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Thread: MIB collection

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    MIB collection

    I'm looking to sell my entire MIB collection. Roughly 300 pieces (mostly figures).

    Includes Shadow Weaver, Sorceress, Teela, Ram Man, Horde Troopers, etc

    Missing/Not Included
    Power Con exclusives
    Castle Grayskull
    Battleground Teela
    Count Marzo
    Rotar & Twistoid
    Battle Ram
    Bronze King Grayskull

    I have everyone else and some in 2x and 3x. All but 3-4 figures are in white mailers.
    I'm looking to sell it all in one lot. And not willing to ship, because it's just too much. If someone wants to pay the $500 extra for shipping we can discuss.
    Looking for $7000 for it all (about $23 each).

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    I would love to open all those one one day, like a super X-Mas.

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