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Thread: Fan Q&A 3.4 - Ask your questions here!

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    Fan Q&A 3.4 - Ask your questions here!

    Welcome to the fan Q&A with Super7!
    For guests and lurkers reading this thread, you must be a registered user on He-Man.Org to post, and you must follow the rules posted here in the Q&A thread. We looking forward to seeing your questions!

    Rules for What The Fans Want To Know; the Fan Q&A:
    • Each user is limited to 1 question per Q&A.
    • Posts that repeat questions from other Q&As or from earlier in this thread, or posts that contain multiple questions, will be deleted. So check to see if your question has been asked and help everyone out!
    • This is for question submission only; not discussion. Please save that for discussion threads, and Q&A answer threads.
    • We will start a new Q&A thread when it is time for more questions, approximately every month. So please don't start new Q&A threads.
    • Please keep your question as short and to the point as possible.
    • Please do not attach photos. Any linked/attached photos will be removed.
    • Please avoid questions about the future release of a specific, previously unreleased character(s), unless it's something we already know is coming / in the works / been discussed by Super7.
      Otherwise, you can use specific characters as an example for a general question, but please don't make them the subject of the question. For example: "Will new characters have wings? Hunga the Harpy and winged Skelcons are examples of characters that need them."

    A random fan will be selected to pick 5 questions to submit to Super7. Please do not take offense to your question not being submitted.
    Also, we also edit questions to make them more concise, to be more specific, etc. Please take no offense to this either, as it's only meant to help.

    Click here for a master list of all previous Q&A sessions with Super7.
    Click here for a master list of all previous Q&A sessions with Mattycollector.


    This past round of questions were selected by Sebastiaan.
    Thanks to that fan for their help!!!

    1. danielsan52: Does the newly announced She-Ra cartoon on Netflix interfere with Super7 making POP characters?

    2. blackiecats: Will we continue to get additional heads like we did for CC Hawke and CG Sorceress, where the extra head would create a different character? (for example, if you ever made Hunga the Harpy, she could include a generic harpy head)

    3. Sebastiaan: With the 2017 MOTUC figures being delayed because of last minute changes, will this affect the delivery schedule for 2018 Wave 1 (aka Super7 Wave 2), or can we still expect them to ship in May 2018?

    4. melkor23: At New York Toy Fair in February 2018, could we expect the official reveal of more 5" inch vintage-style MOTU figures and information on your retail partner, as well as the next CC wave, CG wave, and Power-Con exclusives?

    5. allenlindley: If there is a new MOTU film in 2019 and Mattel releases a new line of figures for retail for the film, would this affect Super7's release of Classics or any other MOTU-related products?
    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2019!
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    When and if Super7 gets to weapons packs will they be all new accessories or just reissue weapons in different colors? MOTUC’s fans have been waiting forever for Snake Armor He-Mans snake armor sheild or imp transformations just to mention a few.
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    Any special plans for the 300th figure when you release it? Special foil packaging or something maybe?
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    Are we getting any closer to the possibility of a new MOTUC vehicle release??
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    You've confirmed that you'll be including additional heads etc as extras in future releases. Will you consider doing a "head only" release the way Matty did in the past? For example: one for Club Grayskull with cartoon accurate heads for some of the ladies like Frosta, Angella and Glimmer (and even Bow)? That could be a great way to take the classic versions and turn them all into Club Grayskull lookalikes by just giving them new heads (since for most of them their bodies are fine colour wise).

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    Is it likely that we will see new figures of She-Ra (and whoever else appears alongside her in the new Netflix cartoon) as 6" Four Horsemen-sculpted figures in the Collector's Choice line? Based on what we were teased, the characters seem like they are going to have new looks and it would be great to get some of these as "variants", since essentially this is now going to be a brand new "era" that Collector's Choice could also encompass!

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    Everyone seems to have forgotten Snake Mountain . Is there still any chance to see it produced ?

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    Any thoughts about Vehicles? We got the Windraider, Point Dread with the Talon Fighter, The battle Ram, the Jet sled Night stalker and Roton already. Stridor, Attack Track, The Land Shark come it mind.

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    Is there a chance to make the annual sub offering more varied in the future?
    It was stated that 4 waves of 4 figures were planned from 2018 (one per quarter),
    as the trend keeps being shared between Collector's Choice & Club Grayskull nowadays,
    i wondered if yet to be filled factions such as "Son Of He-Man & New Adventures of He-Man" had a chance to see their own specific subs included?
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    How important is it to you guys to get the fan demanded 200x Variants out to the fans? We haven't see any of the main characters variants such as He-man, Skeletor, Teela, Evil-lyn, Tri-klops, Sorceress and even King Randor (who was slotted many years ago).
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    Do you have a clear road map for Club Grayskull in order to have this 30+ Filmation characters line complete ?

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    In a future Club Grayskull release, would you consider including a Tri-Klops head and armor in the original colors shown on the prototype? Many of us prefer (and were expecting) the darker shade of green.

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