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Thread: Gar Cosmic Enforcer Custom Figure

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    Gar Cosmic Enforcer Custom Figure


    In an alternate universe, Keldor is redeemed when, in a defining, critical moment, he decides to sacrifice his life in place of his half brotherīs, Randor. The Enforcers notice this noble gesture, and how the whole fabric of reality in that universe is transformed for good, from that selfless act, so, they decide to rescue this brave warriorīs soul, and offer him a new opportunity as a Cosmic Enforcer... One of the first of his race to be offered that chance, Keldor decides to leave behind his old, relentless persona, and become the Gar Cosmic Enforcer... A beacon of hope and righteousness for the multiverse and its countless beings in need of deliverance...

    Check out my creation process for this figure...
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    Gar looks more like Zodac with robotic arms and legs.
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    Nice job with the video, great idea and execution!

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