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Thread: The Seven Devils

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    The Seven Devils

    I gave you my interpretation of the Ancients
    the Wizards of Good
    and the Council of Elders

    Now I'm trying my hand at something mentioned in the german audio plays, the Council of the Seven Devils. However, I decided that there is not actually a council. You will see.

    The Seven Devils

    The Seven Devils, sometimes called Council of the Seven Devils, differ from the groups presented before insofar that they aren't a group. They are simply powerful entities who serve as demonic figures in eternian popular belief. Sometimes they are pictured as working together, hence the term “council”, sometimes not. Even who the seven actually are differs in various interpretations.

    While Klingsor was seen as a benign god by the Gar, he was also a god of war and therefore feared by their enemies. When the relationship between Eternia and Anwat Gar went bad, Klingsor was reinterpreted as a bringer of war and misery by eternian storytellers. There were, however, also Gar who interpreted him in a darker shade than the official priesthood did.
    The Mages of the Inescapable worshiped Klingsor as a bringer of death and destruction who would, one day, destroy the world itself. There philosophy was to indulge in what couldn't be avoided, and become his servants in preparing the end of the world. They started by sacrificing people to Klingsor and at one point, came into possession of the Sword of Evil's Doom, also called Sword of Evil or Sword of Doom, a weapon forged by Klingsor himself from the alien metal of a meteor.
    It became their ritualistic weapon that they kept in their most sacred place, the Crystal Shrine.
    The Shrine was originally the home of the Star Sisters, created under orders of Shokoti but was re-purposed by the Mages of the Inescapable during the time of the Sylcons.
    The Mages abducted people of all sapient species (except dragons – they would have done it, but they never managed to) to the Crystal Shrine and decapitated them with the Sword of Doom as sacrifices to Klingsor.
    It is said that Adi, the traitorous Gar member of the Council of Elders, was secretly a member of this cult, but that seems unlikely, given that his betrayal resulted from possession by King Hiss.
    It is also said that the Mages were allied with the warlord Dyr and occasionally the cult of Hordak.
    The Mages of the Inescapable's numbers dwindled over the centuries and since the flooding of the valley of Gnarl and the following massacre of Anwat Gar they are said to be extinct.

    While Nordor, the original God of Evil, was seen as a rather distant figure, Shokoti was still feared centuries after she was imprisoned. The Gar and the Sylcons kept the memory of her rule alive and used her as a boogieman to scare children. While the Sylcons as such don't exist anymore, some of their stories are still told.
    Additionally, Shokoti's high priest Rakka became bound to the Priest's Mask when he died. It took him a few centuries but he finally managed to manifest a solid body again. Since that time, he tries to bring Shokoti back and keeps the stories of her evil alive. Calling himself Lord Masque, he was an advisor of the fallen Sorcerer King Heltor and helped creating the Three Terrors, before Heltor betrayed and destroyed him. Manifesting again, he gathered a band of warriors to overthrow King Kartan The Magnificent and while he failed and was destroyed once more, he left Kartan and his people fearing the arrival of Shokoti that he had announced.
    A small cult of Shokoti formed around Masque when he manifested the next time, but it was destroyed by the Snake Men.
    From that time onward, Masque preferred to search for the Sword of the Ancient that could free Shokoti in silence. And while the stories about Shokoti have become rather obscure by now, they are far from unknown and the ancient goddess of evil is still feared today.

    During the time when the Ancients and their servants lived in the City of the Ancients, the human sorcerer Morgoth, a servant of Schneidor, managed to do something that was thought to be impossible and couldn't be replicated by anyone since: He absorbed power directly from the Ancients. While his original motives are not clear, after absorbing power from Nordor and becoming a giant, he decided to take all the power and rule the universe. Since any spell the Ancients through at him was simply absorbed and made him stronger, they developed one that would defeat him indirectly, the Spell of Banishment. Instead of directly hitting Morgoth, it opened a gate that sucked him into a pocket dimension that was named the Prison Zone.
    Morgoth returned thousands of years later and allied himself with the Snake Men but was forced back into the Prison Zone by the Wizards of Good.
    Centuries later the Cult of Hordak freed Morgoth once again. This time his goal was to consume the Power of Grayskull, but he failed and was banished by the newly chosen Sorceress Kuduk Ungol.

