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    Yet another council of elders knocked out. Browser- Recipe: male human buck with Marzo arms, HH Loin, Blade thighs, and Snake armor heman lower legs. The armor is a mix of three armors, BAF Ares Bandolier, Trap Jaw Shoulder armor, and the Upper portion of one of the snakemen army builders armor. I combined them all together and added my elders symbol from my shapeways store. The head was a mix of things as well. I had the beard of demo man, two braided mustache pieces from Gimli of LOTR, and a mohawk from a create a superstar figure. These were all mounted on a Faceless one head, as well as pieces from the Asian pirate prince from Pirates of the Caribbean (mainly the eyes and ears). The weapon are fodder bin pieces, accurate to what was shown in one frame of the "Powers of Grayskull" episode. Head was sculpted by the talent Ryan Lunt.

    elders weapons14.jpg
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