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    War Wraith

    War Wraith- Skeletor's re-visioned version of Man at Arms after he crash lands back to Eternia, and is taken prisoner in the dungeons of snake mtn, where he is subjected to one of the horde torture devices, the slime pit. I like him in that you could just use him as his own character, An expert assassin he hires to bolster his ranks, or what Man at arms could have become if he traded his allegiance. Anyway Reciepe- Mighty spector head, Hordak buck and biceps, Lord Dactys forearms, and armor with the back cut away, and I added a piece i got from a fodder box from a batman figure adds a spine and the two pieces on the sides of his head, a standor loin and helmet (modded), and Prahvus legs, i then added the two sword holders from Blade to the standor loin. for the paintjob i drybrushed a neon green skeletal structure to the armor, face and such. For accessories i am planning on making a sword in shapeways, I orignally thought that the the sword was also his sniper rifle, when you look at the design of the sword, it is not, so also make one one shapeways, and the last 2 are the poison dagger that he was going to use on adam to kill him, added some metallic purple paint to look like poison. Let me know what you think

    war wraith sword.jpg

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    I love it. I honestly wanted to figure out of this guy when I read that book.

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    That's a really cool custom. I didn't know the character. Great job!
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    that's really great! now i want to make one!
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    Wow that is brilliant work mate!

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