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Thread: Are you NOT Pre-Ordering MOTUC Wave 2? Why not???

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    My Facebook post from a few days ago:

    Oh MOTU old friend... I voted out of habit (in the current poll), and maybe one day things will change, but as of right now (lol)....

    I'm just anticipating the vintage-style 5.75" figures right now. I haven't had anything to do with Classics in a long time.
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    This was the first time I didn’t pre-order, dating all the way back to Matty’s very first subscription. The reason I didn’t is just that it is getting to a place where there are more figures in a wave that I don’t want than figures that I do. Granita is a must for me, as are Filmation Sorceress and Mer-man, but they were the only ones this time around, and I couldn’t justify spending the money on 8 figures when I only really wanted 3. I pre-ordered them from BBTS because I could get exactly what I wanted that way (even if I had to pay a little more), and I also appreciate that with BBTS, I can pay when the figures are actually ready to ship out to me. I can’t imagine wanting to cancel my order, but having that option is nice too. Aside from the main characters, I’m not a huge Filmation guy, and even in Collector’s Choice, there is not a ton of characters left that I’m interested in, so I think from here on out, BBTS will probably be my go-to.

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    Buying Sorceress only through BBTS.

    I like that fans are getting characters they want, but I have literally no interest in owning Dylamug, Granita, Wrap Trap, and Magazine Karg. I also don't want Tongue Lashor or Man-E-Faces.

    I don't think I will ever participate in a model that makes me buy figures I don't want. I didn't sub from Matty and I don't think I'll order from Super7 in the future. I wish they had stuck to their guns (hinted at when they first got the license and put the Ultimates up) and not required all-in purchases.
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    I just pre-ordered mine. I've been pretty miffed about the new price point since wave 1, but two new things that bother me are the fact that a third party that I've never heard of, is getting my credit card and bank info. I don't like that at all. I also don't like how the payment plan now has a fee ($15 I think it was). Eventually this line will die. It won't be because of a lack of interest, it will be because of the price, and or the low quality, if S7 doesn't really level up their game. $35 dollars a figure, plus a pretty big fee for not being able to afford $300+ in one go, is a pretty huge burden to saddle your customers with.

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    It's just ... too much Filmation.

    I didn't grow up with the original cartoon, so there's not a lot of nostalgia there - and even though the figures themselves are well done, Filmation aesthetics and characters just don't do anything for me. So putting Granita and Dylamug in CC will save me a lot of money. I might buy Karg later, maybe Wrap Trap, too.

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    I pre ordered both sets. I think the collectors choice wave is the best line up ever. I hope the line is doing well. Are there signs of this not going forward from super7?
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    I just ordered my CC this morning. I struggled with this honestly. I have never hesitated with any of the MOTUC orders, but not having the first set yet after all the problems with the Powercon sets has me a bit concerned. This means I have now paid for TWO sets that are not even in full production yet. THAT is a leap of faith.
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    I guess the topic's mostly covered by now,
    so i'll just add that what keeps me from taking the lead so far is just because
    i'm a consumer who needs to see what he's buying, and by that, i mean, all of it.

    The fact that a few bonus were added, much after the preorder opened, without associated visuals makes it more complex for me to decide how much quantities of some key characters do i actually need.

    But i'm still intending to keep supporting the line ... Just waiting til the very last day to make my own decision, hoping for a surprise (that probably won't happen anyway).
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    Cost is the major factor. These figures are getting very expensive now and with the worries over the quality, I'm finding it very difficult to justify buying them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penny Dreadful View Post
    "Are you ******* crazy?!"

    After reading some of the comments, I've seen people saying things like, "not interested in all of the characters," "still haven't gotten wave 1," "too expensive."

    I'm just surprised because the Collector's Choice wave LITERALLY features three of the the top five characters selected by fans - (Karg, Granita, and Dylamug, respectively). People were exclaiming that these were the best reveals in years when they were first shown at SDCC.
    There's probably around 20 or so figures I want _more_ than these reveals, (I really want Hunga more than Dylamug and Granita for instance) but I'm still interested in most of them. I didn't vote for Karg, and don't really want a figure of him, but I've always liked his design.

