View Poll Results: Do you want the vintage figures with a resealable packaging?

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  • Yes, I want to have options and I want to protect the cardback.

    12 60.00%
  • No, the vintage figures aren't resealable so the new ones should have the same packaging.

    8 40.00%
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Thread: Do you want the vintage figures with a resealable packaging?

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    Do you want the vintage figures with a resealable packaging?

    The non resealable packaging of the ultimates was a real bummer, what do you think about a sliding bubble for the vintage figures that are coming?
    It will protect the card back and it will give you options!
    Or do you prefer a strictly vintage packaging?
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    ANYTIME it's an option, I'll go for resealable packages.
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    I think resealable packaging would be the way to go. I don't know if I'll be getting any of these or not, but I would want it to be.
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    I am prefering them 100% factory sealed to match perfectly with the vintage ones.

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