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Thread: Skeletor Paper Craft

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    Skeletor Paper Craft

    Hey guys, here's the second toy in my new Eternians line, Skeletor.
    Eternians - Skeletor - Main.jpgEternians - Skeletor - 2 - No Hood.jpgEternians - Skeletor - 3 - Back.jpgEternians - Skeletor - 4 - Front.jpgEternians - Skeletor - 5 - Front.jpg

    The paper craft features a removable hood and Havoc Staff.
    You can download and build your own Eternians Skeletor at the link bellow. Let me know what you think.

    Here's a look at last weeks He-man release for those who missed it, along with a preview of next weeks release.
    Etrn-He-man 1v2.jpgMan at Arms Preview 2.jpg

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    Although I may not be a fan of paper craft toys but I praise you, FoldUpToys.
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    Let me show you just what I'm made of now...

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