    So I have a few questions for everyone who is currently not buying 2018 Wave 1 (Super7 wave 2), to hopefully learn more of what everyone wants, is thinking, etc.

    1. What would you need in order to convince you to buy in the current Collector's Choice and/or Club Grayskull pre-order?
    A New Adventures figure in the lineup, preferably a Galactic Guardian/Protector, so they can alter them with Mutant releases. For Grayskull, I'm mostly just collecting Skeletor's crew and random characters until more Horde members show up.

    2. Are you waiting for 2017 (Super7 wave 1) to ship before forking over more dough?
    Shecky's helping me out with them, but having more product in hand would be great so I could make up my mind easier. (I have a few Ultimates so that helps)

    3. Are you waiting to see how the quality control goes?
    See above.

    4. Has everything just gotten too expensive?
    Oh yes. I haven't been an all-in collector for a few years now, and have purged some figures. No more room, and I have other hobbies that have been sidelined for years now that I want to get back to.

    5. Are you simply burned out?
    Somewhat. Empty promises from the old manager didn't help. Super 7 listening and improving figures, even with a small delay is going a long way to alleviate with that though... but really, it's almost a 10 year old line at this point. I just want to finish NA and grab those last few figures from POP, Filmation, and other places I want and leave the rest to those who like everything. Cutting back to 2 waves of Classic-style figures a year is not helping, but I understand why it has to be that way.
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    Personally I’m in for CG with many extras and I’ll pick up a Lodar later. I’m not concerned about QC as the issues have been resolved and this has been unequivocally communicated so I just don’t accept that as an excuse from many on here.

    I do have an issue with the thousands of bucks of my money S7 have and all I have is the ultimates

    They should no way have put wave 2 up so soon

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    Well I have ordered - two sets of each - but this is an interesting thread and I want to add some comments.

    Some key points have already been made, so I'll pick out a couple and add my thoughts.

    Quote Originally Posted by snikt View Post
    It's just ... too much Filmation.
    This should be obvious to everybody. Importantly, this isn't an anti-Filmation sentiment; it's about it being in the right place and not imposing upon the Classics style. Neither Wave 1 nor Wave 2 is balanced in figure choices and styles.

    Quote Originally Posted by Donimo View Post
    I am actually surprised that someone would be surprised that folks are not preordering.
    Me too. There are loads of reasons.

    Quote Originally Posted by Donimo View Post
    I really dislike the cartoon FILMATION aesthetic that is becoming more prevalent in MOTUC.
    This is a factor of importance that some people have been quick to dismiss. Hopefully the feedback is being heard. Brian's comments on his latest podcast suggest it has, which I hope is a positive sign.

    Quote Originally Posted by Penny Dreadful View Post
    I'm just surprised because the Collector's Choice wave LITERALLY features three of the the top five characters selected by fans - (Karg, Granita, and Dylamug, respectively). People were exclaiming that these were the best reveals in years when they were first shown at SDCC.
    Actually, the character choice came close to preventing me from ordering. You can't assume that poll votes are truly representative of the wishes of the broader fanbase. There are plenty of characters I'd choose before these. I'd never vote for that ridiculous looking Dylamug.

    So what else? Well, I'm frustrated that so far I've only received my Ultimates figures despite having paid for Wave 1 so long ago. Had I not had good service from Super7 on unrelated orders, that reason alone would make me hesitate before committing to Wave 2.

    It concerns me that design problems for Wave 1 are only now being remedied. I'm concerned by the production issues being reported about the Power-Con figures (despite the excellent character selection). And the cost is pretty steep at $35 each plus international shipping.

