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Thread: He-Man Cosplay by Jonathan Carroll

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    He-Man Cosplay by Jonathan Carroll

    I am not sure if anyone has seen the actor/model Jonathan Carroll, but he's pretty darn awesome at every costume he takes pictures in. He did a cosplay of He-Man at this past 2017's Dragon Con and it's pretty pretty darn epic. I asked if I could post his pics since he's not part of a lot of forums and he said absolutely. The costume itself was provided by BlueWhaleMakeup.
    Jonathan Carroll He-Man 1.jpgJonathan Carroll He-Man 2.jpgJonathan vs Skeletor.jpg
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    This guy and his costume were absolutely perfect! I want to show these pictures to everyone who wonders how to do He-Man in live-action...

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    That's good. I like it very much!

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    Wow, he does look great and the costume looks fantastic! Love the sword too.
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    He looks like the Sideshow He-Man statue come to life!

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    I saw this guy and was blown away, he must live in the gym us mere mortals have to build muscle suits lol

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    I have to say that the loincloth is too big so he seems to have short legs... but the rest is great!
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    How did I miss this? Did he have a booth?
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    good muscles but he has short limbs

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