View Poll Results: Who would you like to see in a MOTUC 1987 Film-based character subscription?

63. You may not vote on this poll
  • Movie Evil-Lyn

    31 49.21%
  • Movie Beast Man

    27 42.86%
  • Julie Winston

    10 15.87%
  • Kevin Corrigan

    10 15.87%
  • Detective Lubic

    23 36.51%
  • Skeletor's Troopers

    39 61.90%
  • Movie Teela

    28 44.44%
  • Movie Duncan (Man-At-Arms)

    25 39.68%
  • Movie Sorceress

    23 36.51%
  • Other (Explain)

    5 7.94%
  • I don't want any!

    14 22.22%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: MOTUC 1987 Film-based character subscription?

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    Spoony Bard davidlogan's Avatar
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    Movie Karg, Lubic, Skeletor, and Pig Boy. That is literally all I am interested in.

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    THEIR KILLIN TEH LIEN !! uaxuctum's Avatar
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    Too many options are lacking from the poll for it to be meaningful (and the full list isn't all that numerous that you couldn't possibly fit them all into one poll; the movie is not like Filmation).

    There aren't just "Skeletor's Troopers", there are three distinct kinds of dark troopers (Centurion Warlords, Centurion Shocktroopers, and Air Centurions). And you can't leave out the He-Man (×1) and Skeletor (×2) variants just because you assume that "everybody would want them", are you serious? I for one would much prefer to get about half a dozen of the distinct characters (of which you left most out of the poll: where's Comtech? where's Pigboy? Worruck? Gloria? Charlie? Carl? Monica? the Winstons?) before any of the variants, with the sole exception of God Skeletor (the only movie variant I consider truly essential, because of its storywise significance as Skeletor infused with the power of a conquered Grayskull). BTW, the Palace Guards variant is also lacking. And I don't care much about Earth-dressed Detective Lubic, but most certainly want the quite distinct Eternian Robes Lubic (i.e., the Lubic character isn't just one option but two very distinct variants).

    My 4 choices would be: God Skeletor, Eternian Robes Lubic, the Centurion Shocktroopers, and Worruck. But your ill-designed poll doesn't allow me to properly cast my vote.
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    Skeletor’s trooped looked cool. I would love to have a figure of Principal Strickland as well.

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