    As I said, I am still collecting, but I completely understand all the reasons why some people have chosen not to pre-order this time around. However, I still have a lot of confidence in Super7 and, if they really do listen to feedback and think more carefully about character selection, I'm sure things will go well henceforth.
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    It's tough to tie up that much money in one shot, especially when I have money tied up on the last waves and haven't received them yet. The window to pre-order is too small given the charge in advance. If they were charge when shipped, that's a no brainer. If I had a little more time to order, that would also help.

    I WANT to order them. it just makes it awful hard when there's such short notice of when they will be up, and then a small window once they are.

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    I didn't order based on the shoddy production of the Power Con exclusives. I'm also looking at cutting expenses and my MOTUC dollars would save me a bunch. Now that Brian has answered most of my concerns and added the Kudok Ungol head I am leaning now to buying. But I am definitely waiting til the 11th hour in case there are any last minute announcements.


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    I am well and truly baffled by the quality control messages. Like, the Power Con figures are a little different. You have to heat up Terroar's head to take it off. Stratos' wings are too floppy. They goofed on the hardness of the hands which should be more flexible. Yeah, it's inconvenient, but people are acting like these things are a disaster. Like the figures turn into carcinogenic sludge the moment you take them out of the package or something.

    I do agree with anyone that thinks it's problematic that they're soliciting for wave 2 before wave 1 is out, but after the Ultimates and the Power Con figures satisfied me, I think it's worth the plunge. At least it's not like Mythic Legions where you're asked to lay out upwards of two grand for a wave which takes 18 months to produce, and the figures come out either so floppy you want to tie strings to their limbs to use as a marionette, or they're so stiff that the joint pegs shear off in your hands. Now THAT'S a shady deal but we all worship at the altar of the Horsemen.

    Yeah it's kind of a strawman but what people are willing to accept from them, but they flip out if MOTU isn't exactly as they desire it to be is just wacky.
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    I’m still on the fence. Here’s a couple of points:
    • QC on the PowerCon figures (based on online reviews and pictures. Even without having them in hand some of the issues can clearly be seen, e.g. Stratos‘s skin color is all wrong etc.)
    • Nothing in hand yet what I paid for ages ago
    • Fan demanded or not: I have zero interest in any figure from the CC lineup. There are at least 25 other figures I want more, including Miro, Hunga, Skeleteen, Hans Hammer Holder, CAC Runner-ups, more mini comic characters like e.g. the MOP demons and human Delora, a proper 200X Hawke, 200X Adam with a completely new sculpt, all remaining NA characters etc.
    • Everything is too expensive, especially the CG figures come at double the price compared to the first wave from Mattel. Especially as I would only order them for completion‘s sake and not because I want these characters.
    • Too much Filmation
    • No clear distinction between CC and CG any more (many people complained about Hawk being too simple-looking and instead of listening to the fans we now get not one but two such figures in wave 2! Dylamug and Granita). The fact that Bryan and also Val seem to defend or support these choices sure doesn’t help create any confidence.
    • I want more NA
    • I want detailed figures in CC
    • I don’t like the movie
    • Priorities. I now have a 16 month old son and again these figures are way too expensive.
    • I‘m running out of space at my house. Looking at these hundreds of figures and all the unopened ones makes me feel bad. So yes i guess I’m burned out.
    • Bad timing on how information is released. I was quite enthusiastic at the beginning of the pre-order period but felt that I didn’t have all the necessary information. You can’t release the list of accessories and extra heads a couple of days before the end of the preorder period. It’s just too late. And we still don’t even have any visuals to accompany the announcements. What does Kudok Ungol‘s head look like? Has it even been sculpted yet. For the record, I always ordered my sub on day one at Marty.
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    I ordered both sets plus a Sorceress, but debated internally for a long time.

    The thing for me was cost. This is getting to the point where I don't think I can collect everything. Once I stop being all-in, I'm going to be super-selective about what I want.