    Lord Gr'Asp
    While King Hssss is never mentioned as one of Seven Devils, his half-brother Gr'Asp is. When he arrived on Eternia with his king, he was his closest advisor and also a great military leader and a powerful sorcerer. He made contact with the Snake Clan and learned about Ka, which was helpful when Serpos went on a rampage after being injured in a duel with Dragon Lord Granamyr and he could suggest asking the Demon Snake Lord for help.
    Planning to not only conquer the continent of Preternia but the planet Eternia as a whole, he made attempts to create an amphibious army that could take on the Neptunians and Aquaticans. Using Snake Men and several different reptiles and crustaceans (and sometimes a bit of dragon, when he could get it) he created the Karikoni, the reptilian crab people. As it turned out, while they could fight under water, they weren't suited for the deep sea.
    Trying to force them, Gr'Asp took the females hostage in his stronghold while the males should go and conquer the Neptunians. This proved to be a mistake, when the female Karikoni freed themselves and opened the gates for the males, starting an uprising.
    The Karikoni killed most of the Snake Men in the fortress and nearly killed Gr'Asp himself. In his desperation, he banished himself to the Phantom Zone to escape.
    The Karikoni left after this and mostly stayed out of the war.
    Gr'Asp was now caught in the Phantom Zone. The Phantom Zone is not so much a place as a state of existence. Gr'Asp was still on Eternia, but completely immaterial and invisible and also unable to use magic. And there he still is, unaging, able to go wherever he wants, unhindered by barriers or gravity, seeing all, but unable to interact with anything in any way or to return.
    However, the Karikoni remember him as their evil creator deity and that is why he became known as one of the Seven Devils.

    Angast / The Spirit of Evil
    When Torak killed the Demon from the Beginning of Time, his manifested evil couldn't just vanish but was drawn to the next ideal vessel. That was one of the many unborn children of Gragor, the Lord of Twilight, and the Sea of Creation deep in the Realm of Twilight, a pocket dimension inhabited by demons. But the evil was too strong, even for a demon and before birth the child was split in two.
    Angast Zekul-Mshqx was born with a strong thirst for power and control. He tried to usurp his father's throne, but failed. With his followers, he broke off a piece of the Realm of Twilight and steered it instinctively towards the center of the universe, where he locked it to the planet Eternia. Projecting his mind into the regular universe and inhabiting flames to communicate with mortals, he became known as the Spirit of Evil. Because he arrived on Eternia during the Snake Man invasion, he found people desperate enough to make deals with him. He merged with the warrior Slamurai to save a small kingdom from the Snake Men, but with the plan to open a gate to his world, that he called the underworld, and conquer Eternia for himself with his army of demons. When that failed, he had his wizards separate him from the warrior again.
    Over time he made many deals and send out many demons to help him gain power, but never tried merging with a mortal again. It is said, he is waiting for the perfect candidate, someone born with great power.

    Angast's brother Uqquz Zekul-Mshqx was of course, also a manifestation of evil. He, however, preferred chaos and strife over control. Searching to sow conflict, he stepped into the mortal realm and traveled the universe, until he met Hordak. Becoming part of his Evil Horde under the name Demo-Man, Uqquz suggested searching for new land in the center of the universe. Hordak liked the idea.
    On Eternia, Demo-Man continued serving Hordak as a warrior and enjoyed the war with the Snake Men. However, he wasn't nearly as strong as he looked, not in the world of mortals, and Hordak found him pretty much useless against dangerous foes like the Snake Men.
    Demo-Man, fearing that he could lose his place in the Evil Horde, revealed that he could be merged with a mortal to create a dangerous warrior. Zodac Zur, a farmer who joined Hordak after the latter freed his village from the Snake Men, volunteered to merge with Demo-Man.
    Together, they turned into a big, demonic warrior who was exactly what Hordak needed.
    When Hordak was among the rebel leaders invited to King Hiss for negotiations, he ordered Zodemor, as he called the merged warrior, to kill the Snake Man leader. Zodemor failed, though, and to cover up his assassination attempt, Hordak called Zodemor a failed experiment and used the Spell of Separation to split him up.
    Demo-Man was send to Despondos with Hordak. As a demon, however, it was relatively easy to send him back to Eternia as soon as a communication channel was established.
    Following Hordak's orders, Demo-Man joined the warlord Dyr for his attack on Eternos but was banished when Dyr was beaten.
    Later, he was summoned by the time-traveling Count Marzo who needed some of his hair for a spell. Apparently, in the future Marzo came from, Demo-Man was, again, merged with someone and his hair therefore not available. Hordak, however, not interested in helping Marzo, tricked Marzo into agreeing to merge with Demo-Man into the demonic wizard Damon, who became the leader of the Cult of Hordak.
    Damon managed to clone the current sorceress Tee-La to create his servant Teela and made several attempts to recombine the Sword of the Ancients, that he assumed powerful enough to create a gate to Despondos.
    Despite clashing with Oo-Lar and a younger Marzo as well as Teela, when she betrayed him, Damon managed to recombine the sword and open a gate. He was, however, split up again and banished and the gate closed, before Hordak could escape.
    Every merging so far has been different. Zodemor had been Demo-Man, just in a new body, while Damon had been a completely new personality. Hordak and Demo-Man are both willing to try again and nobody can say what the outcome will be.

