He-man 1.jpg

    The toy features removable weapons that slide onto the arms, and is based on the classic figure. Video instructions on how to assemble the model will be uploaded later this week.
    You can download and build your own copy of He-Man by clicking the link below, an be sure to check out the Eternians page (here) to get a preview of this months upcoming releases.

    -Click Here to Download-

    Etrn-He-man 3.jpgEtrn-He-man 4.jpgEtrn-He-man 5.jpgEtrn-He-man 3.jpgetrn-sneekpeek1.jpg

    I hope you guys like it, let me know if you have any questions or feedback, I'll be ramping up this project for the rest of the months in anticipation for the first original characters release.
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    Here are some new, updated photos of the model with a nice backdrop.

    Etrn-He-man 1v2.jpgEtrn-He-man 2v2.jpgEtrn-He-man 3v2.jpgEtrn-He-man 4v2.jpgEtrn-He-man 5v2.jpgSkeletor Preview 3.jpg

    Skeletor will be released this coming Monday!

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    Love! Thanks!

    Travel down the Rabbit Hole into my take on the Eternian Mythos:

    Direct link to the Google Slides -

    Link to my Thread in the Fan Fiction Forums -

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