    I do disagree with the Filmation aesthetic in Classics, but that ship has sailed years ago. No one was wound up about POP being Filmation. I was very unhappy with the design decisions made concerning that faction. I can't put Teela next to Glimmer and think that these figures belong to the same line. Now that the precedent has been set, it's interesting to see how delayed the reaction has been on this aesthetic and how intense it is now.

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    I am still undecided, too.

    1. I think it is very unfortunate that the preordering process is being close of being at its end BEFORE we have received wave 1 2017. I am also so underwhelmed and disappointed by the quality of the Power Con figures that I am still irked to have preorderd wave 1 2017 and of course by having preordered the Power Con sets. I am glad that Brian, the FH, and the whole team are working on fixing all issues, but hearing Brian all the time saying, alright, we heared you and we will go into full production by the end of October which is on this coming Tuesday and only showing production samples which still have heaps of flaws does not encourage me to put so much money upfront into the next wave. I would like to hear Brian say that production is so far delayed that ALL issues are worked on and that Super 7 will not go into full prodction before these issues are fixed, especially the plastic problem. I want wave 1 2018 preordering window to be open until most US and international fans have wave 1 2017 figures in hand and until reviews are out to show fans around the world that the sky is not falling and that it is save to order wave 1 2018 in good faith!
    With FH kickstarter program we knew which kind of quality of the figures we would receive and we got all ordered figure before another preorder window through kickstarter. Yes, we also had to put much money upfront, too, but this time the factory change + the heavy quality issues with the Power Con figures surely adds to the problem that fans are now kind of scared that their hard earned money will result in subpar figures.

    2. Money is another big reason. The payment plan does not help me much if I have to pay even more at the end than if I put all the money on the table upfront. That was different with wave 1 as we all know. New registration, no PayPal, all very unfortunate.

    3. I am not a big fan of Filmation, although I collect everything MOTUC, but having pure Filmation characters in the CC line is not too cool with me. In my eyes CC should only be Filmation inspired (e.g. Plundor) if at all, but not 25 % Filmation (wave 1 2017) or now 50 % Filmation (wave 1 2018) + a CG line. Bring out more Filmation for fans, yes, but keep the lines separate. Character selection for wave 1 2017 and wave 1 2018 is okay to me, but not great. I am heavily missing all 200X/MYP/MVCreations, which is the best incarnation of MOTUC to me personally, and I am still waiting on my Masks of Power demons deluxe pack!

    4. Too many figures per year regarding the new price point. So there should be two waves of 16 figures total each year + Power Con figures + the other extra here and there starting 2018. And we have figures with multiple display options, e.g. The Sorceress. If I want to display her as both versions, I need two figures...which leads to figure after figure being added under the new price point + I am an international collector which adds heavy shipping costs + custom fees on top for me. That is starting to get insane. That is too much for me, too, regarding the new prices. I am willing to accept the new price point as I understand why it is higher than before, but please lord put out less product. Most of us have families to support first, other lines we collect and other stuff money needs to be put in. I was very unhappy with the last FH kickstarter program since they were going nuts with characters. Far more than 1000 USD if you went all in. Much too much money if you are not super rich. This makes people also upset to see I guess.

    So in a nutshell: quality of Power Con figures, wave 1 2017 not in hand yet before wave 1 2018 preording process ends, too much money upfront of unseen product of a still yet to be presented better quality of figures due to the factory change, character selction, too many figures a year.
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    This is what I just posted about Wave 2 in another thread:

    "Well, it's done. I bought 2 sets of CC back on October 2nd and paid for them in full at the time of checkout. Tonight, I ordered my 2 sets of CG with a few extra figures and made Payment #1 through the payment plan. Now, all I gotta do is make it though the next two installments and I'll be completely good."

