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Thread: Custom MOTUC Cobra Commander by Hunter Knight Customs

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    Custom MOTUC Cobra Commander by Hunter Knight Customs

    Hello guys! Sharing my latest creation: MOTUC Cobra Commander! G.I. Joe will always be one of my favorite franchises and when a customer hired me to mix them with MOTUC, it was like the heavens had spoken. Cobra Commander was made in the style of the 80's cartoon using a regular Motuc base figure. The rest was all sculpted with Aves apoxie, looking at a lot of the animation references. He was given an alternate hooded head cause no Commander is complete until he has both. Then a 200X Teela donated her staff, with a Battleground Teela donating the gun. (with modded tip) He is now ripped, buff and ready to conquer the world! Check some WIP images on his video at:

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    Alright, that's downright impressive. Totally perfect sculpt on CC with both heads fitting the MotUC style.
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    Lookin' ssssssssssslick!

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