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  • Yes! I want an official manhole cover for the hole in Castle Grayskull!

    26 56.52%
  • No! I am satisfied with the custom versions which are available!

    19 41.30%
  • No! I don't need a manhole cover at all!

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Thread: Would you be interested in an OFFICIAL "manhole cover" for Castle Grayskull?

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    Would you be interested in an OFFICIAL "manhole cover" for Castle Grayskull?

    As we know, the hole in the floor of the MOTUC Castle Grayskull is a bit of an eyesore. It was meant as a plug-in for the Wind Raider flight stand, but I don't know anybody who uses it for that. Some awesome customizers have offered unofficial manhole covers. For example, many fans (myself included), have the very cool and very useful BadVermin custom seen below.

    Despite the cool customs available, would anybody be interested in an OFFICIAL Super7 Castle Grayskull manhole cover, perhaps as a packin?
    Or do you prefer to stick with the custom options available?
    Or do you not care about the hole, or use it for the flight stand as intended?

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    There's many of them out there to choose from. I'm very partial to the one I made.

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    But I have to admit, it they made one that matched the floor perfectly, I would want that. Or a replacement piece with no hole.

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    I am happy I got BadVermin's custom of this so I am cool with that.
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    I voted "yes" though personally I made my own which I am super happy with. Also there are a number of amazing customs out there.

    So why vote yes? Those customs are pieces of art and far be it for me to suppose that their intense price point may be too high: I respect that they are hand made art pieces and that is only to be expected. However for a population at large if the 4H or Super7 could release something nice that is at a lower price point and easier to get, well that ain't bad.

    Also for myself I'd just love to see what they come up with. Would it be a variety, or just one? A double sided one? For myself I love my barred hole cover (inspired by someone elses custom) but not everyone can make their own or wants to pay what it would cost for one so an official release could be what the doctor ordered.

    Seriously though I love the art out there, it is so super impressive and if I had more scratch I'd buy lots more of the custom heads and such, I prefer official releases. Plus I prefer hand sculpted/fabricated and cast. 3D printing is still far from acceptible from everything I've seen, though it is just fine for others.

    So Im happy with what I got but I'm curious to see if they could do better. Heck, maybe a transluscent smoke or something wafting up out of the hole, or something like that. Or a magical well (surprised I have not seen that custom) with monstrous hands that you could add reaching out. Things like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikethedrummer View Post
    I am happy I got BadVermin's custom of this so I am cool with that.
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    I love my Bad Vermin plug, but I'd like an official one.
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    An official manhole cover is a great idea. I've always thought the Wind Raider hole was a very peculiar design choice.

    Update: I received my custom piece yesterday after finding out about it in this thread. It's a really good piece of work.
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    I just ordered the custom manhole cover from BadVermin, but I'd like to see an official something to plug that hole. Perhaps a grate, or a larger piece (boiling cauldron? torture device?) that would cover the hole. Perhaps some fallen armour on the floor, akin to the original Alcala minicomics.

    Some stocks would be cool!


    Or some 'equipment' like the old Moebius Monster Scene displays:


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    I would plug the hole with a resized stairway throne as seen in the FilMation series. Haha

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    A bronze statue/staction of King Grayskull to plug in the hole.
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