    This is exactly the same way I dealt with Wave 1 back when it was up for pre-order. I plan to support MOTUC for as long as it exists. I love MOTU and it will sadden me when the day comes that the line truly ends. I honestly hope it will last for several more years to come. Now, with that being said I must also say that for me, between CC and CG I like CC the best of all. The way I see it, CG is merely a sub-line which has Filmation variants of pre-existing MOTUC figures. I grew up watching the Filmation cartoon and that's why I support CG. However, I also feel that anytime a new character is introduced such as Hawke for example, it should be released as a CC figure first and then released again later as a CG figure. I agree with many here on the site that CC and CG are two different lines. Yes, they are related but they are also different. CC being more toy accurate and CG being more cartoon accurate and I don't think the two lines should be blurred. As for this new payment plan, I was happy with paying via PayPal and didn't have any issues. I'm giving this new payment plan a fair chance but I don't like the additional fee to make use of it. I think Super 7 should go back to PayPal. It wasn't broke so it didn't need to be fixed.
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    It's confusing to me why so many places are doing this upfront payment. There are a myriad of options for funding based on receivables that banks and such offer. Even American Express has one now.

    I get that if people don't pay up front, you worry about cancellations. There's also a fee for financing. But I think the increase in sales would more than make up for it. If I knew these were charge when ship, I'd be buying multiples. As is, I haven't even ordered this wave and also skipped the Ultimates. And I'm a completist with a whole Masters of the Universe room in my house! If I don't jump on, how many casual fans and cherry pickers are also left behind?

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    It's a combination of things for me.

    - I love this line, but there have been times when I've had to put a pause on it because of where I'm at financially. It's what led to my decision to skip out on the Filmation lines in the past. Also I have spent A LOT on this line in the past year, trying to wrap up the bulk of my collection and pick up my missing figures. I very much want the Collector's Choice figures, but I have to consider my financial situation the next three months before I commit

    - It bothers me that we haven't gotten Wave One. I know that there's problems, and that Super 7 is kinda new at products of this scale, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. I do very much appreciate the transparency Brian is providing. Again, my problem isn't Super 7. It's just general frustration.

    - I feel like the collection is mostly complete. There are a very few select characters I'm interested in. I'm in an "icing of the cake" mode on MOTUC. I have a few characters I still want -- Master Sebrian, Dree-Ell, Uncle Montok, Illumnia, some NA and Mutant figures, and playsets.

    Just to be constructive, what would help improve things for me would be:

    - Faster turn around between ordering and receiving OR firm time frame as to when the figures will be released;

    - Continue the dialogue and transparency between Brain and the fans. This has been really great so far and I commend them on it;

    - Better selection. Maybe I'm just too picky. I love Karg. Grantia and Dylamug are cool. Wraptor? Ehhhhh.

    - More Ultimates! There are some characters I'm still missing that I wish I could still get for a decent price. I'd love to have a wave of Ultimates every year.
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    Are you NOT Pre-Ordering MOTUC Wave 2? Why not???

    Thanks to those who responded.

    I did a very quick tally and here's what it looks like:

    Cost related factors - 18
    Additional detail needed for Filmation figures in Collector's Choice & Concern About Blurring the Lines Between CC & CG - 10
    Quality Control related concerns - 8
    Not Having Wave 1 in hand yet while a Pre-Order for Wave 2 is already happening - 8
    No Interest/Minimal Interest in Filmation, Period - 5
    Don't Want Every Character in the Wave - 5
    Character Selection, Period - 5
    Burnout/No Longer Into It - 4
    Needs to Have More NA - 2
    Shipping Charges - 1
    Other Priorities - 1
    Fear Changes to Packaging of Figures with No Notice - 1
    No Interest in Collector's Choice, Period - 1
    Dislike the Movie - 1
    Too Many Figures Per Year - 1
    Prefer to See All Accessories Before Buying - 1
    Limited Preorder Window - 1

    Things that would change your Mind - (Not as many people responded to this. It'd be good to see more direct answers to this one)
    * "-A price drop of 10 to 15 bucks per figure... I only buy characters that I really want. I cannot casually spend $30 on a toy that I don't really care about."
    * "- Faster turn between ordering and receiving
    * - Continue the dialogue and transparency between Brain and the fans.
    * - Better selection
    * - More Ultimates

    * Also, based on responses, I think we can infer that a statement confirming the distinction between the CC and the CG would be helpful. That said, it sounds to me like the above concern is being addressed to some extent. They already stated that they are adding more details to Granita, and Dylamug is getting the toy Horde logo. Still, perhaps a definitive statement explaining the distinction would help. Maybe something like the following?