    Shadow Wing / The Great Black Wizard
    After dragon leader Granamyr had died in a duel with Serpos, the beast god of the Snake Men, the dragons fought for leadership and Granamyr, son of Granamyr, was victorious. Most dragons accepted that. Only Shadow Wing, an ordinary Green Dragon but of exceptional intelligence for his kind, refused to bow to the new lord and finally challenged him to a new fight. Shadow Wing cheated in the fight, using magic, but lost nonetheless. Not giving up, he challenged Granamyr again and again until the Wizards of Good, seeing how destructive the duels had become, demanded that the next fight would be the final one. Granamyr agreed and when Shadow Wing lost again, he also lost his right to challenge the lord.
    Not giving up, Shadow Wing used dark magic to gain a human form. While it did not work completely as intended and he ended up with a skull for a head, Shadow Wing, calling himself the Great Black Wizard, collected a gang of warriors and sorcerers, experimented with them to make them stronger and more monstrous and tried to kill Granamyr. With the help of the Wizards of Good, Granamyr won again and all of the Great Black Wizard's followers except for the young sorcerer Nazghal, fell in battle or fled and weren't seen again. The Great Black Wizard himself was wounded by Granamyr's fire and when he tried to turn back into a dragon, he found that he couldn't.
    In the following decades, the Great Black Wizard was occasionally seen stirring trouble, sometimes in league with the Snake Men, as when he helped the human-Snake-Man-hybrid Snake Face to awaken his full power, but didn't dare to make another move against Granamyr.
    During the rise of D'Vann's rebellion, however, the Great Black Wizard was approached by the Spirit of Evil who offered him a deal. With his help, he not only regained his dragon form but also created an army of human-dragon-hybrids, the Draego-Men, from his own, now mixed, blood.
    With this army, Shadow Wing attacked Granamyr again, but once again, lost. All but one of the Draego-Men fell in battle and so did Shadow Wing himself.
    However, since he had sold his soul to the Spirit of Evil aka Angast, he was reborn in the Underworld as a demonic black dragon.
    Together with Angast, he is scheming the conquest of Eternia and the revenge against Granamyr.

    So, these are the first seven. But as mentioned, the identity of the Seven Devils varies depending who tells the story. So overall, there are more than seven. Meaning, more will come. Probably tomorrow.

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    And here are already three more:

    One of the monsters of the Great Black Wizard, the giant monster dog Ceres survived the fight with the dragons and hid. Roaming the Dunes of Doom, he bred with the wild dogs and created an army of his children. During the time of He-Ra, King Grayskulls granddaughter, he lead them against Eternos. He-Ra and her Heroic Warriors fought them and killed many, but bound to Ceres' will, the dead dogs wouldn't rest but fight on, reforming even when burned to ashes.
    Finally, He-Ra managed to trick Ceres into entering the Hall of Wisdom, where the Council of Elders used the same spell the Wizards of Good had used on Serpos to turn him to stone. The other Dogs of War immediately felt the loss of their leader. The ones who were already dead fell down as simple corpses, the living ones fled back into the wild.
    Ceres is still stored in the Hall of Wisdom and it is said if he is ever restored to flesh, the Dogs of War will rise again.

