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Thread: Fan Q&A 3.6 - Ask your questions here!

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    Fan Q&A 3.6 - Ask your questions here!

    Welcome to the fan Q&A with Super7!
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    Rules for What The Fans Want To Know; the Fan Q&A:
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    • Posts that repeat questions from other Q&As or from earlier in this thread, or posts that contain multiple questions, will be deleted. So check to see if your question has been asked and help everyone out!
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    • Please avoid questions about the future release of a specific, previously unreleased character(s), unless it's something we already know is coming / in the works / been discussed by Super7.
      Otherwise, you can use specific characters as an example for a general question, but please don't make them the subject of the question. For example: "Will new characters have wings? Hunga the Harpy and winged Skelcons are examples of characters that need them."

    A random fan will be selected to pick 5 questions to submit to Super7. Please do not take offense to your question not being submitted.
    Also, we also edit questions to make them more concise, to be more specific, etc. Please take no offense to this either, as it's only meant to help.

    Click here for a master list of all previous Q&A sessions with Super7.
    Click here for a master list of all previous Q&A sessions with Mattycollector.


    This past round of questions were selected by jscott991.
    Thanks to that fan for their help!!!

    1. jscott991: Some fans feel that MOTUC Hawke's head turned out differently when compared to the cross-sell art on the back of the box and when compared to the Four Horsemen's prototype. What happened?

    2. skeletor68: What did the factory come up with in regards to pricing out and engineering MOTUC Snake Mountain?

    3. bigsexy_j: Fans routinely receive updates on the progress of the figures, which is great. But why are certain drastic color changes to final product not announced to customers, as this may affect their desire to still want that figure? For example, Ultimate Edition Ram Man had his silver armor changed to gray and CG Tri-Klops had his dark green armor changed to a bright green, but fans were never made aware until the product was shipping.

    4. Grayskull's Heir: Some fans feel that the female figures in MOTUC Wave 1 differ a lot from the prototypes, especially CC Hawke and CG Teela. Is Super7 planning to improve this moving forward? For example, by possibly conferring about production samples with the Four Horsemen whose own Mythic Legions figures usually look exactly like the prototypes?

    5. zodak74: The Super7 Three Terrors cartoon short on VHS has been sold out for quite some time. Is there any chance of re-releasing this? Or are collectors doomed to have to pay secondary market prices to obtain one?
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    Have you thought about how could Club Grayskull evolve once the main Filmation characters are out?
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    Q: We've had several figures across the MOTUC line with removable or interchangeable parts such as extra arms, legs, heads, torsos, etc. How much additional cost does this type of feature add to a figure?

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    Some issues have been reported with the figures from wave 1. Did you found the origins of the problems like loose articulation or head pop-up ?

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    Will you ever considering offering filmation (inspired) dioramas or mini playsets to display Filmation figures on?

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    The wave 1 female figures turned out to be quite shorter than the prototypes. Was this an intentional decision or was there some type of shrinkage that took place during the tooling process, and is this going to be the standard height of your female figures going forward?

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    After waiting for all the corrections being made to MOTUC's wave one figure sets it seems the Super7 Factory still shipped figures with serious QC issues such as two right arms on some Teelas,
    Factory worker fingerprints in wet paint on figures, Loose feet and loose ab crunch sections, arms frozen in place and when tried to move snap off at the peg, A small leg peg and a medium leg peg used on the same female figure, heads still not being able to be removed without fear of breaking the neck peg.

    Going Forward Is Super7 planning on addressing these issues with it's china factorys owner letting them know these type of QC issues are not acceptable and that the factory workers must pay attention when assembling these figures and the parts they use?
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    As of now, the Super7 website, as well as info posted on the main page of the Org do not specify that Club Grayskull Man-E-Faces will have rotating faces... while Dylamug's description DOES specify that his face plates will rotate.

    Can there be some clarification on this? Will Man-E-Faces's faces rotate?
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    Since you have so many to be honest really obscure licenses in your ReAction and MUSCLE/Keshi Surprise! lines, have you considered the somehow Masters of the Universe related properties Blackstar and Marshal BraveStarr as properties for these lines or even as possible extensions for Masters of the Universe Classics?

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    Are there any plans to continue the Motu Giants?

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    Given the issues with Filmation Tri-Klops' head not turning and the bright green color, would it be possible to re-release his head with the ability to turn the and his armor in a darker green with a future figure or in a weapon's pack?

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    Will there be a MOTUC SDCC Exclusive this year?
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    Some collectors were disappointed with the level of detail showing up on some of the Filmation figures being produced for the Collector’s Choice sub line. Some would like to see a higher level of detail on the figures produced for the Collector’s Choice line as compared to the simpler, source accurate Club Grayskull sub line. Is Super7 aware of these concerns and have they given any though as to how to handle this going forward?
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    With so few figures being produced each year, do you plan to back off Filmation characters in the Collectors Choice line to make room for more vintage era, New Adventures, 200X and new mini comics characters like The Great Black Wizard and Red Shadow?

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    In an interview with Pixel Dan at San Diego Comic-Con, Mr. Flynn mentioned that he obtained some tooled factory templates for toy pieces that were never used, but intended for the 80’s MOTU line. These would offer a bunch of new, never seen before, figure parts. Will these new body parts be used by Super7 soon and when do you expect them to be shown to the fans/customers?

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    Since the new figures are molded with new tooling, there are some noticeable differences between mattel's and yours?
    I still don't have any figures in hand to make any comparison, but maybe you could share some pics. I imagine the steel molds were made directly from 4H pieces so it should be identical, but maybe some slight changes occurred.

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    In your Supercast Number 9 yes number 9 Brian mentioned MOTU wave 3 and they arenīt far enough developed yet to be shown. Which sounds fair enough.

    Why not give a list of names for now. That would ease the tension and makes everyone curious. Something like:

    Wave 1 will be:
    Quake (vinatge toy style)
    Hawke (FILMATION style)
    Fang-Or (MOTUC classics)

    Like so we all would know what to expect and what to look forward to. Donīt you think?
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    Is there a chance of seeing a return to removable armor in the future, particularly for the cc line?

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    The paint on the Three Terrors line is matte, while most of the original motu had sort of a satin to semigloss applied. Will you try to more closely approximate the classic paint with the new 5.5” line?

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    Since this is a made to order system, and you require people to prepay for the figures, will you deliver the product as close as possible to what is presented during the presale unlike you did in wave 1 with the Tri-Klops color change?

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