    MOTUC COLLECTOR'S CHOICE BRANCH: Along with characters from all other MOTU/POP/NA canons and iterations, original, unique characters from Filmation who never had a figure before will go into Collector's Choice. For example, characters like Hunga or Colonel Blast would be in the Collector's Choice branch. HOWEVER, any such Filmation characters appearing in Collector's Choice will feature added details to help them blend better with other CC figures, but not so much that it changes the character's overall recognizability.
    MOTUC CLUB GRAYSKULL BRANCH: Club Grayskull will feature ONLY variants of Filmation-based figures that have already appeared in the primary Collector's Choice branch. These will typically be A and B list characters, as well as characters who had a distinct look in Filmation (Evilseed, Tung Lashor, etc.). Club Grayskull will feature Filmation versions of Whiplash, Stratos, or Ram Man, for example, and will be as cartoon accurate as possible, including the intentional use of LESS detail. [/I]

    Would something like that help to allay fears?

    * As for Cost, that's a really tough one. I don't know the solution there.

    * Not having Wave 1 in-hand yet while paying more money up front for wave 2 seems to be another prominent one. That's a totally understandable reason. I think Wave 1 will totally rock, but it is a lot of money to ask folks to pay without having wave 1 in hand yet.

    * QC concerns are valid, although they definitely seem to be actively working on that, based on the pics, videos, and posts. I think it's fair to worry about this, but it's cool that they are being very hands-on about addressing it.

    * Not wanting every character in the wave, or not being into the character selection was mentioned a few times. Even if I personally can't relate to that since I definitely want em all, I understand it if I apply the idea to other situations. lol. I mean, why buy something you don't want? Unfortunately, I do worry that the line could die if not enough folks go "all in." It's difficult to think of a solution for this one. Maybe people can work out deals to go in half/half with other collectors? Sell off or trade the ones you don't want? Or maybe it's just time to let the chips fall where they may.
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    I'm waiting for Monday evening to order, I keep changing my mind on what to order and how many extras for customizing.

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    This is 100% my last order with any of these toys unless 200x is brought back into the mix. It has to be more than 1 per year. In 2016 we had one figure(the Horde Wraith). Its been 2 years of 200X fans waiting and we only got one figure since 2015( with Mattel.) With reveal after reveal there has been nothing for us 200X fans. Super 7 has alot coming out, but NOTHING 200X. We all want the Variants and there are a ton of cool original characters to make, but again super 7 will do what Brian wants (Filmation ) and sprinkle it with that horrid N/A. characters... That is a shame , because 200x is what would take this product to the next level . The hope that a 200x figure would be here has kept me going for years, but the slow fading hope has turned into pretty much darkness. Brian seems to only care about Filmation, can't have tunnel vision when running a whole brand ( unless its just Club Grayskull)

    SO yes you get my money one more time but every time a future preorder comes up if there is nothing 200X in it then I will in NO WAY buy it.

    I will get three extra jobs to pay for my 200x figures. Whatever it takes! JUST GIVE US SOME 200X STUFF PPPPLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE E!!!!!!!!!

    YES>>>Get rid of the shiny plastic!!!!!. Its UGLY
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    I too definitely wanted more NA and 200X stuff. But I am not budging until they announce their intention with Classics and Club Grayskull. An official announcement, not last minute changes due to fan outcry, is what I am waiting for. That is what would change my mind. Since an acknowledgement like that is unlikely to happen, the end is nigh for me. I can't keep dropping an enormous amount of money on MOTUC that isn't updated and modern.
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