    Haramesh was the king of the Ilkorts, a scaly humanoid species with fangs and horns who were, during the days of King Grayskull and the following decades. The Ilkorts lived on the Altar of the Unnamed One, a small plane in the Mystic Mountains. The Snake Men tolerated them, as long as they tolerated the Temple of the Unnamed One that was located there.
    After the Snake Men were beaten, not much changed for the Ilkorts until Hordak's Spell of Separation caused a rift to go through the plateau and swallow the temple.
    A few decades later the plateau was invaded by the Winged Ones who needed a plain area for their city. Driven out of their home, the Ilkorts became plunderers, feared all over the area. They stayed away from Eternos after Haramesh lost a duel against Grayskull's daughter but remained feared bandits in the rest of the land until they finally found a new home in Subternia's Demon Zone, making a deal with it's guardian Kraal.
    However, they were unable to sustain a big tribe in the Demon Zone and there numbers dwindled until they went extinct.
    Only Haramesh still exists, reborn as demon of the Underworld because of his deal with Kraal.

    Kraal was the first demon born in Angast's Underworld. As soon as he had grown up, Angast tasked him with representing him in deals with mortals. The first one who called him for a pact was a Caligar architect. Hordak's Spell of Separation had changed Subternia and the architect had been tasked with creating a new connection between two now separated areas. Finding the task to be impossible, he had decided to rather summon a demon than risking the wrath of the new king. Kraal agreed to the pact and build a series of bridges and tunnels to the lost area. But he had tricked the architect, because he had never given the Caligar ownership of the connection. Instead, he claimed it for himself, demanding a price from everyone who wanted to use it.
    The king forbid the use of the connection and Kraal closed it but left behind an altar to summon him to gain access. He also included an opening from the cut-off area to the surface that was equally guarded. This way is since this time used by smugglers and fugitives to reach the cave area now known as the demon zone.
    Kraal became known to the Caligar as the king of demons (since they didn't know about Angast) and children are told to never make a deal with him.

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    And the last of the devils. Who else could it have been ...

    When Hordak and most of his Evil Horde were banished to Despondos, the Horde Mage who had cast the spell was among the ones who remained. Together with most of the remaining Horde, he fled the battlefield and returned to the Fright Zone.
    Trying to atone for his mistake, the mage studied the Spell of Banishment, searching for a way to reverse it. For some time the Horde was still a power to be reckoned with, even though some of their forces abandoned the Fright Zone and became the first of the Fighting Foe Men.
    After Callix, the only one of Hordak's personal guard who had not been banished, was shattered by Vikor, the Fright Zone fell. With only a few followers, the mage, by now known as Horde Wraith, escaped and hid.
    Whith the remaining horde aging over the decades, Horde Wraith changed his strategy and became more of a cult leader, recruiting the young and easy to impress, the outcasts and freaks.
    Based on his studies, the Cult of Hordak, as it was called now, erected the first Altar of Hordak and established communication with Despondos. While they couldn't free the Horde, they managed to send small objects and creatures to Despondos and hoped to open a stable gate if they had an object of great power.
    The Cult of Hordak abducted the infant princess Xerxa and tried to send her to Despondos via the altar but failed. They were found by the princess' mother, He-Ra, who slew Horde Wraith with the Sword of Protection and smashed the first Altar.
    The Cult erected several new Altars, including one in the Demon Zone of Subternia. It dwindled and grew over the following centuries and at one point had died out completely until a man named Dyr found on of the Altars and was inspired by Hordak to recreate the cult and become a powerful warlord. The cult remained and kept acting in the shadows, often trying to collect objects of power to free the Horde itself. It still exists today and worships Hordak as its dark god.

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    And I added one more. This one is a bit weird.

    In a strange sphere, beyond time and space, lies a place called the Shadow Castle. It is inhabited by echoes, doppelgangers of people who live, lived or will live in our universe. It constantly shifts, changing the echoes roles and memories. When Tyn-Mah was banished to Hyperspace, his sword cut through the layers of reality and opened a rift. The echo of the warlord Skeletor and his gang of echoes of warriors unknown yet, used that rift to flee from the wrath of the other echoes and made it to hyperspace, before the rift closed. “Skeletor” immediately fought Tyn-Mah for the sword when a hyperspace distortion hit all of them and twisted them in weird ways. A beast man shaman became white as snow with glowing green eyes, a human sorceress turned deep red and grew horns, a creature part machine had his metal parts replaced with black stone engraved with golden runes.
    The greatest change however was that of Skeletor and Tyn-Mah who merged into a single being that called himself Satma. Using the sword, Satma made it back to Eternia several times, plundering towns and villages, gathering riches and vanishing as soon as he appeared.

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